October 4, 2011

"NO" Means...

We shall see at 10:00 EDT, won't we?

Frankly, this drawn out melodrama with Christie and Palin is so-o-o-o-o-o beyond tedious. Personally, I feel it's gonna be ROMNEY/CAIN (or RUBIO) with Perry put in charge of immigration. (It's a joke, folks.)

I am not happy about the prospect of Romney -- he is a squishy wuss (although he does have great hair) -- but polls are beginning to show that fewer and fewer people are inclined to perpetuate this lunacy called The Obama Administration. The disaffection with this clown is growing rampant and his stupidity and tone deafness are beginning to seal the deal.

Of late I have become enamored of Herman Cain. His straightforward answers to questions asked is a refreshing change form the tap-dancers, soft-shoe artists, and outright dissemblers that pass for politicians these days. (Watch an interview with him sometime and notice how many "Yes/No" questions asked of him have an answer that starts with either "Yes" or "No".)

I'll spare you the usual recapitulation of his being a simple, man-of-the-people, businessperson save to say his background makes me feel that he is more of "us" than "them". I would not be heartbroken if he were on the ticket; he certainly deserves a place in the new administration. He should be the head janitor.

forgive me for saying this as it sounds offensive but I mean it in the nicest possible way. He should be put in charge of the massive task of sweeping all of the bullsh*t out of Government and keeping the succeeding administration real and their bargain with the electorate real.

It will be a Herculean labor this cleaning if the Augean stables, but the wonderful, direct Mr Cain can handle it.

But until this eventuates and that turd Obama is consigned to circling the bowl, we have a momentous task ahead of us and we need to it right soon for the change is at hand. In fact, the way some states are leap-frogging their primaries, we may very well have the New Hampshire primary this afternoon at 3:30 PM.

Our labor, however, should not be mirthless and without joy. Victor Davis Hanson wrote a piece yesterday called The Coming Post-Obama Renaissance whwerein he describes the joy of throwing off this depressing burden we have been saddled with the last two-and-three-quarter years:
We are living in an age of such morality tales, though the depressing cycle reminds us that the gloom is hardly fiction or artistry. For those with a little capital there is only a sinking stock market. It seems to wipe out more of their 401(k)s each week, as if each month cancels out yet another year of prior thrift. Near zero interest means any money on deposit is only insurance, not any more a source of income. Millions are trapped in their unsold houses, either underwater or facing an end to any dreams of tapping equity by sale.
In response, the Obama administration — let me be candid here — seems clueless, overpopulated as it is by policy nerds, academic overachievers, and tenured functionaries (cf. Larry Summers’ “there is no adult in charge”). They tend to flash Ivy League certificates, but otherwise have little record of achievement in the private sector. Officials seem to think that long ago test scores, a now Neolithic nod from an Ivy League professor, or a past prize translates into knowing what makes America run in places like Idaho and southern Michigan.
I would love to appropriate the entire column so you could read it here, but heartily advocate your taking time to read it in it's entirety. He, in essence, concludes that we have much to look forward to:
I, like many, am worried about the Republican field — as is the custom at this early stage. There is more to be endured in 2012. The Obama decline will spark venomous politics of the sort we haven’t seen in years. This time hope and change will be even more “Bush did it!/’You’re all racists!/“They” will take your Social Security.” The financial crisis is not over. We are not yet at the beginning of the end for statism, but the Churchillian end of its new beginning.

Still, let us cheer up a bit. The country always knew, but for just a bit forgot, that you cannot print money and borrow endlessly. It always knew that bureaucrats were less efficient than employers. It knew that Guantanamo was not a gulag and Iraq was not “lost.” But given the anguish over Iraq, the anger at Bush, the Obama postracial novelty and “centrist” fa├žade, and the Freddie/Fannie/Wall Street collapse, it wanted to believe what it knew might not be true. Now three years of Obama have slapped voters out of their collective trance.

The spell has now passed; and we are stronger for its passing. There is going to be soon a sense of relief that we have not experienced in decades. In short, sadder but wiser Americans will soon be turned loose with a vigor unseen in decades.

He includes this magnificent photoshop by Driscoll:

"..don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out, idiot!"

It is Obama and his insufferable, tone-deaf Marie Antoinette, THE WIDE LOAD FLOTUS making their way to Marine One for their final Nixonian conveyance back to civilian life and anonymity.

..I personally would prefer an ignominious perp walk to a federal prison, but that's just me.



  1. Aww, give 'em a Super Shuttle to the local airport. SEEYA!

  2. Well, at least the Obama's flight back to Chicago will be one trip they take that the American people will gladly pay for.