August 9, 2011

No Prisoners

"Kick their asses and don't take no names neither, boys!"

(Generally, yesterday was a crappy day for our beloved POTUS. I thought I'd compile some random observations on the passing parade while the afterglow lasts.)

I spend a lot of time here bagging on Bill O'Reilly, saying that he is nothing more than the media's equivalent of a bookie. You know, the guy who sets the odds so that he gets rich on the handle versus winning and losing bets. O'Reilly always takes his "no spin zone" rhetoric to the absurd and, more times than not, he misses the chance to punch the lights out on an interviewer.

(I can hear him retorting now in his pseudo New York working class accent, "C'mon, War Planner, he's da president, fer crissakes!")

Anyway, I'd like to semi-retract some of the criticism -- for a day at least -- based on BORe's show yesterday. In an effort to avoid Hannity's continual habit interrupting his guests to fire off a fusillade of bullet points, I was watching yesterday as he (O'Reilly) unloaded on The Chicago Jesus's limp-membered performance -- both his Dow-tanking talk and past 30 months as POTUS. When O'Reilly was done He took no prisoners and there was blood on the sand. There was nothing left but a grease spot where Obama once stood. It was heartwarming.

So this Bud's for you, Billy. (Get it?)

ADD CRACKS AND CREVASSES: Gallup -- via Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air -- gave The Pantload a double-barrelled blast. It seems that he has scraped his low of 40% personal approval again today and as Morrissey observes:

His approval rating dropped three points to its previous low of 40% after only one cycle of polling. Disapproval rose back to 50%, up two points from the day before. That sharp drop could amplify over the next couple of days, especially considering the beating Obama is taking across the political spectrum for his ill-considered rehash of an address. It’s possible that we will see Obama drop below 40% for the first time ever as Saturday and Sunday responses roll out of the survey data.

While it seems that the the Tongue-Bathing MSM seems bound and determined to keep their best beloved at or above the 40% mark, one must remember that it took George Bush the better part of five years to reach that mark.

Our high-flying POTUS has done it in a blazing 30 months. One wonders how tortured the poll composition, poll questions, and algorithms will have to become over the coming months before he cracks that magic barrier.

The other barrel was a precipitous plunge in consumer confidence. According to Gallup:

Americans’ economic confidence plunged to -53 in the week ending Aug. 7, a level not seen since the recession days of March 2009. This deterioration coincided with the final wrangling over the U.S. debt ceiling and Standard and Poor’s downgrade of the United States’ debt rating. Economic confidence is now far worse than the -43 of two weeks ago and the -34 of a month ago.

Of course, this is no real big surprise after that nothing-burger Dow-tanking teleprompter session yesterday. And, in keeping with the theme of vapid, empty suits, Tim Pawlenty's campaign came out with a real fire-breather, scorching Obama and his AWOL presidency:

Looks like ol' Tim's testicles have finally dropped. Watch for him to rip Ron Paul's head off and crap down his neck in the next presidential debate.

The waves of despair don't lessen for Obama either. Rick Perry says he's planning to start to begin to prepare to commence the preparation for organizing his presidential campaign announcement this Saturday. Of course, the Iowa folks are all in a snit because he is stealing their headlines.

Well, good! In fact, double-plus-good! Firstly, I love this because it will probably pucker the POTUS's sphincter down to f/16 and make him want to re-focus his campaign destructo-ray on Perry instead of Mittens.

Barack Obama’s aides and advisers are preparing to center the president’s reelection campaign on a ferocious personal assault on Mitt Romney’s character and business background, a strategy grounded in the early-stage expectation that the former Massachusetts governor is the likely GOP nominee.

The dramatic and unabashedly negative turn is the product of political reality. Obama remains personally popular, but pluralities in recent polling disapprove of his handling of his job, and Americans fear the country is on the wrong track. His aides are increasingly resigned to running for reelection in a glum nation. And so the candidate who ran on “hope” in 2008 has little choice four years later but to run a slashing, personal campaign aimed at disqualifying his likeliest opponent.

But it's not all bad news for Obama. The WIDE LOAD FLOTUS has fled! She done R.U.N.O.F.T., took the keys to Air Force Two, and went to see her brother, the roundball coach at Oregon State for the weekend. Hope she enjoys her trip on our nickel. Eat a beaver, Moo-chelle!


A Public Thank You..

When I do posts, I like to wander around the internet for pictures that will take your minds off my dreary bleatings. I had found a number recently over at Yahoo that I remorselessly purloined.

The creator of a couple I used in a post below passed along a nice comment and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank bkeyser for his talent and for allowing me to use it/them here since a follow-up comment would be buried with the post.

Also, if appropriate, I wanted to thank him for his service and for following my pathetic efforts.

Mr Keyser, when you get a chance, contact me and we'll work out a royalty sharing arrangement. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!


August 8, 2011

Turning it all around..

You're President of the United States of America. You have just spent the better part of the last month ducking possibly THE most important and complex challenges to this nation: to come to grips with the government's systemic difficulty to curb its reckless and profligate spending. For the past 40 years -- or more -- the elected representatives of this country have been entrusted by the people to guide this us along a safe, secure path and to continue the noble work that our forbears began over two centuries ago.

But in your lifetime, you have seen the fresh, green shoots of the dream that is America go to seed. The lush growth of this country has turned turned to weeds and rotting vegetation, being deprived of its vitality by petty internecine bickering and political squabbling.

And you have come to the office of President by capturing the hearts and minds of 52% of the electorate who believed in your promises to bind the wounds, heal the divide, and put this great nation back on the road it once nobly traveled.When you ascended your current throne, the other 48%, being fair and honest and decent, were willing to give you a chance; for the most part, you had the fair winds of fortune and kindness at your back.

But you also knew in your heart that you were a charlatan, a vapid empty suit, whose career, until now, had been a triumph of form over substance. Deep down, you know that all you have gotten has come from your ability to persuade others with your airy persiflage. You could fool them into thinking that, unlike Gertrude Stein said of here hometown, Oakland, California, there is a "there there". So you have been carried on the shoulders of your countrymen to higher and higher office and, each time a new rank is attained, you dally for a while, and return to the campaign trail for..yet another higher office.

You now have reached this final rung and, pausing to look back, you see all the wreckage you have left in your wake, all of the broken promises, all of the disillusion, and all of the lack of accomplishment. Secretly inside in that place we all have, where we all go, in our heart of hearts, you say to yourself, "I could have done better; I could have made a difference."

Suddenly, you become sad and so there you sit, arguably on what many are calling the worst day -- the nadir -- of your presidency and take stock: an economy still in tatters after almost three years of failed fiscal and governmental policy, an unemployment figure so bad that it only diminishes because some people leave the work force, and the prospect of jobs so pathetic, and the illegal immigrant parasites returning to their homeland because the opportunities there are better.

