March 15, 2011


Mike Allen's headline on his Politico column:

..and the first graph above the fold:

Suggest a new sobriquet for this clown: President Phone-it-In. Works for me. Seems to be working for the American public as well. Here's the latest numbers from RAZ:

Prince Fairy Pants sinks beneath the waves..
Click to embiggen. Note that his 20% strongly approve is the lowest total on record (I think) and his strongly disapprove only trails his total approve by one point, 42% to 43%.

Sucks to be him.



LibertyAtStake said...

Rock bottom for Barry is when Total Approve hits 20% - because that's what Gallup tells us is the percentage of Americans who self-identify 'Liberal.' Of the current 42% Total Approve, I suspect the 22% in the Kinda Approve zone are mostly Independents who voted Hopenchange in '08, and it won't be long before they migrate to the President WTF Disapprove column.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

The War Planner said...


I totally agree with your math. Many often express surprise at the fat that he is still over 40% after all of the crap we have been trough.

I submit it's the Bradley Effect -- the hesitancy to speak badly of a minority for fear of being thought of as racist. But, after this four-year stink bomb, when folks go into the polls -- and IF we have a decent candidate to oppose him -- they'll pull the lever and throw this bum out in the streets where he belongs.

LibertyAtStake said...

I like the Bradley Effect observation as well. So-called 'White Guilt' played a large part in electing the Empty Suit. I remember telling my wife on election day [parphrasing] 'well, at least the jig is up for White Guilt.'

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"