March 16, 2010

Green Zone Stink Bomb

There is a God and he made cow turds and he made flies.

But he did NOT make The Green Zone. Universal Studios did that.

At the left there is a picture of both in case you're unclear on the concept. It also appears to be apt imagery for Matt Damon's latest stink bomb of a movie about some troop in Iraq looking for and failing to find WMDs. Of course, it's one of those tour de farce, bash-America-first, pieces of celluloid  crap that Hollywood loves to put out about how rotten and evil the government is and how they trumped up and propagandized our supposed reasons for getting involved in Iraq.

Haven't seen it; never will.

But it underscores how truly, monumentally thick Matt Damon and those that produced and directed this movie really are. Let's see, we are in the midst of a pro-American fervor brought upon by a public recoiling from a leftist/socialist government trying to usurp every aspect of our lives and a POSOTUS who flounces around the world butt-smooching every tin-pot dictator and groveling at the feet of every potentate and emperor he can find. It is a public hungry for some vestige of honor and respect for those who have so dearly paid the ultimate price, the young men and women in our military.

All we got were early morning photo-ops of the Chief Pantload greeting returning caskets at Dover AFB.

And now this two-hour piece of fecal matter.

What was Universal thinking? Must have been hard for the executives who green-lighted this one to concentrate with their heads wedged firmly up their rectums?


It is turning out to be a mega-bomb, earning only 14.5 millions in its first three days of screening. Doesn't look like it will earn the 150+ millions back that Universal invested in it.

By the way, in my opinion Matt Damon is truly stupid. I mean have you heard him in interviews? Barely literate; mumbling; liker Obama without a teleprompter only not as articulate. Good Will punting. He makes Sean "Rectal Cancer" Peen seem like a flaming scholar. And the Bourne series sucked as well; the jiggly cameras tore it for me in the second one. O.K., the guy's a renegade CIA operative with a massive chip on his shoulder, I get it.

So move along folks, there's nothing for you to see here.


  1. I saw Green Zone last weekend when it first came out and didn't have the same reaction you did. It was a highly fictionalized movie and painted SpecOps as evil, which they didn't deserve. The US Army Chief Warrant Ofcr that Damon portrayed was not credible in the crucible of believability. However, I don't look for truth in Hollywood films, only that I am "entertained".

    The Iraqi goat-rope had been predicted by DIA and CIA. They were ignored and demonized by politicians and their hangers-on. Rumsfeld and his coterie of so-called "neocons" managed to sell it to the Bush Administration. Bush swallowed the bait WHOLE including hooks and in turn, sold it to the US as a war against terrorism, which it was not.

    The movie doesn't touch on any of this with the exception of strident warnings from the CIA COS, who is ignored and overruled.

    All that aside, I give the movie a B for the simple reason that I didn't look at my watch once, asking myself when the movie would end.

  2. Yeah, understand. I appreciate your inside perspective (won't go into it here), but I am not that charitable. You and I could have a debate about this and I would find it exhilarating to hear your side and, I grant you that I would probably learn something.

    But I just flat out think Damon is an a**hole and as dumb as a bag of rocks (cf. remarks about his past public comments and interviews). And basically, it's my ten bucks and I get to vote with them as I see fit.

    ..sorry. I cannot get past morons like him and Screaming Rectal Cancer bagging on my country.