Then there comes a moment, like in so many of those grade B Hollywood movies, where you sit in the gathering evening gloom and vow that you will, at last, make a difference. You reach down inside your being and search for that one last spark.  You strive to make one last Herculean effort to change things.


So these thoughts stir you to move and you swear an oath that tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of your presidency.

Then suddenly, there comes a tap on the bathroom door and your wife threatens, "Hurry up in there, Barack, I need to use the john and, besides, we're going to be late for your fundraiser tonight!"

So, you flush the toilet, wipe yourself, pull up your pants, wash your hands, and step out on the harsh light of political reality.

"Honey," you say as you head downstairs to catch Marine One, "there's no toilet paper left."


Surprise! Obama's Post-S&P American Downgrade Speech Didn't Console Anyone (other than the looters)

By the Left Coast Rebel

The head swiveled back and forth; to and fro from each of the two teleprompters. The mouth moved, echoing "balanced approach" Orwellian bromides and not-so-subtle class warfare platitudes. He arrived an hour late and the Dow Jones Industrial Average greeted him by promptly losing another 100 points.

Just who the hell thought this guy would "say the right things" and keep the national fabric together today?

Answer: the same useful idiots that didn't vet a "community organizer" that has no business experience, no governing experience and a long-list of far-left-agitating friends and confidantes (of which He is the head of the multiply-tentacled hydra).

Buckle up, I have a bad feeling this is going to get worse fast. Is it any wonder that pessimism is skyrocketing?

Obama's response to the Standard and Poor's downgrade simply cements his role in the whole mess.

Forgive my crudeness, but, just in case you missed it this toilet "art" sums up our national crisis and the man behind it perfectly:


Buyer's Remorse

"Those of us who were bewitched by his eloquence on the campaign trail chose to ignore some disquieting aspects of his biography: that he had accomplished very little before he ran for president, having never run a business or a state; that he had a singularly unremarkable career as a law professor, publishing nothing in 12 years at the University of Chicago other than an autobiography; and that, before joining the United States Senate, he occasionally, as a state senator in Illinois, voted 'present' on difficult issues,"
~Drew Westen, Emory University professor, New York Times Sunday Review essay


Content to offer blind opposition, the Obama administration never put forward a detailed plan of its own, though it insisted it had one, a fact that resulted in a moment of unintentional comedy when White House press secretary Jay Carney irritatedly asked unconvinced reporters: “You need it written down?” When it comes to the Obama administration and spending restraint, the American people have every reason to demand that the president put it in writing.

And so we are led to this sorry pass. We are sympathetic to protests that S&P may have reacted more strongly to the political drama surrounding the debt-ceiling debate than was justified by the underlying economics: Despite the troubles in the eurozone, which are quite severe, Germany and France currently boast of higher credit ratings than that of the United States, a nation that accounts for nearly a quarter of the world’s economic output. But even those who believe S&P has overreacted must concede that the finances of the United States have been considerably weakened since 2008. Obama’s deficits have been unprecedented in peacetime, and this downgrade is unprecedented for our nation, at war or at peace. Its effects remain unknown at this time, but its causes do not: S&P spelled out its reasoning quite clearly.
~National review Online editorial, 8 August 2011

..this is one of those times it owuld be good to be wealthy and not to have to spend the day toiling at other matters. It wouldbe good to devote my time and energy to this blog to adequately post how angry this incompetent idiot has made me. Well, I have about 15 months left to harness that anger and put it to good use.


August 6, 2011

In the aftermath..

Thought I'd share some more pictures I hoovered up on the internet. It seems that Obama's bus has been readied for his three-day campaign tour of the Midwest on August 15th..on our dime, by the way:

Then there's also this depiction of his [in]famous question about the grade he would assign himself. ("A good, solid B+.")  Undoubtedly, it should be re-evaluated after yesterday's first S&P downgrade of the U.S.A.'s credit evah!

..and finally, my good friend and contributor, Major Joe Di Mento of the Civil Air Patrol, sends me this montage of actual police mug photos. Just sayin'.

Y'all have an AA+ weekend, you heah?


August 5, 2011

Nero fiddles..



He's getting a tongue-bathing from his sycophantic followers. Particularly odious is the goofy, deer-in-the-headlights stare and patented sh*t-eating grin.

EXCLUSIVE -- The President’s private 50th birthday bash, not listed on his public schedule: His gift to the press corps was a travel/photo lid shortly after 4 p.m., prompting what pooler Julie Mason called “general cheering in WH workspace.” An hour later, the party started…

--… with dinner in the Rose Garden, accompanied by “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band. Then the First Lady and his daughters presented POTUS with a cake, and everyone moved into the East Room for performances that included R&B singer Ledisi, and Herbie Hancock. Stevie Wonder came up at the end and sang a medley ending in “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.” DJ Cassidy played Motown, hip hop, and ’70s and ’80s R&B.

--The president asked everyone to dance -- and they did!

--DINNER: BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad.

--DESSERT: apple, peach, huckleberry and cherry pies; chocolate cake.

--GUESTS: Al Sharpton, Patrick Gaspard, UBS Investment Bank President Robert Wolf, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski, Leader Nancy and Paul Pelosi, Secretary Tim Geithner, Secretary Arne Duncan, U.S. Trade Rep. Ron Kirk, Secretary Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Rep./DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Virginia Gov. and DNC Chair Tim Kaine, Anita Dunn and Bob Bauer, Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Valerie Jarrett, Michael Strautmanis, Pete Rouse, Bill Daley, Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco, Denis McDonough, John Brennan, Rahm Emanuel, Tina Tchen, White House chef Sam Kass, Julianna Smoot, Marty Nesbitt, Eric Whitaker, Linda Douglass, and many more.

--CELEBS: Jay-Z, Hill Harper, Chris Rock, Charles Barkley, Steve Harvey, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Grant Hill, Gayle King.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH: From Ace of Spades and the governor's office, we are reminded that two years ago, S&P upgraded Texas bonds from AA to AA+:
“The ratings continue to reflect our opinion of the state's large and steadily diversifying economy, which despite the recession continues to perform better than the nation in terms of both economic activity and employment,” S&P credit analyst Horacio Aldrete-Sanchez said. “Furthermore, we expect that the Texas economy will recover earlier and at a faster rate than most other states given its continued population growth and relatively low cost of doing business, which we expect will contribute to gradual employment gains in 2010, particularly in the health, education and services sectors.”

