January 2, 2014

Closing out this wretched year..Starting a new one..

Firstly, let me say that I am singularly blessed with my health, happiness, and financial situation. (My financial condition is sound, I am gainfully employed at a job that I like, working with people I like and respect.)

More importantly, Mrs War Planner and my scions (two sons from a previous union and a Marine from Mrs War Planner) are singular treasures. Fold into that the multiple grandchildren -- including War Planner IV and a host of beautiful grand daughters -- and the sun has been shining on this dog's ass for a goodly time.

Anyway, you get the idea!

That said, we're down to this final Friday first workday of the [new] year and I am was on vacation until 2013 limped off the stage, so here goes:

Photo courtesy of Zombie Time
It is the fifth of eight hateful years of this charlatan incompetent POTUS and, like 2013, this country is limping to the end of that term on life support. A happy note is that maybe people are waking up to the fact that President Stool Sample is a crook, a boob, and a liar. And we're talking real liar, not someone benefiting from that attribution from a screaming, shrieking Bush-hating, scrotum-inflating aged San Francisco hippie or a SNL jokester-elected-U. S. Senator.

Over there on the upper right of this pathetic blog is a broken link to the once-vibrant Obama Fail Blog which now appears to have become moribund and overrun by some Indonesian purchase advocacy page. It is so sad because the author worked tirelessly to meticulously document the bomb craters that littered the crooked road that is Obama's first four years. I think -- or I would like to believe -- that he abandoned this noble effort some time after POTUS Shitbag was re-elected. More's the pity, because he would have had a field day over the monumental toilet flush that's is ObamaCare -- er -- excuse me, StupidAssedKneeGrowPresidentCare.

Had I known the gentlemen was going to fold up his tent, I would have used Adobe Acrobat to Hoover the whole site up into one massive pdf. (It can do that.) It would have yielded a document that could be printed and published. In fact, I often commented to him that he should do so and then SELL the book as a coffee-table publication because no one would remember (or believe) all to the shit this asshole president pulled over the first four years. (We smugly shared the opinion that he would only be a one-term president, certain sure that that the mirror-fogging, mouth-breathing proles would wake up in 2012.)


I cannot not possibly try to resurrect a comprehensive list of Obama's failures as such itemizations abound on the internet. But I remember fondly the stimulus, the oil spill, the innumerable and lavish vacations, the rounds of golf, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, handling of Syria, an economy still limping along after over four years of neglect and incompetent economic policies, and the current centerpiece of this goof ball's unserious and insincere efforts as a chief executive, ObamaCare..the almost single-handed destruction of the American health care system.

This last little tidbit promises to still unfold and, having adversely affected over six million independently-owned policies (not people), it is only the beginning. Next year the pain and suffering comes to those of us in plans offered by our employers.

Way to go, shithead. You have made a complete pig's breakfast of the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Ah, but here is the irony here: the aforesaid mouth-breathing, mirror-foggers and their minions have even reached out to cause tremors in the force in advance of the upcoming, anticipated StupidAssedCocksuckingKneegrowPOTUSCare[1] employers' debacle. Yours truly received a notice from his place of work that my healthcare plan was no longer being offered. However, I would receive an opportunity to participate in another plan -- but that would be only for this year. God only knows what 2015 will bring,

Bend over and smile, please!
Moreover, as to POTUS Buttwipe's "if you like your doc" pledge, the new plan is not accepted by my group. So, thanks to this prick's dream of making things fairer, I and my family  will LOSE the docs and health services that have maintained us FOR OVER TWO DECADES.

Now, I don't know what the new health program will be like and I have nightmares of going into see some third world graduate of Bangalore Medical for a rectal exam, having him snap on some rubber gloves, shove two APCs up my ass, and direct me to "call him in the morning".

But, it seems, even my HMO has also felt this tremor in the force. Quite apart from me leaving them, they have advised me (and other patients) that they might not be able to continue as caregivers owing to the horseshit going down in California. I received a letter informing me of same, below:

So, not only are employers dumping folks, but docs are as well. And that's some pretty unconflicted verbiage up there in the second graph, innit? I'd say -- just like 2014 -- this grisly tale of bolloxed health care by the government is just beginning.

Way to go, champ! You effed up another one.


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  1. Good luck to us, but then he's doing exactly what he said he would 5 years ago.