August 15, 2019

Dick Rat Derby: thinning the herd II..

I thought I'd revisit the criteria to see how long we will be plagued by the annoying bleatings of the likes of Beto[ff] O'Shitbag and Corey "Asparagus" Booker. Sadly, there is no light at the end of this tunnel.

Beto[ff] is like that unsightly scum that forms around the base of your crapper and we might be seeing him and Asparagus and a few of the low-hanging around for one or two more debates. It seems that the Dem qualifications for the next two or three debates are so loosely drawn that there are a number of ways to qualify and a lot of this riff raff will make it through the doors to spout their inane "Free Shit" babel at the mouth-breathing proles that the debate hosts Hoover up off the streets of the cities where this foolishness is held. Here is the end of a long trail I sniffed; it is the most concise summary of the new qualification rules I could find..

..and here are the RCP accumulation of polls for the period between June 28th and August 28th thus far.

Without analyzing this too much in detail, an entrant will need to have both four qualifying polls in the two month period (June 28 through August 28) and sufficient donors in 20 states. Looking at the polls above, I am surprised that CNN or the other specified polling agencies do not have more results toted up by RCP. As it stands (and I am not at all sure this is a totality of polling), some might be in trouble but anyone with at least 2% in four polls over the period are in.

Well, there's a lot more scrutiny that can be done but I will not waste my time. (My head is beginning to throb.) Suffice to say that it will be like turning over a moss-covered rock: the slimy crawly things will be found to be wriggling and squirming their little asses off in the sunlight.

I am very certain that, come February 2020, this little turd will be far back in the rearview and in the septic tank of history.

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