S&P’s decision was based on Texas’ 2010-11 biennial budget, the state’s strong Rainy Day Fund, and Texas’ low tax-supported debt burden. The higher rating means Texas will pay lower interest on money it borrows, saving of millions of taxpayer dollars.

“In light of the economic downturn affecting the nation, this session we continued to make wise choices, such as cutting taxes on 40,000 small businesses and maintaining a multi-billion dollar balance in our Rainy Day Fund that have helped our state sustain its overall economic strength,” Gov. Perry said. “These prudent and fiscally conservative decisions continue to pay off for our taxpayers.”


August 4, 2011

Steal this picture..

Best one of The Gaff-o-lator to come down the pike:


Get on the bus, gus II

Confirmed by White House spokeweasel Jay Carney-Barker:

I am -- as you all should be -- absolutely flummoxed. The best comment over on the Ht Air post on this was by Bob in Virginia.

Most tone-deaf administration, evah!! Didn’t he hit up folks for a $35,800/plate rubber chicken last night? Wants to be the first LAME DUCK president to raise $1Billion for his campaign and now has the unmitigated gall to pick the pockets of the taxpayers for this 3-day CAMPAIGN tour!!! He’s not fooling anyone by saying this is ‘business as usual’ and he’ll gain more embarrassment than anything else because of it. Amateur!

Bob in VA on August 4, 2011 at 12:07 PM

Some of the delusional argue that the cost is less than operating AF One but they miss the point -- like I made in the previous post -- that this bears a resemblance to the whistle stop campaigns by FDR and Truman in days of yore yet Obama is calling on all of us to pay for it. The amount being spent is irrelevant. It is bad optics. It is disgusting, unseemly, and was something that the left took no end of joy pummeling George Bush for all through out his presidency. This sack of crap deserves no less.

From the Hot Air article, the following have been offered by commenters as nicknames/slogans for this tour:

"Rolling Blunder" - Emperor Norton

"Obama ’12: America Under the Bus" - Preshone


August 3, 2011

Get on the bus, gus..

" don't need to discuss much.."

Seems Obama will be mounting the old Greyhound (sorry*) a couple of weeks from now from now to -- once again -- pivot to the matter of job creation in this country. But, as I recall, and as the article cited points out, this guy must be dizzy from all this pivoting. Kinda reminiscent of that scene in BeetleJuice where Michal Keaton almost has his head spin off.

Man, doncha hate it when that happens?

But, our light bringer hero is going to fan out across our mighty land to meet the evil darkness head on and, finally, nip this pesky little no job creation thingy in the bud:

Obama will embark on a three-day tour from Aug. 15 - 17. The administration said Wednesday that the trip had long been planned, but wouldn’t outline an itinerary beyond saying the stops would be in the Midwest.

The bus is a rare mode of travel for a sitting president. Commanders in chief usually travel in the comfort of Air Force One or Marine One, and on the ground, the president has a blast-proof limousine for all occasions.

Yeah, that ought to do it: three days traveling by bus through the heart of America in states where, strangely enough, he needs to campaign for re-election.

A tour through the Midwest is likely to take Obama through states vital to his 2012 reelection bid, including some spots where his party saw significant losses in the 2010 midterm elections.

The White House is billing the trip as an administration event, and it will run the operation, not Obama’s reelection campaign.
The trip might help explain why the Secret Service purchased two armored buses for its fleet earlier this year. The protective agency told The Hill it planned to use the buses during the presidential campaign — with one bus designated for the Republican nominee — and also for large entourages of visiting dignitaries.

So then there's that, you betcha. The son-of-a-bitch is gonna make up for the campaign trips he missed by having to stay in Washington and duel the evil Boehner and the proxy minions of the Tea Party Terrorists and he is sticking us with the bill.

Seriously, and to tie this all together, there is an incredible outgushing stories in the wake of the debt ceiling imbroglio and the central theme of these seem to be our boy gettin' back on the campaign trail, masking electioneering with POTUS biz, and the "dog ate my homework" excuse about how he will not meet his re-election funding goals.

It smells of desperation to me.

..I wasn't going to run it, but in light of the effort I am expending keeping all of these stories straight, what the hell:

(*I didn't mean to infer that The Chicago Jesus would be buggering a dog although that image woudl be reminiscent of what he has been doing to America in general and the economy in particular -- screwing the pooch.)


Just as you are beginning to digest your lunch..

Reach for the Pepto Bismol, old son, our favorite DNC spokes-thing is back, claiming that perhaps the Democrats do NOT own the economy like she told us back in June.

Here is an excerpt of this daffy broad's mind leaks. If you want to actually see her say this, the RCP link is here. Me? I am going to try to keep my lunch down, bunky.

"Well, we're going to focus on what we know is the number one priorities on Americans ease minds right now, that is creating jobs and continuing to get this economy turned around. If we have to drag the Republicans with us, then we'll do that, but, you know, it's been a whole lot of months, eight months they have controlled the house with no jobs bills coming to the Floor. Hopefully now with this compromise on the debt ceiling behind us, with the opportunity, with the economic to sit down and focus on longer-term deficit reduction that will have some balance and ask some sacrifice for our most fortunate," Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) told MSNBC. Schultz is also the Chairwoman of the DNC.

But while you're at it, will someone out there tell Mayo-Head that the economy has been in the toilet since 2008 and that these idiots had their hands on all three levers of the government from January 2009 through January 2011.

Oh, better not do that. She'll probably vapor-lock over hearing the truth.


More pictures, more words..

This time in an NRSC commercial letting some pretty famous Democrats in this administration do the talking about their success in getting this nation's economy going again:

..I'll shut up and let you enjoy. After you've savored that one, tie into this as you're filling up your $30,000 Prius charging up your $40,000 Government Motors Volt:

..and finally, from Charles Krauthammer on the terminally self-referential and condescending Bill O'Reilly's show:


August 2, 2011

Just the facts, ma'am..


Pictures, thousands of words, etc.

I got them here; wander over there and gander at 'em all. Some are downright funny.

July 30, 2011


From a comment on an article on The Hill's Blog Briefing Room:

It took two hundred twelve years for the debt to reach seven trillion dollars in two thousand three. Since the Deomcrats were voted into government and took control of Congress in two thousand four and the entire government in two thousand eight they have raised the debt to the present level of fourteen trillion dollars. In the space of six years they have added as much debt as all the other congresses and administrations in two hundred and twelve years.

BY Carl Payne on 07/30/2011 at 06:50

I have nothing to add.

You screwed with the wrong guy, Hewitt..

