February 17, 2016

Hot Air: Commenters left but the dumpster fire continues

..just a quick trip back over to the old Hot Air site to see if the Salem Tech Heads got the FB commenting squared away and to see what it looks like after someone gets run over by a cement truck and, sure enough, it ain't pretty.

Here is a snippet of some of the Visigoths' comments:

A rancid collection of puke, afterbirth, lefty drivel, and prole bleatings. Boy, one can smell the stench all the way over here. And, what's that in the thread? Someone actually calling out Allahpundit? Man, how the once mighty have fallen.

While I am not one to peer long and hard at train wrecks, I scanned a few other comment threats and believe there was some spam that crept in. Can Viagra and "Sex with Teenage Cheerleaders" be far behind?

All I have to say is that, were I Ed Morrissey, I sure would not want to have my efforts savaged by these mouth-breathing proles like this. I'd be outta there like a cheetah with my ass on fire.


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