February 28, 2017

Dig in your heels, KAC!

There is another controversy by the press corpse having a fit of the vapors over Kelly Anne Conway's informality during a recent Oval Office meeting.

Not condoning this at all because the White House is, after all, the people's house and the Oval Office is where the leader of the free world does most of his work, but it sure is convenient how Die Schwarze POTUS gets a pass from all these gasping, appalled media news gapers who were -- clearly -- upset because the bust of MLK was still present or because -- oh no -- they couldn't possibly cover the fact that Trump was taking the time to try to forge a common ground with the leaders of Black colleges.

Search for "Obama Foot on the White House Desk" and you come up with literally hundreds of pics of The Lawn Jockey POTUS with his number elevens on the people's Resolute Desk or other Oval Office furniture. (Christ, I don't think there's a stick of furnishings that does not bear this asshole's footprint!)

Here's a sample:

And, for that matter, Bush 43 and the Georgia Goober did the same:

These transgressions pale in comparison, I am sure, to what ol' Bubba did in that office -- either ON the desk or by someone UNDER the desk. And, I am sure. there are pictures of every POTUS with their feet on the people's furniture. There is probably even -- I am willing to bet -- a Courier & Ives woodcut of the Old Rail Splitter himself with his muddy boots propped up as he labored over the Emancipation Proclamation. Which, of course, doesn't make this an acceptable practice but I figure if past POTii can get away with it, then KAC can sure tuck her Jimmy Choo's up under her pretty little derriere and take a load off.

AD GRATUITOUS BUSH THOUGHT: I am sure you have seen that Bush 43 has been making the rounds of talk shows these days -- particularly with that aging, spitum-choked old skeeze, Matt Lauer. Bush has been spouting off about the problems with Trump's immigration executive order, running his mouth so carelessly that he demonstrates profound ignorance of even the most basic understanding of executive orders and their Constitutionality.

So, folks, that's just about the last fucking straw for me with this clown. Once a firm supporter of Bush during his time in office, I am officially burning my fan club membership card and sending in my CIA decoder ring. Eight fucking years during the past Jackhole's presidency and this ass clown has has not uttered a peep. But now, with Trump in office, HE CANNOT KEEP HIS GODDAM MOUTH SHUT.

That's it for you, Georgie Boy! Trot on back to the ranch, hack up some sage brush, and STICK A FUCKING SOCK IN IT!

..we really are alone, people. It's just you and me and Donald J. Trump against all of these assholes.


  1. G. W. Bush has a lot more in common than he does with President Trump. Sorry, but it's true. They're both big government guys. And Trump calls B. S. wherever he sees it.

    As to Kellyanne, the progs hate her because she's a pro-life mother who was the first woman to run a presidential campaign successfully. She broke the glass ceiling and they despise her for it. As for her feet going on the furniture, I for one, want her to be comfortable. She's not scratching the Resolute Desk the way that Barack's size 14 wingtips did.

  2. Larry,

    You nailed it! NO love lost for '43 after this episode of verbal diarrhea. And, just to be clear, I adore KAC! Have loved her unflinchingly since 2000! She's sharp, quick, and THE EMBODIMENT of the FUCK YOU attitude of the DJT regime.

    After the almost-decade of this shit rolling downhill on us, having it all come back on the vapor-locking left -- the press, the Dems (who continually step on their own dicks), the unhinged Antifa goons, the land-whale third generation feminists and the rest of that slimy cabal -- causes me to howl maniacally several times daily.


    ..have a nice day!