As I have stated here, I am not a big fan of Hugh Hewitt. But I do not dislike Mr Hewitt either. His commentary is decent and interesting at times and his show has a number of guests worth listening to. Hell, I even put my money where my mouth is and subscribe to Mr Hewitt's premium content venue so I can listen to those guests I believe have something to say. (Again, I ain't gonna plug him by presenting a link. If you are interested, Google it for yourself.)

Who I am a big fan of is Pat Caddell, Doug Shoen, and others on the left who see fit to point out the follies and fallacies of those on their side of the political spectrum. (And, no, it is not only schadenfreude.)

It was with great dismay, therefore, when I saw Hewitt try to shout down Caddell as he was about to make a point:

I believe Mr Caddell to be a soft-spoken, measured person whose statements are worth listening to. He makes his points politely and in measured tones. That Mr Caddell was driven to this level of exasperation is indicative of how insensitive Hewitt can sometimes be.

But Hewitt writes of his encounter with Caddell in his Town Hall column (emphasis added):

Then Caddell launched into one of his rants about everyone being irresponsible, which is just absurd cant, and when Caddell resorted to the old trick of demanding the right to talk in ever louder volume, I kept saying no. Bullies on panels are like bullies everywhere -- give them an inch and they will rant for an hour. Caddell's schtick is old and tired but the crisis is real and immediate. The president and his Democratic allies have been radically irresponsible. Speaker Boehner is trying to lead but without any other serious leader in play save perhaps Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl. When Caddell or anyone lumps in Kyl with Harry Reid, or Jim Jordan and Rand Paul with Bernie Sanders, and John Campbell with Barney Frank and Chuck Rangell, a gentleman rises to the defense of his friends. Caddell objected to be interrupted in his slander, and raged even to the point of grabbing my arm, an amusing breach of cable decorum.

Another excitable ideologue eager to impose some nonsensical theory on the simple problem of a president committed to a radical restructuring of the American economy no matter the chaos it requires.

I chose to juxtapose Hewitt's words above with the actual video of the Hannity panel so you could make the judgment for yourselves. I am not so sure that Pat was attempting to do all that lumping as Hewitt describes. I am sure that he was attempting to express an opinion and was the one who was being shouted down by Hewitt.

Of course, Hannity's Great American Panel is not a model of decorum when it comes to discourse and sometimes lively discussions and interruptions make for piquant viewing. But, it is the hallmark of this segment of the show that people get stepped upon, shouted over, and bullied -- most often by the host. Frankly, I was desperately interested in what Pat Caddell had to say, at that juncture, Mr Hewitt.

To be sure, Hewitt interviews well, asking penetrating questions, and eliciting responses that add to the political perspective. I often find myself thinking, "Gee, I am glad he ask that or brought up that point; I never thought of it that way." But these little epiphanies are more often than not offset by Hewitt's dismissiveness, condescension, and veiled arrogance. I always get that feeling that he thinks lesser of those of us who did not work in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, are not "Con Law" professors (an unfortunate term, I believe) or lawyers, and do not succumb to paroxysms of ecstasy at the sight of an Ohio State Buckeye, Cleveland Indian, or Lou Groza.

His attempts at wit and satire are frequently leaden. His merciless ridicule of his producer, "Generalissimo" Duane, and the rest of his staff is tiresome and borders on disrespect. (I wrote in a previous post on this blog that I find the weekly show that Duane does with Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air far more entertaining that most of Hewitt's efforts.)

(It also doesn't help that his show on KRLA here in Los Angeles has an onerous commercial load -- so much so, in fact, that I opted to subscribe to the paid content sans commercials.)

I will continue to listen to Hewitt; I will probably continue to pay for his material. But if we are to restore civility to the political discourse in this country, one needs to treat the likes of Pat Caddell and Doug Shoen with grace, kindness, and respect.

Sometimes, Hugh, that just plain means STFU.


July 29, 2011


While The Boy King was speaking to the nation, the nation was digesting the fact that, despite all of this empty suit's words, maneuvering, and laser-like focus on the jobs issue, the economy continues to stagger aroud like a punch-drunk palooka. From CNBC (emphasis added):

The U.S. economy grew less than expected in the second quarter as consumer spending barely rose, and growth braked sharply in the prior quarter, a government report showed on Friday.

Growth in gross domestic product—a measure of all goods and services produced within U.S. borders—rose at a 1.3 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said.

First-quarter output was sharply revised down to a 0.4 percent pace from 1.9 percent.

Economists had expected the economy to expand at a 1.8 percent rate in the second quarter.

In addition, fourth-quarter growth was revised down to a 2.3 percent pace from 3.1 percent, indicating that the economy had already started slowing before the high gasoline prices and supply chain disruptions from Japan hit.

Economists had expected the economy would show signs of perking up by now with Japan supply constraints easing and gasoline prices off their high, but data has disappointed.

..yeah, whatevs. Every time you turn around, this jerk promises that he will be doing a laser-like focus on some aspect of his job responsibility, only to have that dissolve into a mist of campaign speeches, rounds of golf, or vacations. It also seems like this idiot is living in a perpetual fantasy world juiced by statistical revisions. The art of the game is to cook the books and juice the numbers for every last ounce of good news you can get and then bury the actual numbers behind a manufactured debt crisis showdown or something. I ain't sayin' he's doing this (or causing this to be done) but why is it that good numbers are always being revised downward?

Remember this, boys and girls, the last weekly jobless claims figure came in a couple of days ago at 398,000 and was heralded by the MSM tongue-bathers as significant because it was below the 400K mark. I got a dozen Dunkin Donuts that says that figure gets revised upward a couple of weeks from now above 400K to the sound of crickets from the Knee Pad Media.

But everything is just hunky dory -- or, should I say business as usual? Why is it that The Magic Negro schedules these speeches for a specific time and then is ALWAYS late? It turns out that this is a habit with him:

Waddya wanna bet that, if he loses Next November, he won't move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue until St patrick's day?


July 28, 2011

Here are 18 minutes you need to watch..

The Boy King is now 0-for-2 with Home Depot. Ken Langone is the other founder of Home Depot and here he weighs in on the current economic and political situation in this country. He is none to kind about our so-called leader and, while he excoriates the man, there are criticisms that would -- were they heeded and acted upon by the POUTUS -- probably rescue Obama in the eyes of the people (and most assuredly afford his re-election).

While he believes a debt deal will get done and in fact favors a plan closer to what the Democrats are proposing, Langone told CNBC that Obama's behavior has been "unpresidential."

"He is dividing us as a nation," Langone said. "He's not bringing us together. He's willfully dividing us. He's petulant."

The co-founder of Home Depot sharply criticized the president for promoting class warfare through his repeated attacks against "fat cat" business executives and his targeting of tax loopholes.

In sum, the behavior is symptomatic of Obama's disrespect for the office he holds, Langone said.

