September 23, 2017

"Fire the Son of a Bitch!"

What complete and total balderdash! Let's break this down, shall we?

"..when we create a sense of unity in our country and our culture.."

Some self-absorbed, multi-millionaires, who play for a living demonstrate their contempt for the country. A number of the perpetrators of these demonstrations exhibit such wonderful off-field skills as illicit and excessive drug use and violence perpetrated against girl friends, wives, and friends up to and including homicide. Real role models.

"..There is no better example than the amazing response from the clubs and players to the terrible natural disasters.."

Sure there are better examples. They abound! They did contribute money and started relief funds where others can contribute. However, I do not recollect any NFL players showing up in the areas hit like the ordinary people and those such as the Cajun Navy, etc.

Please note, also, only one game was canceled (Dallas at Houston; August 31; preseason) and one game postponed (Tampa Bay at Miami; September 10; week 1) during the time periods Harvey and Irma which made landfall and did their worst at the end of August and the beginning of September. Did not see too many NFL stars or owners out there dragging people through hip-deep water.

"..Divisive comments like these.."

Seriously? I mean..seriously? Telling folks about how revered an owner would be if he called for the firing of one of his employees because he showed disrespect for the flag and the country versus the divisive gestures and acts of those who alienate their fans from their sport? I would not classify President Trump's comments as "divisive", I would call them sound business advice.

"..the overwhelming force for good our players represent our clubs and players represent in our communities."

..yeah, yeah, yeah. Personally, I see zero, zip, nada from the NFL except for a greedy, grasping agglomeration of owners and ego-suffused, infantile players who think their "game" sits higher in the pantheon of American institutions than it truly does. NFL franchises insinuate themselves into cities often by coercing equally greedy city officials to get the taxpayers of those communities to underwrite new stadia with burdensome public debt. They charge exorbitant ticket prices and parking fees and get obscene prices for their merchandise and for the rights to televise the rights to their exhibitions.

I could go on, but here I reign myself in. All of the above, while grasping and greedy, is entirely their right under the the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, laws of this country, and the principles of Capitalism.

But, NFL, just don't ask me to think you smell sweet after all of that bull manure you've been shoveling

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