September 25, 2011

Post Racial

Obama gave speeches at the U.N., met with Netanyahu, and gave a speech to the CBC within the last week. Kinda funny that he got dis'ed by the Jewish vote in NY-06 and Maxine Waters within the last several weeks.

You can look up the actual video on CNN but be advised that it is a contest to see who is more annoying -- the condescending actor in those annoying Expedia lead-in commercials or The Chicago Pantload with his revival-meeting, ghetto-speak, hip-hop, g-droppin' patois. Let's just say it's like knocking back to substantial slugs of ipecac. Have a barf bag handy. Better yet, have two!

Anyway, as to the CBC speech, like HT commenter said:
The post-racial president:
Obama: You’re black. I’m black. Fight whitey with me!
Also note the video image of Obama in the shadow of the teleprompter. What a visual metaphor!


  1. I suppose you can call lying as speaking! Here we have a man that is unqualified to flip hamburgers let alone lead this country.

  2. ..lips moving and all that? You betcha!

  3. I'm sorry, but my new life's rule #1 is NEVER listen to the Pantload voluntarily. Funny how he sticks up for the Jews right after they dissed his candidate in New York.