May 19, 2017

Frustrating Friday; Fuck the Bedwetters!

I am getting so fucking annoyed with all these tutu wearing Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots; the hand wringers; the bed wetters and Nervous Norvises who sit there and whine about how Trump has failed them and Trump has let them down 115 days onto office.

As Lady Macbeth so famously said, "Screw your courage to the sticking place" which I guess was Scottish for man up and grow a pair you assholes! Here's a few real-world recommendations for those with their panties in a bunch:

Subscribe to "Your 1600 Daily" and get in the habit of reading it.
It is a daily newsletter that is an echo of what the President's doing or has done, where he is going, and otherwise what's shaking with the executive branch. I must tell you it's not "wake up at 9:00; have breakfast; shoot a round of golf; have lunch; shoot another round of golf; have a few martinis and a smoke and then fly off to some Dem fundraiser just before taking two weeks off for vacation". That ship sailed with the Lawn Jockey POTUS. Now it's biz 24/7/365 and some very daily surprise visitors.

But, then again, you won't hear about it because you have your fucking face in the tube all day or Drudge or the NYT or some other MSM shit hole and all you hear those dickeads and dickheadettes bloviate about is how Trump got two scoops of ice cream and that he ought to be carted off to federal prison.

Oh yeah, there;s this little tidbit you missed when you were curled up with your binkie and bottle in your safe space: the economy is back. Here's Charles Payne on the subject:

Read The Art of the Deal
It basically is the best description of the temper, tenor, and demeanor of the man who is our forty fifth president. It describes his bulldog determination and persistence -- the traits that, along with his intelligence and no-nonsense business acumen -- allowed him to parlay the few millions he got from father into the multi-national empire he built up today,

Sure, there are detractors and those who whine and niggle about how he used the tax code to his advantage by taking advantage of "unfair loophoples" -- the very same breaks that  are designed to spur business and put the coal to the economy. Not to dwell on this but some of these critics have been so embarrassingly naive in their criticism as to call into doubt their supposed business credentials.  But we won't dwell on this, will we, Mud Slide Slim?

The bottom line is that we are just beginning to drain the swamp and, as I have stated, when you do that, do not expect the alligators and snakes and insects and vermin to love you. But the job is to root out this slime and corruption and not pay them any heed while doing so.

Their screaming and wailing and gnashing of teeth means you're doing your job correctly.

Oh, and will someone throw a rope around that bony bitch, Ann Coulter, and stuff a used MaxiPad in her mouth? There's one turncoat bitch who was on board  the Trump train until it hit the first bump and then she started whining.

No use for her; no use for any of you unless you are willing to see this through to the end.

So grab a pick and shovel and get to work!

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