May 23, 2010

Djou snarls back..

Thanks to Sheeples for this one:

Colleen Hanabusa, who came in second in the special election to fill Honolulu's 1st Congressional District with 30.8 percent of the vote, issued the following statement:

"With over fifty percent of the voters in Congressional District 1 turning out in what is the highest voter turnout in any Hawaii special election, it is clear that the people of Hawaii know the importance of this election in ensuring the people of Hawaii are properly represented in Congress.”

Democrats believe the success in Hawaii will be short-lived. Djou will only serve through the remainder of 2010, and another election will be held in November for the next term.

Djou has other ideas. "The people of Hawaii have given us a short-term lease with an option to buy in November. This is not the time for us to rest on our laurels. This is the time to redouble our efforts to bring out change. To do good, to restore our nation to prosperity."

Mahalo nui loa, Mr. Djou.

..that's right, Ms Sheeples, and, as we used to say in the islands, "mo bettah you geevum da kine, bro.."

The new transparency?

You need to head over to The Woodsterman's site for a dose of proletarian reality from time to time. His pictorial reviews are beyond hilarious and a great commentary on we, the great unwashed. Sample at the left is from his latest series on "..WalMart Weddings".

..enjoy the rest of this glorious Sunday (if you can).  

O.K., just one more thing and then I go wash the cars. Here's a store that will figure prominently in the Democrat's future shopping plans, I shouldn't wonder:

May 22, 2010

PA-12? What was PA-12?

The brief respite PA-12 afforded the Democrats from the remorseless onslaught of G.O.P. or Republican or Tea Party or Whatever victories has come to an end. Charles Djou has won a special election over a pack of slavering Dems  and other aspirants:

Republican Charles Djou emerged victorious tonight in the special election to fill Hawaii's vacancy in Congress, giving Hawaii it's first GOP member of Congress in 20 years.

Djou won the special mail-in election with 39.5 percent of the vote in the first printout, released at 6 p.m. isn't that special? Hat tip to Drudge and the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Wonder how all of the MSM and libs will spin this one.

In an insightful analysis, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air! states the obvious: Djou probably only won the seat until November when there will be only one Democrat opposing him. However, the two Democrats -- Case and Hanabusa -- do not like each other and it may result in a bloodbath primary to determine Djou's opponent in a heavily Democrat district. I'm thinking several things: (1) Djou's in Washington actually performing the job so any bitterness in the primary may convince a lot of people that they should go with the guy who is representing them at the moment rather than give either of these two cat-fighting fools a chance. (2) A corollary to this would be that by the time the Fall election rolls around, Democrat voters will be just plain campaigned out (three elections in five months) and not show up, giving some advantage (if not the edge) to Djou. Also, (3) this situation obviously makes Djou a much bigger threat to retain the seat than originally thought. Therefore, the DCCC would have to expend yet more money trying to win back another seat -- especially the POSOTUS's seat -- they had in the bag for the last twenty years.

HANDY INSERT FOR YOUR CRIMESTOPPER'S NOTEBOOK: If you get into it with one of your lib friend about this race and how Djou's days are numbered, you can tell that clown whatever spin he applies, it can be also be very much true of the recent PA-12 special election, the only difference being that the DCCC will have to expend even more money to retain or regain seats they comfortably held. This comes, of course, when Dem enthusiasm is flagging and conservative enthusiasm is on the rise.

O.K., YOU ALL ARE ON NOTICE: The term "POSOTUS" is popping up with more frequency in posts and commentary around the internet. It should be be obvious that it is an amalgamation of the acronyms "POS" and "POTUS". I'd be an idiot to say that I invented it and get screechy about its use. However, I "coined" this term back in one of my nascent posting efforts on Pajamas Media in February 2009 when the communal gorge began to rise over the -- ahem -- POSOTUS's new regime.

However, I am an idiot and you all are hereby enjoined from using this term without attribution. If I catch any of you throwing this out with out crediting me -- The War Planner -- or my former incarnation as Войска ПВО (Voyska PVO) then you will be receiving a stern letter of reprimand from my attorney's law firm, Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.

On the other hand, I freely concede that TexEd -- a poster over at Pajamas Media -- is the author and originator of the term Chimpy the Kenyan.

RIDLEY SCOTT'S ROBIN HOOD? An entertaining -- albeit pasted together and derivative -- picture that completely fractures the Robin Hood legend with chronological inaccuracies about King John and [spoiler alert] the Magna Carta.

