April 15, 2016

Hot Gas and the Coming Revolution

Cross-posted at Hot Gas, this is my comment from the cheap seats; a largely disjointed, stream-of-consciousness rant by an old guy in California:

Kudos to Hot Gas for shoveling this bravo sierra in our direction for our consumption. And I mean this respectfully and reverently. As Michelle Malkin says, sunlight is a very good disinfectant.

We may excoriate one another or be upbraided by the #NeverTrumpers for crap like, "well, you're only now waking up to this?"

Horse shit!

Back in 1776, King George's boys did this to us step by step until we got pissed and started throwing crates of tea into Boston Harbor, stopped buying revenue stamps, and grabbed our muskets and powder and shot and met out on the village common to stare down Red Coats and shed our blood. (I always seem to get in a plug for reloading, don't I?)

Well, this is it, fellow babies. Here comes the Revolution and we can forget labels like "conservative" and "liberal" because left is right, up is down, and I'll bet there's only a dime's worth of difference between us and the Sanders' crowd. (Well, $1.75 at most.) We are both righteously pissed at the folks in power bending us over and putting it to us. (My apologies to the ladies and folks who vapor lock at such imagery, but these are -- once again -- the times that try mens' persons' souls.)

Hot Gas is the messenger and the focal point -- and part of the network of blogs true to the cause -- like the Revolutionary war -- the Committees of correspondence that tie us together and help us keep our guard up.

In the halcyon days when Reagan kicked that grubby, mewling peanut farmer's ass all the way back to Plains, we had a steady diet of alphabet network propaganda and it was only through by sheer dint of our revulsion at Carter's and the Feral Gummint's incompetence that The Gipper was elected.

But now we see these cozy, back-room deals, and cronyism that conspire to keep we proles sedated and on the reservation ~ and it is a repulsive panorama of mind-numbing totalitarian oppression. And this coming revolution will be televised.

So back to the Us versus Bern thing: in these past several months, I am amazed at my personal changes in attitude and my regard for once seemingly steadfast allies in the old "Conservative-versus-Liberal" paradigm. Huge Hewittless (who will live rent-free in my brain for-seemingly-ever), FNC, MK the Beaver, the former "conservative" blogs, Mittens -- even El Rushbo -- are on board the soul train with the DC Beltway cabal. They do not give a fricasseed road apple for we, the mindless mouth-breathers who comprise their former fan base.

The same holds true for the Bern crowd except they shower less than we do and want to do right by the people with OUR money versus Trump who aims do to it TO the government for the benefit the people.

Sorry; sure do sound like a commie. Don't mean it; just overjoyed to see the havoc being wrought. My missionfor the moment is to enjoy watching the heads explode.

Later on perhaps I will get a dress, take up knitting, and become the Madame DeFarge of this revolution?

God bless The United States of America and God bless the Disqus "edit" button!


  1. This belonged on Hot Gas my friend. I'm still trying to figure out what you're trying to say. If you meant "Down with the Establishment" then say it ... LOL.

  2. ..that's what I meant, Odie. That's what I meant.