"Ronald Reagan would never go into the Oval Office without his jacket on—that's how much he revered the presidency," he said. "This guy worked like hell to be president...Behave like a president. Let me look at you as a model to how we should behave. What does he say? Fat cats, jet airplanes. What is the purpose? Us versus them.

"The thing I fear the most about the future of America is...divide us, we all lose. This has got to stop."

Langone said people with his wealth should pay more taxes, but the debate shouldn't be framed as rich against poor.

"He is not acting presidential. He is behaving in a way designed in my opinion to divide us, to make us look at each other with skepticism, with suspicion. That is the end of America as we know it," he said. "The destruction he is inflicting by his behavior will carry on long after we settle the debt limit."

You owe it to yourself to listen to what Langone has to say and be especially sure to hear how much in agreement with him the CNBC panel is.

ADD CRACKS: Rasmussen's daily tracking poll of right track/wrong track for the nation is at 17% -- the lowest point since The Chicago Jesus's coronation in 2009. Tangential observation: Another of the many signs showing up that point to the fallacy of the Knee Pad Media's Republican blame assignment mantra.


July 27, 2011

WIDE LOAD FLOTUS opens up a second front..

Having stumbled, gotten his sticky fingers all over the debt ceiling crisis, and having been chased away to the romper room so the grown-ups can get their work done, The Boy King has returned to exclusively campaigning -- as opposed to golfing and campaigning.

But, his ratings have tanked and his rep is drifting rapidly South in the estimation of his countrymen; he has no substantial accomplishment to trumpet. About the only thing in his arsenal nowadays is the long-fading echo of the slender "accompishment" of presiding over the country while some Navy Seals took out The Towelhead-in-Chief some months back.
But, I am guessing that even The Chicago Jesus and his Clown Troupe realize this would be unseemly. So they trotted out the brides of the Dream Ticket toot this little tin whistle. It's not enough that this woman is having her hefty carcass airlifted around the nation to talk up her worthless hubby, the sycophantic media outlets -- like the AARP monthly rag in this case -- are spewing out these puff-pieces. Here is a sample of the vomit-inducing palaver:

MICHELLE OBAMA: “I knew something was happening, but when it gets down to that level of secrecy, there’s just a small number of people who know anything.”

She adds, “I was actually out to dinner with girlfriends, and I didn’t know until I walked in the door. It was later in the evening, and Barack had his suit on, because he was going to the press conference. And I said, ‘What’s going on?’”

Her reaction? “I was like ‘Wow.’ Then I wanted to know the details: ‘How did it happen? Then what? And then what happened?’ I was probably like every media person.”

Pass the barf bag; I can't go on. But I do recommend you read the searing comments over that the cited blog.

Tough room.

ADD FADED YOUTH BLOG: I thought it was some obscure conservative site, but instead find out this:

About Us

Posted in on April 25, 2007 by Arasto

Faded Youth Blog is a celebrity entertainment site loaded with hard to find high quality pictures of the latest Hollywood events.

Look to FYB for gossip, television, film, music and fashion news. Featured on TMZ, New York Post, LA Times, USA Today, Best Week Ever and MTV.

It’s time to get in touch with your Faded Youth.

Man, if this is some young/middlin' young blog, then THE POUTUIS and MISSUS WIDE LOAD are under a hill of manure. The comments on that post were absolutely devastating!


Cracks in the Jug-Eared Whiff too...

Signs that the tongue-bathing White House Press Corpse is growing restive at The Gaper's non-substantial palavering showed up in the post-speech session with Press Secretary Jay Carney. Here he gets hammered for Obama's lack of a plan -- or even any written substance.

..Hmmmmmmm. Maybe the pooch ate it? Betcha this pissant Ron Howard look-alike had to change his underwear after this session.

Well, John the Baptist after torturing a thief
Looks up at his hero the
Saying, "Tell me great hero, but please make it brief
Is there a hole for me to get sick in ?"
~Bob Dylan, Tombstone Blues


Eeyore and Hercules..

In skulking around the various conservative blogs, I come upon comments below about how people will not vote for a GOP candidate if he or she gets the nomination. Incredibly, these range from digs at Romney to digs at Palin. Despite those who proclaim Rick Perry a saint, there are those who would rather vote for Obama over him so that we will be able to give a real conservative a chance at the presidency in 2016.

This comment really -- well -- pulled my chain and I let the guy have it with both barrels:

Obamacare becomes Romneycare.
Spending continues unabated.
Dems win Congress in 2014.
Romney happily “works with” Dems.
Global Warming taxes signed.
Conservatism p!ssed away.

And you think it would be worth it just to defeat Obama?

Bat Chain Puller on July 26, 2011 at 10:12 PM

..boy, this mantra is beyond tedious.

Respectfully, at this juncture, anything would be worth ridding ourselves of this incompetent sh!t. Your model discounts the fact that Romney said he would issue an executive order for ObamaCare waivers for all 50 states. It also conveniently ignores the election of the freshman class of conservatives in the house in 2010 and the takeover of the statehouses by conservatives. (Can you say "redistricting", boys and girls?) And you seem to ignore the fact that there are some 23 or 24 Senate Democrats who will be facing stiff election challenges in 2012 and, therefore, a good likelihood that the GOP will control both houses.

So, I guess with most here, it's a case of "the perfect tainting the good" Eeyore-ism. Let's raise the white flag now because we will not have a sainted conservative running against Obama.

You don't like Romney? Then get out and work your ass off for Pawlenty or Cain or whomever you want. I personally would like to see Rick Perry enter the race and will work for him to get the nomination. But if Romney gets the nod, I will do everything I possibly can to see The Mittster gets elected..

..four more years of Obama and there will not be a United States of America.

But, if you prefer Obama to Romney, then kindly see to it you keep your mouth shut here on Hot Air about what a P.O.S. Obama will be in his second term. You had your chance and you sat there grumbling because your little Mister (or Miss) Perfect didn't get nominated.

Look, ladies and gents, Washington D. C. is a festering sewer. As Obi-wan put it, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You must be cautious.." But, over the past four years, Pelosi and Reid, and now Obama have plumbed the depths of pathetic governance and what they have perpetrated is almost criminal. That they had GOP enablers speaks volumes as to how tough the job will be to clean out those stables.

So, unless you can come up with a Hercules and a couple of swiftly flowing rivers, our efforts at flushing out the piled up manure will take a while.


July 25, 2011

Jug Ears Whiffs..

His mission last night was to basically re-inject himself back into the public ken after Boehner ejected him last Friday night and proceeded to deal with less capricious and more serious-minded Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

(Boy howdy, you know you are wading into the deep end of the kim chee pool when you resort to characterizing Reid like that!)