Good battle scenes throughout the movie but offer of prof as to it's derivativeness? remember that scintillating scene in Gladiator when Russell Crowe jumps on the horse in the gladiator ring and one of his buddies throws him a sword? Well  Scott had Crowe reprise that sequence no less than three times in Robin Hood with two swords and a hammer.

Aphorism of the Day updated..

My friend good friend Tom -- former high school track team mate and only conservative in Oregon -- sent me this update on the post I attributed to a Hot Air! reader some days ago. This quote came from the Czech Republic:
"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."

Context adds so much to the meaning. Smart guys over there in the Czech Republic, no?

May 21, 2010

The Trenton Wrecking Ball strikes..twice!

Sometimes, the god news hits so often you just can't hit the sack. But a new hero -- a new sheriff in town -- is vying for conservative hero status.

From Allahpundit over on Hot Air and Jammie Wearing Fool, Chris Christie, The Trenton Wrecking Ball, took only two minutes to veto a pair of tax bills the New Jersey legislature newly passed , saying:

"While I have little doubt that the sponsors and supporters of this bill sincerely believe that the state can tax its way out of this financial crisis, I believe that this bill does nothing more than repeat the failed, irresponsible and unsustainable fiscal policies of the past," wrote Christie in his veto statement. "Now is not the time for more of the same. Ultimately, another tax increase will punish the state’s struggling small businesses and set our economy further back from recovery."

Man, this guy is aces in my book!

..Scott who?

Doin' the Mess Around..

I'm loving this one, old son. Straight and hot off the press from Fox News Service courtesy of Bastiatarian over at Clarity Before Agreement:

A man whom the U.S. described as a key figure in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula accidentally blew himself up, U.S. military officials told Fox News.

The officials say Nayif Al-Qahtani was "messing with a bomb" when it went off. U.S. officials had been watching him, but Fox News' sources insist the U.S. had nothing to do with his death.

..yeah, sure. I can see it now, "Hey, this is all that's left of old Nayif? Some ribs and barbecue sauce?"


UPDATE: From Bastiatarian:

Pretty cheesy..

Go ahead and only think you know what will happen.

(Courtesy of the No Sheeples Here blog posting on the visit of one rat to another at a White House press briefing.)

May 20, 2010

Aphorism of the day..

"The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."

-Hat tip to Hot Air commenter LarryG

No walk in the park..

Seems everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over the PA-12 "loss" to Crist. Pundits, bloggers, and common folk are crying in their beer, tearing their hair out, and running shrieking from the building because we did not continue to run the table and collect another Democrat scalp. Boo-freakin'-hoo. O.K., now take a deep breath and grow a set..

..and repeat after me: it's the best thing that could have happened, people.

Now you know what it is like to live in an echo chamber. We were getting sandbagged by the siren calls that we should expect nothing less than a 100-seat turnaround or it will be deemed a failure. And it is as much a product of the left's propaganda as it was a result of our reading our own press clippings. I mean, the more they talk up how bad November is going to be for them, the less horrible it will actually be.

Think about it. Have you ever gone into your tax prep guy or an IRS audit or a midterm or final exam and think you were going to get murdered to emerge owing "only" $2,500 or getting a C- and thinking it wasn't near as bad as you originally feared?

Well, that's what is going on here and we got to turn the tables on them. If we only get 40 seats in the house and 6 seats in the senate -- or, worse yet -- we get less and that glowering, Botox-besotted hag is still running the show in Congress and the Democrats are gloating because they dodged the bullet, then we have our work ahead of us. Come ready to play in November and stay in the game.

This was never going to be a piece of cake and we still have to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We cannot let the G.O.P. do the heavy lifting for us; they could not do it in the past especially here in California where their buddy-buddying with the Democrats have turned the economy of this state into a crap sandwich. No, my friends, we're going to have to do this by ourselves.

So you need to start checking into the candidates and races across the country where maybe your $5 or $10 will help our folks in November. Also, have you picked out a candidate for whom you will work this Summer and Fall? Are you prepared to walk the neighborhoods and bang the drums? We can't all handle a musket in this fight, but we can sure as hell melt the pewter plate, cast bullets, and cut up cloth into patches and bandages. Ever heard of Molly Pitcher?

Get mad! Get motivated! Get Busy!

