June 29, 2012

In the end, it's up to us..

Just my opinion: 

..absenting ourselves from the dispute of whether Roberts is Obi-Wan Kenobi or a modern day Benedict Arnold, this is what we are left with and it is the battle ground upon which we must fight.

Personally and without congratulating Justice Roberts one whit, I'd rather fight this struggle than have the mandate crippled and that lying crapsack man-child POTUS droning on and on to his nation of mouth-breathing mirror-foggers that he wuz robbed.




Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Yup, vote right and often.

Contrapundit said...

Yes, in a sense for us to win on O-Care in the conventional way will be cleaner. Before the scotus decision I was of course fully rooting for the overturn, but now I'm thinking maybe it's ok. "It's all good" as they say... NOT!
Same with McCain's defeat. Of course I was willing to all but sell my soul to keep O out, but after O won, I said "You know what, I'm glad we lost. We would have had hell to pay in 2012 if McCain had won."
Problem, my view of the O election was based on the Dems having less than 60 senators. So, O's election has turned out to be a downer in every conceivable way. -anotherJoe