Anyway, in an attempt to capture lightening in a bottle, a firefly, or perhaps just a urine sample, Obama sought to channel his Inner Reagan by speaking to the people hoping his duclet tones will soothe them into yet another beatific frenzy like what got him elected in 2008.

Reagan -- The Gipper -- could do it. Obama -- The Gaper -- failed miserably.

In any event, Mr Irrelevant-for-the-Weekend got the urge to take his case to the people in a speech that took only one minute to invoke his favorite get-out-of-jail-free card: It's Bush's Fault. It's clear that he actually intends to be dragging this hoary shibboleth with him into the campaign season as well. Coincidental with his prime disclaimer, the NY Times produced a chart that purported to show how The Light Bringer is also a victim of the vicious, insidious BushHitler and his evil puppet master, the shape shifting Dick Cheney-Condy Rice-Donald Rumsfeld.

Crayon depiction of The World According to The Gaper

Of course, this straw, being grasped at by the lefty blogosphere, has been thoroughly debunked as an amalgam of flawed static analysis, invalid assumptions, and misrepresentation. Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air analyzes (emphasis added):

There are plenty of issues with this chart, but let’s start with the notion that the “Bush tax cuts” cost the static-analysis price listed here. Absent those tax cuts, we would not have had the recovery from 2003-7, which generated a rather hefty increase in federal revenues; we’ll return to that in a moment. The actual revenue listed in this chart was what static analysis of the recovery would have brought into federal coffers, which is one of the main problems with static analysis. It also conflates tax cuts with federal spending, which only makes sense if one starts from the premise that the people owe their government all of their income less any that the government arbitrarily allows them to keep.

The chart then tries to claim that Obama’s spending increases over the next 8 years (projected) will amount to just $1.44 trillion — less than the annual deficit these days. Oddly, it doesn’t mention that the last Republican annual budget passed in Congress (FY2007) only had a $160 billion deficit, which tends to interfere with the narrative Fallows and the Times wants to build here.

(If you are ever braced in some steamy, waterfront dive by a coterie of Obama libtards murmuring the "BOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH'S FAULT" mantra, visit Ed's dissection, print it, and laminate it for ready reference.)

But, try as they will, they cannot magic away reality. Doing the math is easy: Pelosi and Reid took the helm in January 2007; The Gaper got his grimy mitts on the controls in January 2009. We were launched into the abyss a fortnight later when Mr Wee-Wee Pants hustled the $800 billion stimullatio bill into law (after a three-day vacation in Chicago, remember?) and we were kicked further down the yawning crevasse by his incessant efforts to eventually pass Obamacare -- a millstone around the economy's neck with such untold dire consequences in the out years, that it has dried up business and investment for the moment.

But I am not here to argue stats. I just want to make the observation that his latest effort to play at chief executive is on par with the gold standard effort for the past 30 months. Basically, the speech was a vapid, perfidious airy persiflage devoid of any content whatsoever.

This was no major divergence from his past ability to turn gold into dross; he was no more than a petulant, blather-spewing juvenile incapable of accepting responsibility but more than ready to assign blame to others for his failures.

How many times do we need to listen to this incompetent or one of his clown troupe mumble this "dog ate my homework" excuse? Apparently it's wearing thin as Gallup has him plumbing the depths at 43% for the past week.

I wonder when we are finally subjected to All-Obama -All-the-Time campaigning next year if he will hit the 30% out of sheer, teeth-grating disgust over him belching out lies and slander in an attempt to paper over his pathetic previous three years. What do you think? I think I hear the nails ion the blackboard now!

Anyway, reminiscing, think back to The Oil Spill -- his dithering while the oil spewed into Gulf of Mexico. Several months wasn't it?

Remember how he also took months to finally meet with and discuss the troop surge required in Afghanistan.

How about is 30-month "laser-like focus" on the economy and jobs? How's that working out for ya?

Oh yes, the numerous gaffes and missteps in our foreign policy -- fawning to foreign leaders, kissing the rings of sheiks and asses of despots, bowing and scraping to emperors -- all culminating in a lessened opinion (if not outright contempt) for this country.

With each page turned in the saga of The Chicago Jesus, it is becoming more apparent all he is capable of doing is some light lifting, fluffy speeches, and schedule incessant golf games and expensive, exotic, tone-deaf vacations for him and his family and friends.

As to the "speech", I must candidly admit that I did not watch all of Obama's remarks last night; been there, done that, got the T-shirt. But, as I was fast forwarding the box to catch Speaker Boehner's remarks, I did observe this comical fool in fast motion: a spastic, contorted bobble-head, gesticulating wildly communicating nothing.

Perhaps a preview of how he will be presented in the upcoming campaign?

credo quia absurdum est
(I believe it because it is absurd.)


July 24, 2011

Cracks, Part III

Quickly, as I have an AN/URM-25D to repair today.

It seems that our boy, THE POUTUS, is not only getting it from the right, but the far left as well:
Recently, President Obama has faced fire from many in his own base for endorsing unpopular proposals that would include regressive cuts to Social Security in order to win a hike in the debt ceiling. Today, while appearing on Thom Hartmann’s radio show, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — who, while being an independent, caucuses with the Democrats — said that one way progressives can make sure Obama does not enact huge cuts to major social programs is to run a primary challenger against him. Sanders told a listener who called in to protest a debt ceiling deal that cuts Social Security that such a challenge would be a “good idea” .
Sanders opines:
Brian, believe me, I wish I had the answer to your question. Let me just suggest this. I think there are millions of Americans who are deeply disappointed in the president; who believe that, with regard to Social Security and a number of other issues, he said one thing as a candidate and is doing something very much else as a president; who cannot believe how weak he has been, for whatever reason, in negotiating with Republicans and there’s deep disappointment. So my suggestion is, I think one of the reasons the president has been able to move so far to the right is that there is no primary opposition to him and I think it would do this country a good deal of service if people started thinking about candidates out there to begin contrasting what is a progressive agenda as opposed to what Obama is doing. [...] So I would say to Ryan [sic] discouragement is not an option. I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.

Probably the only time I will ever agree with this  Vermont Commie. Hat tip to Jazz Shaw over at Hot Air for this.

ADD CRACKS: Today,  The Chicago Jesus sits at -21 points on the RAZ DT and is 45% approve. Still at 45%? can you say Bradley Effect, boys and girls?


July 22, 2011

I Love my dog..

My high-school bud, Tom (the only conservative in Portland) sent this wry observation to me this morning:


It just hit me!! My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day. He has his food prepared for him. His meals are provided at no cost to him. He visits the Dr. once a year for his checkup, and again during the year, if any medical needs arise. For this he pays nothing, and nothing is required of him.