C'mon folks, George Washington & Co. still had a lot of hard work to do after the battle of Saratoga and Trenton. So plan on working for what you want -- and that also means after November. This thing ain't over until it's over..

..and then even it's not over.

UPDATE: See what I told you. Hot Air has this post from Ed Morrissey where Pelosi gloats over the PA-12 loss:

In an interview with The Hill, the Speaker said it was very important to her that Democrats retain the late Rep. John Murtha’s (D-Pa.) seat, which they did Tuesday night.

Pelosi, who was very close with Murtha, said Republicans once again tried to nationalize an election by way of an “anti-Obama, anti-Pelosi” message.

“It didn’t work,” Pelosi said, calling the strategy Republicans have employed regularly in recent years “predictable.” …

Despite some predictions of a huge GOP wave this fall, Pelosi says it’s not going to happen: “One thing I know for sure is that Democrats will retain their majority in the House of Representatives.”

..this is what belongs on our locker room bulletin boards; read it from now until game time.

May 19, 2010

Three New Navy Ships

 The USS Ronald Reagan
When the Bridge pipes ' Man the Rail' there is a lot of rail to man on this monster: shoulder to shoulder, around 4.5 acres. Her displacement is about 100,000 tons with full complement.


Top speed exceeds 30 knots, powered by two nuclear reactors that can operate for more than 20 years without refueling

1. Expected to operate in the fleet for about 50 years
2. Carries over 80 combat aircraft
3. Three arresting cables can stop a 28-ton aircraft going 150 miles per hour in less than 400 feet


1. Towers 20 stories above the waterline
2. 1092 feet long; nearly as long as the Empire State Building is tall
3. Flight deck covers 4.5 acres
4. 4 bronze propellers, each 21 feet across, weighing 66,200 pounds
5. 2 rudders, each 29 by 22 feet and weighing 50 tons
6. 4 high speed aircraft elevators, each over 4,000 square feet


1. Home to about 6,000 Navy personnel
2. Carries enough food and supplies to operate for 90 days
3. 18,150 meals served daily
4. Distillation plants provide 400,000 gallons of fresh water from sea water daily, enough for 2,000 homes
5. Nearly 30,000 light fixtures and 1,325 miles of cable and wiring 1,400 telephones
6. 14,000 pillowcases and 28,000 sheets

USS William Jefferson Clinton
The USS William Jefferson Clinton (CVS1) set sail today from its home port of Vancouver, BC. The ship is the first of its kind in the Navy and is a standing legacy to President Bill Clinton 'for his foresight in military budget cuts' and his conduct while holding the (formerly dignified) office of President.

The ship is constructed nearly entirely from recycled aluminum and is completely solar powered with a top speed of 5 knots. It boasts an arsenal comprised of one (unarmed) F14 Tomcat or one (unarmed) F18 Hornet aircraft which, although they cannot be launched on the 100 foot flight deck, form a very menacing presence.

As a standing order there are no firearms allowed on board.

This crew, like the crew aboard the USS Jimmy Carter, is specially trained to avoid conflicts and appease any and all enemies of the United States at all costs.

An onboard Type One DNC Universal Translator can send out messages of apology in any language to anyone who may find America offensive. The number of apologies are limitless and though some may seem hollow and disingenuous, the Navy advises all apologies will sound very sincere. (This is a prototype model of this equipment. If successful, one will be installed in the third new addition to the Navy fleet below.)

In times of conflict, the USS Clinton has orders to seek refuge in Canada.

USS Barack Obama
Details are as vague.But don't you worry..
..he has a plan

Rounding the far turn and approaching the home stretch..

There are about 166 days left until November 2nd and we've only got a few more landmark dates until we get busy for the Fall. I figure after the California primary, the picture for us out here will become more clear and I'll start lookig for some campaigns I should be working for.

How about you?

You going to get on board or are you just going to sit on your fanny and watch the parade go by? Remember last Summer when we all got in the faces of these elected clowns who arrogantly tried every tick in the book to blunt our voices only to bank the fires of our anger? I think we ought to make last Summer, Last Fall, January's epic upset by Scott Brown, and the other significant events that have been swept under the rug by Ombama, Pelosi, Reid, and the MSM look like -- well, a tea party -- compared to the sh*t storm that we will cause to rain down on those idiots. Meanwhile, enjoy the music..

..and stay mad!

