June 26, 2012

Badia..badia..badia..that's all folks!

Like the Mother Whistler You Tube video, someone's come up with another work of art featuring the SCOAMF and it's a hoot:

O.K., so it's a compendium of this idiot's stammering. But remember this embarrassment?

..not too far from the parody, is it?

TANGENTIAL UPDATE: Odie inadvertently turned me on to an Open Letter over at Fuzzy Logic. At first I thought it was one of those "a pox on both your houses" screeds in the Libertarian vein wherein the author declares he or she is going to throw away their vote (my characterization) on a third party candidate because they believe Romney almost as bad as Obama.

I will stipulate to the fact that Romney is not [yet] a president of Ronald Reagan's stature and he does not carry the best of conservative credentials. But I do believe he is a far better chief executive than the hopeless, feckless Pantload is. Fuzzy Slippers' letter? Well, it is a well-crafted argument as to why people should not go to sleep ONCE ROMNEY IS ELECTED -- and that is a point I am 1,000% down with. She starts out:
There seems to be some general, and perhaps understandable, confusion among both leftists and the establishment GOP about the TEA Party and its very real role in national politics. I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain a few home truths to you so that you don’t misread a potential White House win as some sort of “mandate.” That would be a big mistake. Big.

Here’s why:
Well, to find out why, hurry over to Fuzzy Logic and read the rest for yourself.



  1. UG Romney is better ...

    Now for the rest of this post. Please stop posting this horses ass ... thank you very much.

  2. ..can't help it; I love to torture myself.

  3. That first video is a real toe-tapper.

  4. The soaring oratory in the video proves that this man-child does NOT need a teleprompter to showcase his, um, um, intelligence and and and uh, his, uh, let me be clear...his humble um, you know, uh uh uh, heh, um, nature.

  5. Very "articulate and without a Negro dialect" (Dingy Harry Reid).

    Reposted under That Random Vid.