December 23, 2013

Enjoying your $4 million, folks. Wish you were here!

So, he and the Wookie FLOTUS are off in the South Pacific (at least the one U. S. sate that is part of Asia) soaking up a roundball game between Oregon State and Akron (one of thiose interminably dreary preseason tournaments) and it sure looks like he and the Missus are having a lot of fun on 40 million of our dimes: large, asshole!

Oh, and here is a gratuitous memento of the Sasquatch he's married to:

Mean? Why yes it is! And it's what anyone deserves who screws up this country, its military, its constitution, and its health services deserves -- while taking yet more multi-million dollar time off sprees on the backs of the hard-working U. S. taxpayer.

So pound sand!

SAND-POUNDING UPDATE: Courtesy of Weasel Zippers, it seems that the Oregon State Beavers (coached by The Wookie's Bro) got beaten by the the Akron Zips (yes, it's a real basketball team, not a bunch of gym pick-ups) and here we see President Stool Sample entering the venue prior to the game. (0-0 at 13.1 seconds into the game?) Right about now as you're reading this, he's probably pissed because he ain't gonna get any from Da Mooch tonight but that did not stop him from rushing down the street and grabbing some raw fish on the hoof per Weasel Zip's (no relation) post below. If he likes sushi, wonder if we can bribe a DC chef to give him a bad slice of fugu?



  1. I think that he gets much of his nookie, not from the wookie, but from golf caddies on the 13th hole.

  2. ..or Reggie Love.(That said, Larry, You're a good and faithful visitor. My thanks for your friendship and comradeship these pats years.

    Let's get together and toss down a few..on me!

    Merry Christmas!