Tim Burns Victory in PA-12

Of the many stories arising from yesterday's primaries and special elections, is the relative elation (or at least labored sighs of relief) that the Left is feeling over Crist retaining his master's seat in PA-12. A long-time Murtha staff member, Crist opted to run as a very conservative Democrat (would not have voted for health care nor c[r]ap and trade) against a long-time resident of the PA-12 district, Tim Burns. He also beat Burns handily -- but 8 points -- in what has proved to be "The GOP's special failure" for Republicans according to Politico's Jonathan Martin and Charles Mahtesian:

All the evidence pointing to monster Republican House gains this fall--the Scott Brown upset win in Massachusetts, the scary polling numbers in once-safely Democratic districts, the ever-rising number of Democratic seats thought to be in jeopardy--was contradicted Tuesday.

One senses the same giddiness that the Nazi high command felt in Europe during the first flushes of success from the Battle of the Bulge came rolling in. They seem to have reversed the inexorable Allied advances and were well on their way to surrounding Bastogne.

But one of Sun Tzu's maxims from his Art of War seems to cover this situation:

Pretend to be weak, that [your enemy] may grow arrogant.

This sort of thing has become one of my favorite mantras; it alludes to the echo chamber and the somnolent demeanor that the Left is assuming. But if you re-examine the contest from a different point of view, it may well be that the victory of Crist in PA-12 is, at best, Pyrrhic. Consider:

  • It is a heavily Gerrymandered district constructed in favor of the Democrats. 

  • Some quick calculations by Jay Cost over at Real Clear Politics points to Burns pulling in 90% of the Republican vote, 60% of the Independent vote, and 20% of the Democrat vote. 

  • The above numbers were derived in an election in which almost twice as many Democrats turned out than did Republicans, making the results above even more shocking.

  • Oh yes, and in previous elections in that district, Murtha -- slug that he was -- only broke a sweat once in the previous 36 years when he outpaced a challenger 58% to 42% -- which is pretty astounding.

So, Burns came within 8% of defeating a Democrat who did everything humanly (and inhumanly) possible to distance himself from the left-wing, socialist, big government leanings of the Pantload in D.C. and the other Dem insiders. But those in the G.O.P. and on the right side of the aisle who try to spin this election as a moral victory also miss the point.

For you see, Burns did win.

He won the Republican primary at the same time he lost to Crist. And, guess what? these two will be doing this all over again come November 2nd. That's right, boys and girls, Crist won his seat by making all of these conservative pledges to voters in his district for a grand total of less than half a year. And he'll have to begin campaigning against Burns come this September after spending the Summer in Washington working with a crippled and desperate Nancy Pelosi.

So, I'm wondering just how responsive he will be when that old crone sashays herself into his office and plunks her bony ass into a chair and starts making demands of Crist.

If I am Burns, I'm on this guy like white on rice, hoovering up every misstatement and broken promise Crist makes -- 24/7/365. Well, for the next 166 days at least. And all the while, the DCCC has gotta spend the dough to protect what was formerly a reasonably safe "gimme" Congressional seat.

Even more important, it allows the faithful left cozy up in their liberal echo chambers and surf the internet for all of those "it's going to be all right" MSM blog posts like the one I cited above.

But, for those of out here in the bush eating our rat meat and rice, it just redoubles our resolve by saying to us, "Nothing is guaranteed; you're going to have to work all that much harder."

May 18, 2010

"Kin't no one 'round heah read nuffin'?"

This is really rich: The AG, The Director of DHS, and now the State Department -- or at least the flunkie above -- have copped to the fact that they have not read the Arizona immigration law. As pointed by the FNS reporter, the law is only ten pages long and it is not very complicated. (I read the law last weekend and it took me about an hour to assimilate. I divided my time between that and comm duties at an air show.)

More than another boob in the Obama administration regime experiencing an embarrassing moment, it goes to the incompetence of their boss and his ability to perform his job as Chief Executive.

How many people out there in my vast audience have been in the military? worked for a big company? Been part of a big organization? Raise your hands..

..three..four..five..six..well, that's nearly all of you.

Surely you have experienced a moment where someone clanks up really badly and it casts a bad light on the branch of service or company to which you belonged, right? O.K., so how many nanoseconds after such an incident did a memo or directive come out from the C.O. or big boss saying, in effect, "..All personnel will do such-and-such.." in order to head off a possible repeat of this embarrassment? I'm guessing no longer more than one minute flat. Maybe one day, tops.