He lives in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than he needs, but he is not required to do any upkeep. If he makes a mess, someone else cleans it up. He has his choice of luxurious places to sleep. He receives these accommodations absolutely free.

He is living like a king, and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever. All of his costs are picked up by others who earn a living. I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick in the head…

My dog is a Democrat!


July 21, 2011

Concealed Carry Stops: Compare and Contrast

I won't surround these two videos with too many words. They speak volumes for themselves. The first is a dash-cam video of a stop made by a Canton, Ohio police officer of a person who has a concealed carry permit and is not given an opportunity to declare same in the wake of this cop's angry, intimidating tirade. This is well-documented and commented upon over at the Hot Air post done by Ed Morrissey. The policeman's behavior borders on the frightening:

This next video was provided by one of the Hot Air commenters and is of an Oceanside, California policeman stopping a person who is OPENLY carrying an automatic:

The contrast is stark; the Canton policeman not giving the CCW subject a chance to perform his legal obligation of informing the officer and the Oceanside policeman giving the young ex-Marine EVERY opportunity to cooperate with him. The second officer is a pinnacle of politeness and courtesy and respectfully -- but carefully -- elicits information during his stop. WHat reasonable citizen would NOT be willing to cooperate with this gentleman?

Read the Hot Air post and you will see that the Canton PD was embarrassed by this angry individual and placed him on immediate suspension while an investigation is carried out.


July 20, 2011

Violating the cardinal rule..

There's an unwritten rule in courtroom examination procedure: never ask a question unless you know the answer. Courtesy of Matt Lewis via Hot Air, PMSNBC's Contessa Brewer sought to take down Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) by questioning his economic credentials. As you can see, the results are somewhat embarrassing for the libtard host:

..fitting riposte for anyone who is arrogant enough to have an affected first name like "Contessa". What's up with that, anyway?

TANGENTIAL UPDATE: I practically ran off the road this morning listening to Glenn Beck. He and Pat were having an awful lot of fun discussing this recent attempt by the libturds' (maybe that's what I misspelled?) attempt to derail Michelle Bachmann with their specious revelation that she suffers from migraine headaches.

(What a pile of festering chicken waste.)

Anyway, the conversation quickly migrated to the monthly conditions normally afflicting our feminine counterparts and how that would affect Ms Bachmann's decision-making capability. There was conjecture that she might not be able to "push the button" if she were suffering from cramps and feeling a little bloated.

Of course, the opinion was offered that a lady president suffering from those maladies -- for what? four or five days each month -- might be MORE inclined to mete out harsh retribution to anyone causing the U. S. problems.

I would take it a little further by saying that Al Qaeda and scores of mean dictators might be on their best behavior based on Madame Bachmann's cycle.

"Oh no, Achmed, we cannot take out the Statue of Liberty next Wednesday -- we'll catch holy hell. That's between the seventh and the twelfth of the month."

Of course, I offer profound apologies to the ladies who stop by here -- Carol, Supi, Opie, TCL, etc. I mean this in jest. But consider how sexist and ridiculous this is about Ms Bachmann's headaches. I think you understand.

FINAL THOUGHT: If Michelle does get elected to president, will it be insisted that she change her name to BachPERSON so as to not appear too sexist?


July 18, 2011

Cracks, Part II.5

In scouring the internet, it was revealed that Obama had raised some $86 million this past quarter and that he was ahead of his projection to raise one billion for his campaign. But, like so many things put out by this cretin, it just doesn't add up. So I went back to the original Miami Herald article and did some math. I also consulted another site (and will continue to look for more sources) and saw that some other things didn't add up either.

First the math.

The Obama campaign has declared that they will raise a billion for this race and as one commented on that in the article:

Some observers downplayed the significance of Obama exceeding his fund raising goal.

"No one puts out a number they don't think they can get to," said Nathan Gonzales, the deputy editor of the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report.

I don't know what his starting point was, but let's forget that for the moment. According to the article, he has approximately $86 million contributed. That means he has to raise $914 million more to meet his goal. Presumably the deadline is November 2012 and let's start with June of 2011 -- the end of last quarter. That means he has to raise an average of $57 million per month from July 2011 through October 2012. That's $171 million per quarter.

He just finished his most recent quarter and officially reported that he raised only the $86 million. This included some 260,000 "bundled" donors and the Hollywood big-wigs.

I know those guys are well-heeled and all that, but my preliminary sense is that -- like current government spending -- the pace to the billion is unsustainable. One cannot believe that idiots like Katzenberg and Clooney will be donating the same amounts month-after-month. But I will keep my slide rule and calculator close at hand and will rework these computations as I receive additional data.

Now, the reality.

There is a good web site which will allow you to track this if this is/will become your obsession. It's called Open Secrets and will present the campaign contributions and spending for candidates as we roll along towards November 2012. Here is an except on The Chicago Jesus's efforts to date:

"..but, what's this, Uncle War Planner?" you say, "according to to Open secrets, he's only raised $48 million. where does the rest of the $86 million come from?"

Courtesy of the Miami Herald article:

The president's fundraising arm, Obama for America, pulled in $47 million, the DNC another $38 million. In a conference call with reporters, Messina said more than 260,000 contributors are "totally new" and had never given to Obama before.

I think the number that Open Secrets cites -- the $48,662,185 -- refers to the $47 million that the Mimi Heralds article attributes to Obama as collecting along with the DNC's $38 million.


But note that Open Secrets has Obama as spending $80,235,455 and that they have $37,110,346. on hand. Without going into a formal mathematical proof about what his starting figure was nor how much he is spending and to try to reconcile the two sources' figures, we can come to the following conclusions:

(1) Obama's campaign is collecting a lot of money.
(2) They are already spending the money on campaigning.
(3) They are NOT on target to meet their billion dollar projection.

Anyway, this analysis is getting pretty ragged (and math was never my strong suit). I do take heart in the following quote from the Miami Herald article, however:

Obama's healthy haul comes as Republican candidates have reported raising less than Republicans did in the year before the 2008 election.

But Messina warns "it's going to get tougher from here," noting that GOP outside spending "could be as much as $500 million."

Wertheimer said he thinks the eventual Republican nominee will enjoy "very substantial resources."
While Arterton said Obama has raised an impressive amount of money so far, it may not matter as much because the public will be more engaged as the campaign picks up steam. He expects high turnout in 2012.

"The more general attention there is on the race, the less effective money is," Arterton said.

Wertheimer thinks that both sides will raise and spend a total of more than $2 billion.

"This is simply opening day of an unprecedented campaign finance season," he said.

