December 18, 2009

You can't fix stupid..

This from my friend Bill Preston. I'll let him tell it:
This was a guy's first boat and he was taking it to the lake, but wasn't quite sure of the correct procedure for launching a boat off a ramp. However, he figured it couldn't be that difficult to do, so he stopped by his Union office for advice and they just told him, "Don't let the trailer get too deep in the water when you're launching your boat".

Well later on, he couldn't understand what they meant by that, as he could just barely get his trailer in the water! Here's a picture worth a "thousand words” and be sure to check out the back window. (As Fredd comments below, it is an Obama sticker in the rear window of the pickup.) Some people shouldn't be allowed to get married, have children, or vote!"


Fredd said...

Is that an Obama decal in the back window?

Войска ПВО said...


Yep! Accept no substitutes!

I'll post it more prominently. It is not too obvious.

RayGun said...

BS, it obviously photo shopped.

RayGun said...

Hey, look at this picture of your new glorious leader.

Войска ПВО said... used to say "Obama/Biden Hope and Change 2008".

Kinda like a tattoo I had once on my - er - member. It said "Shorty" until I became "interested" in one or more of the sexy opposites and then it read, "Shorty's Bar and Grill, Alquerque, New Mexico".

The Conservative Lady said...

We've seen some funny incidents at boat ramps. I don't know if this is a real photo or not, but it sure is funny.

Christopher said...

With the "One" sticker the boat serves as a symbol for the country and the boat/trailer as the peole being drgged down.

Войска ПВО said...

Way to go, Ray. Find some photo-shopped look-alike pic.. retard.