Yet The Pantload cannot even do that with his -- our -- government for a 10-page document apparently so pivotal in their P/R focus. Hell, if it's that important, take it into the restroom with you and make it part of your morning ritual.

..Probably the most productive ten minutes these clowns will spend during their term.

UPDATE: Here, dummies, read this! Gary Pierce, a member of the Arizona Power Commission, responded to the recent vote by the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors' recent vote to boycott Arizona's businesses in an attempt at retribution over SB 1070. He points out how, in typical fashion, this move would be a gesture akin to shooting one's self in the foot. But then again, out here in California we have a crutch shortage from our touchy-feely politicians doing that with such alarming regularity.

Dear Mayor Villaraigosa,

I was dismayed to learn that the Los Angeles City Council voted to boycott Arizona and Arizona-based companies — a vote you strongly supported — to show opposition to SB 1070 (Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act).

You explained your support of the boycott as follows: “While we recognize that as neighbors, we share resources and ties with the State of Arizona that may be difficult to sever, our goal is not to hurt the local economy of Los Angeles, but to impact the economy of Arizona.  Our intent is to use our dollars — or the withholding of our dollars — to send a message.” (emphasis added)

I received your message; please receive mine.  As a state-wide elected member of the Arizona Corporation Commission overseeing Arizona’s electric and water utilities, I too am keenly aware of the “resources and ties” we share with the City of Los Angeles. In fact, approximately twenty-five percent of the electricity consumed in Los Angeles is generated by power plants in Arizona.

If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation. I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands. If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona’s economy.

People of goodwill can disagree over the merits of SB 1070. A state-wide economic boycott of Arizona is not a message sent in goodwill.


Commissioner Gary Pierce's why I am making sure I do as much possible internet business with folks in Arizona.

(Where are my manners? Hat tip on the State Department flunky video and the Pierce letter to Hot Air.)

No jesting here..

It is one of the side benefits of blogging that you scurry all over the internet and have occasion to visit other like-minded, not-so-like-minded, and feeble-minded sites. Cruise the world from the comfort of your chair as it were. The other good thing is that other folks come calling on you, most welcome, some not. Well, in my case, not so many yet, but I still harbor hopes and dreams (if not illusions) of mega-hit grandeur.

But one visitor who has crossed my threshold and left his footprints all over my welcome mat (in a good sort of way) is King's Jester -- a person of boundless wit and talent.

To digress a little, I started out blogging life last August as a duplicitous cold war double-agent, Voyska PVO, and have since shed that ambiguous identity for something more down the heart of the plate. At first, I heaped volumes of persiflage into my posts and eschewed the flash and glitter of embedded videos and cutesy-pie .jpg files (I will not use the word "snarky" ever) until I realized in this short-attention-spanned electro-flash society, people don't read, they just lookit them pitchers..and mo'om pitchers are even better. So, my posts have become visual components strung together by what wit and humor I could scrape from the bottom of my brain pan.

But I secretly like to write and, sadly, I do not do it so well.

Anyway, back on track here, King's Jester writes posts -- just like the old time Web Loggers did and Jim Morrissey does and Allapundit does and, yawn, George Will does -- and King's Jester writes real good. I offer today's premier post as evidence and shoo you meager few who have stumbled onto my site over there with the request that you come back real soon, you all heah?

..and bring a hunnert or so of your friends.

Here, by the way courtesy of King's Jester and You Tube, is a cute little ditty by the immortal Ray Stevens ~~ whom I always thought was the wrestler who coined the phrase, "Pencil Neck Geek".

War with Eastasia and the Chocolate Ration

Good news today, fellow proles, 2 + 2 = 5, we are at war with Eastasia (we have always been at war with Eastasia), the weekly chocolate ration is being increased to 25 grams (formerly 30 grams), and The Big Pantload signed the new "Freedom of the Press" act and then took a powder. According to a CBS post by Chip Reid:      
There was some rich irony at the White House today -- President Obama signed the Press Freedom Act, and then promptly refused to take any questions.

The new law expands the State Department's annual human rights reports to include a description of press freedoms in each country. It seemed a good opportunity to showcase press freedom in this country.

Recall that last Friday the president refused to take any questions after delivering his angry statement on the oil spill in the Rose Garden. And he has not held a prime-time White House news conference in many months, despite much pleading from pundits and members of the media.