So the bottom line seems to be that no matter what the president or his opponents raise to fight this battle for the hearts and minds of the American people, Obama is selling a tired, old pig that has been on display for the past 30 months and has proven defective and incapable of accomplishing the job; the American public have become restive and discontented with his administration's inability to pull this economy from the recession it's in. No amount of money can buy enough lipstick and dresses to make this pig anything other than what it is -- a pig.


What ever happened to that anal pore over on MSNBC?

The irrepressible Steven Crowder has just released his tour de force:

Olbermann: The Lost Months

..and, sadly, Olbermann, being clueless on the ways of the internet, does not have a suitable venue to respond, though he desperately tries:

(and, YES, those are Michelle Malkin and Hannah Jiles in Steve's video.)


July 17, 2011


Because this is why:

..and so is this:

..these courtesy of  a pass-through from Nicky Goomba's blog. It ain't that I am old and get social security, it's because this mealy-mouthed, lip-flapping, incompetent, putrid pile of festering pond scum would utter such a veiled threat like that (while his Slimy Dem cronies put out that grandma-over-the-cliff Paul Ryan video) and the tongue-bathing, kneepad media let him get away with it.


Cracks, Part II

"THE POUTUS (courtesy of Big Hairy News)

SISTER TOLDJA MOMENT: So soon? News breaking courtesy of Bloomberg via Hot Air headlines (emphasis added):

A year after President Barack Obama signed into law the most extensive financial regulations since the Great Depression, Wall Street so far is putting its political money elsewhere.

Employees of Goldman Sachs Group gave Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney $238,250 in the last three months, more than workers at any other company, according to a computer-assisted analysis of Federal Election Commission data. Obama took in $10,113.

Four years ago, employees of New York-based Goldman gave $994,795 to Obama and $234,275 to Romney, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based research group. For both candidates, it was more than any other company’s employees.

I know it's not much and I know Obama's fund raising has raked in $86 millions to date, but it is a shift in the paradigm and the GOP candidates are totally unfocused and in contention with each other. But I am -- at the moment -- an A.B.O. (Anyone But Obama) and if Romney can drive a lance through his re-election bid's heart, then I am backing that horse.

Funny thing though, you get the whiny pissant spokesman trying to defuse this:

"It’s telling that they would make Governor Romney’s support for rolling back Wall Street oversight -- protections put in place to ensure that the financial crisis doesn’t reoccur -- part of their fundraising pitch,” said Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman.

Yeah, whatever. They report how you guys are going after small contributions and staying away big interests -- or at least you say you are -- but recently Obama released a list of "bundlers" who contributed funds to the campaign:

Obama announced his fundraising totals on Wednesday, saying that the campaign and the party took in more than $86 million between them. The Democratic National Committee will spend most of its money to re-elect the president.

The president on Friday released a list of 244 people who raised at least $50,000 for his re-election campaign by donation bundling, the practice of soliciting friends and associates to make donations to the campaign.

..and whose to say that the "small contributors" to The Pantload's campaign are union members who have been shown the light of day by their bosses?

For now, Obama's machine owns fund raising (he's doing a lot of it on our dime) but it will be instructive to see what happens to donations to the GOP candidates as the field adds the likes Perry of Texas or even Sarah Palin.


Cracks, Part I

Pursuant to my last entry, these will appear from time to time, not as evidence that this turd will be flushed but to encourage those out there who may fall for the Kneepad Media propaganda about the difficulty of unseating an incumbent president -- especially this president. They want you to believer that resistance is futile, to coin a phrase, and that The Lightbringer is a shoo-in. Taint necessarily so and, at this point in time, there are some disturbing indications that Obama may have difficulty capturing the lightening in the bottle once again, like he did in 2008.

I am afraid this series will be shamelessly derivative -- borrowing on posts, assertions, statistics, and other numbers and facts -- to repeat them to whatever minuscule audience this blog may attract. I encourage you to blatantly rip off anything I post here to the same effect.

Let's start with today's numbers:

The Rasmussen daily tracking (a.k.a., Raz DT) has Fearless FosDICK at 45% but also note that he has been orbiting in the negative double digit approval index range since June 9th where he inexplicably went from -12 to -9 and then back up to -15. (Can we say aberration, boys and girls?) Also note that he only stays in single digit negative approval range is for brief stretches in January and February of this year. Altogether nothing to crow about. His stretch of Raz DT negative double-digit approval index days is staggering. Check it out.

The image of the Raz DT is below; click to embiggen.

(I recommend you consult the Rasmussen Daily Tracking as opposed to looking at their one-day post. It will give you a better ideal of the trends. Pay particular attention to the excursions of the Strongly Approve and Strongly Disapprove columns; they are instructive. There is a link from this blog to the Raz DT down there on the right.)
"THE POUTUS (courtesy of Big Hairy News)"

Well, that was Rasmussen. In other disturbing news for The Pantload, the Gallup Daily has him at 50% Disapprove/42% Approve. While not the lowest, it seems to be the latest in a series of numbers that is trending lower. Truth be told, though, Gallup is a left-favoring poll and the numbers seem to bounce off the low end of the 40% range.Click to look at that as well.

An interesting note is that you can download the actual data into Excel if you wish. There's a tab on the Gallup graph that makes it so.

But the question is always asked, "why is Obama in still in the forties?" I offer two explanations: Firstly, some of the MSM and pollsters probably skew the Dem/Republican/Independent laughably in an effort to keep The POUTUS's head above water. This assertion on my part could (and [probably will) consume a whole other post. For the moment, if you get addicted to following these numbers, I recommend you visit Hot Air and become a student of Ed Morrissey's excellent analyses (plural) Ed not only artfully unpacks the poll skewing, he blows truck-sized holes in the employment and job number spin made by Obama's crack economic team and their MSM handmaidens.

The second reason I offer is the infamous Bradley Effect. Go to the link and read up on it, I ain't going to explain it suffice to say that, unlike how they like to paint us on the right, we are NOT racist.

As an after-dinner mint, I offer the observation that Hugh Hewitt (Hew Hughitt?) made the other day. Realize that heretofore, Obama had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to press conferences. Now, in the midst of the so-called debt crisis, he's held three in the past fortnight. Hugh surmises that the internal polling numbers by his staff on this must be absolutely horrid for him to keep going to the well that often. And, as we all know, when he was popping up all over the place back in 2009, he did not wear well with the American public. One wonders how he will do when he campaigns -- well, campaigns more than he is doing now.

Anyway, you know what I mean.

In closing, I'll say that I want to continue to traffic in these types of tidbits; it's good intel and we need to keep ourselves in the game, committees of correspondence, and all that. The man can and will be thrown out of office if we get to work like we did in 2010.