February 7, 2010

Fading away..

No, certainly not the memory of George W. Bush. I am sure that more and more people are missing him and his relatively benign governance.

Certainly they miss the fact that he was a leader and a decider..especially after living under the incompetence of the Pantload-in-Chief and clueless band of merry men we have now. I am sure that he would be welcome back if for only having the good grace of staying out of our faces and off our TVs 24-7. It seems that one cannot turn to any media outlet without seeing that bony-faced, purple-lipped pontificating prevaricator talking -- always talking. One hopes that this coming November and a November two years from now, the American public will deliver him a big Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform message.

The day that bony-assed, metro-sexual, wuss starts disappearing in the public's rear view mirror cannot come soon enough for me.

Speaking of disappearing, it seems that the POSOSTUS's bump from that stand-up routine he delivered to Congress a week or so ago has all but evaporated with a vengeance.

We tire of this guy more quickly than we did before. His act is getting old.

Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt arrived at the conclusion that Obama -- whose chief talent seems to be just giving speeches -- is devaluing his worth with each lip-flap. Throw in stunners like his arrogant and incorrect scolding of the Supreme Court justices at the SOTU and his recent mispronunciation of corpsman as "corpse-man" (thrice, fer crissakes) and one has the rhetorical equivalent of the Wiemar republic's printing presses.

But that does not stop him. He is out there 24/7/365, endlessly bleating the same inanities on every media outlet available to him. At this rate, two things fill me with dread: (1) he'll start turning up on those ubiquitous gas station pump TV devices, blathering away about the energy crisis and (2) when he does finally get tossed out into the dust and dreck of Pennsylvania Avenue, he will embark on a farewell speech tour that will make Bill Clinton's grasping attempt o remain in the public conscience pale in comparison.

Or, perhaps an even more terrifying thought: what if some benighted fools start erecting bulletin boards with him asking if we miss him yet?

Oh dear, there goes another perfectly good night's sleep.


  1. It will be worth it to see a different president, hopefully a fiscally conservative one, in the White House. 2012 cannot come quickly enough.

  2. ..apparently many feel that way. I posted this when the Raz DT had him at -15 points under water. Now he has scorched his way to -17 and the PaC-Man is only +1 up. Moreover, his strong approval is only at 26 percent: just about all of the liberals, leftists, the union thugs, and the 93% of blacks who voted for him.

    I don't know if you subscribe to The Hughniverse but I like to listen to the past shows without the tons of commercials Hewitt loads himself down with. He is a bit repetitious but he and Steyn and his other guests really took The Pantload apart this past week.

    It really bears listening to!

  3. The blush is off the rose and it's not coming back for Dear Leader. People aren't tuning in to his speeches, because they are waiting to vote his Party from office so we can do damage control and get back on track.

  4. I agree. Although, I cannot see how they cannot possibly avoid tuning into this sodden butt-wipe. As I posted some time ago, he is like a real-world manifestation of the movie version of Orwell's 1984, the omnipresent Big Brother constantly on view-screens everywhere.

  5. ..was that too many double negatives? I mean, like, if one ain't an Obama fan one ain't shit?

    So if one is an Obama fan, one is..

  6. First - Obama would make one miss Nixon. Second - love the post, love the verbage, prese, snark. Like I said before, you are a great writer - I want to see 1 of these a day! Wake up an hour early, come on!

  7. LCR,

    You are too kind. I want you to know I almost did not publish this comment owing to modesty, but thank you for the very nice words.

    As for waking early, that's already been spoken for -- as have my late nights. I have been a software developer for over forty years (back when COBOL was in shrink wrap) and normal hours are pretty much a myth in that profession.

    But, being the egotist I am (second only to the blazing idiot in the oval office), I will have to respond to that praise.

    When are we going to grab a beer, by the way?

  8. Obama's advisors are really screwing him (not that I am bothered by that, mind you). They are telling him what works in a marketing concept: exposure, exposure, exposure. Like Viagra and Cialis ads day and night, Obama advisors keep telling him that with enough of this, his 'sales' will pick up.

    The president's gig is not like selling Viagra: we either need the product, or we don't. And the verdict is out on what he is selling: we don't want to come near it even with a 10-foot pole, and no amount of exposure is going to change that.

    But he continues to listen to his moron advisors. I hope he keeps on doing so, for all of our sake.