So after he signed the bill, and as the press "wranglers" began aggressively herding us out of the room, I asked if he still has confidence in BP. He ignored the question so I tried this: "In the interest of press freedom, would you take a couple questions on BP?"

That did elicit a smile, and he told me I was free to ask questions. Someone else shouted, "Will you answer them?"

He said he's not holding a press conference today as we were escorted out the door.

There's a good news/bad news aspect of this: The good news is that maybe he's getting the message that we are sick and tired of his endless droning on and on to us from virtually every media outlet 24/7. (See picture above.) The bad news is that when he does STFU, his ratings in the polls rise.

I think this, coupled with the fact that Democrat incumbents will be running for the exits if he offers to campaign for them this September and October, will afford us possibly two more years of blessed silence. But, unless he pulls a Jimmy Carter and locks himself in the White House for the 2012 campaign, it'll be Wall-to-Wall POSOTUS that year. And, if Hillary runs against him in the primaries, the cacophony will start in late 2011.

Also, it's a little far out, but my thinking is that, if there is a catastrophic Democrat wipe-out in November, you'll start to see some hit pieces on Obama from the MSM as they realize that their guy has crippled the party and it is in danger of getting flushed down the memory hole or sent to room 101.

..don't mind the rats, it's the rat turds that bother me.

May 17, 2010

Can you guys make some room down there under the bus?

..I got someone who wants to join ya.

I love it when they eat their young. Allahpundit reports over on Hot Air that The Sphincter is getting dumped by The Pantload.

..I know, I know, there's a good straight line in there somewhere.

But the real humor here is that Biden promised to campaign "as needed" for Spectre last week. So, I'm thinking that someone ought to stake Biden down lest he head out to Pennsylvania and start running his mouth by accident.

..not that he's ever done that before.

O.K., just one more time:

For possibly the last time: artwork courtesy of the lovely and talented Madame Weasel.

Waaaas Happening?"

Ed Morrissey, over at Hot Air, discusses Obama overbearing urge to apologize for the country he supposedly leads -- I mean, it's been several weeks not since he last supplicated himself  -- by having one of his minions, Michael Posner, grovel before the press concerning the Arizona immigration law:

He said U.S. officials did not whitewash the American record and in fact raised on its own a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police to ask about a person’s immigration status if there is suspicion the person is in the country illegally.

Funny thing is that Ed dug up the fact that China singled out Mexicans almost one year ago today:

Following the discovery of the infected Mexican man, authorities quarantined 70 Mexicans who arrived in China over the May 1 holiday weekend, most on different flights from the infected man. They include an official at Mexico’s consulate in Guangzhou who was returning on a flight from Southeast Asia. Except for the initial case, none of the 70 has shown symptoms of the disease, says a spokesperson from the embassy. Now concerns are being raised that Mexicans are being isolated solely because of their nationality.

I personally think this is all pretty shabby, espially considering what Cheech Marin has done to help OTMs -- mostly Chinese -- get into the U.S.

Monday Morning Blues..


..they're still in the White House..BO and MO[O] that is.

(courtesy of HillBuzz.)

May 15, 2010

Fort Hood Redux

From my friend high school friend and track team mate, Thomas, the only conservative in Oregon:

The doctor had his TV on in his office when the news of the military base shootings at Ft. Hood , TX came on. The husband of one of his employees was stationed there.

He called her into his office and as he told her what had happened, she got a text message from her husband saying, "I am okay." Her cell phone rang right after she read the message. It was an ER nurse,” I’m the one who just sent you a text, not your husband. I thought it would be comforting but I was mistaken in doing so. I am sorry to tell you this, but your husband has been shot 4 times and he is in surgery."

The soldier's wife left Southern Clinic in Dothan , AL and drove all night to Ft. Hood . When she arrived, she found out her husband was out of surgery and would be OK. She rushed to his room and found that he already had visitors there to comfort him. He was just waking up and found his wife and the visitors by his side. The nurse took this picture.

What? No news crews and cameras? This is how people with class respond and pay respect to those in uniform. I sent my cousin in Fayetteville , N.C. (Retired from Special Forces) that picture of George W. visiting the wounded at Ft. Hood... I got this reply:

What is even better is the fact George W. Bush heard about Fort Hood, got in his car without any escort, apparently they did not have time to react, and drove to Fort Hood. He was stopped at the gate and the guard could not believe who he had just stopped. Bush only asks for directions to the hospital then drove on. The gate guard called that "The President is on Fort Hood and driving to the hospital."

The base went bananas looking for Obama. When they found it was Bush, they immediately offered escort. Bush simply told them to shut up and let him visit the wounded and the dependents of the dead.

He stayed at Fort Hood for over six hours, and was finally asked to leave by a message from the White House.

Obama flew in days later and held a "photo" session in a gym, and did not even go to the hospital.

I was told this by my sister..."The Nurse" who took the picture!
Oh yeah, but he did give a shout out to some government workers for their work in organizing "an incredible conference"..

..what a sack of sh!t.

It's come to this..

Here is a place holder for an item I just dug up, wonderfully researched, and commented on by The King's Jester about the new "Courageus Restraint" medal that is being suggested for the military.

Huh? Are you as flummoxed as I am? Well, check it out here.

This is going to take a few beers and a couple of Glenfiddich's for me to acclimate myself. About the only thing I can say at the moment is have they mailed out the 2012 absentee ballots yet?

I was ruminating on how to add to King Jester's magnificant commentary but cannot. His words say it best:

The United Nations and our spineless Administration are seeking to play political games using America’s Best and Brightest.  We are fighting an enemy who will kill us without hesitation.  They have no qualms about using their own children as human shields or suicide bombers.  Our troops, because of the way they were raised in the greatest country on Earth, buoyed by the training they received from the finest Armed Forces in the world, do all that is humanly possible to  limit civilian casualties already.  

These clueless Professional Bureaucrats from the U.N. and our own Administration would be risking the priceless lives of our American soldiers for an $18 medal and political expediency.

..pass the Glenfiddich, please.

May 14, 2010

Buffalo Bill[board]

This is just to-o-o-o-o-o delicious for words. But first a disclaimer about the pain of unemployment. I have been there before with no prospects in sight, bills to pay, and family responsibilities. It ain't no fun and folks are in real pain.

So I take no delight in taunting them.

However, the billboard put up in Buffalo to catch The Pantload's eye pictures some Yutes begging their dear leader for help with their predicament.

"I need a freakin' job." That's the message President Obama saw as he arrived in Buffalo, N.Y., this afternoon for an event talking up the administration's success in creating new jobs. He also pitched Congress on approving a $30 billion credit for small-business growth.

The rich irony is that the folks that posed for the picture and others of their generation were probably the ones most responsible for getting this shitheel into office. If you head over to the web site of this organization you are hit with that scruffy, juvenile, naive idealism that got Obama elected in the first place. Check out this insipid video; tolerate it for as long as you can:

..o.k., o.k., I get the message. So do a lot of people. Why are you stringing together three minutes of adolescent whining over the present state of the economy? Why are you starting yet another movement to crusade for something you think you have a right to? Why not put your strength and energy into something that has been going on for about 18 months now and is growing in strength day-by-day? Why not make your effort part of the Tea Party movement? (Or why not revive the now-moribund Coffee Party and inflate them with your energy and desires -- if you have any capacity for action other than pissing and moaning about your present state of affairs.)

Somehow, this strikes me as a dissatisfied bunch of post-adolescents for whom the realities of the cold, cruel dog fight have replaced fuzzy, warm idyllic college life; kids who wish to remain apolitical but fail to consider the consequences of their votes back in November 2008.

Here is their malformed screed: sum, it's pretty tedious.There are some good points, but I don't really see a any action plan on their web site of how they're going to accomplish this except make whiny You Tube videos about how the world owes them.

However, one might surmise that may just be a clever ploy to link together disaffected youth under an apolitical banner for the purpose of..

..selling t-shirts and other merchandise. It's a killer idea when you come to think of it. Put up a bulletin board at a city The Boy King is visiting, put up a web site, bask in the free publicity from news stories on Fox and Drudge and other outlets, and rake in the dough from coffee mugs.

The War Planner is "kickin' back a simple reply". Take a long, hard look  at who is really causing your problems, identify the incumbent members of government who desperately need to be shown the gate, roll up your sleeves, work for those up-and-coming challengers to the political status quo, and foment some real change of your own instead of putting all of your trust in a lying, purple-lipped, metro-sexual incompetent boob and the clowns you allowed him to drag down to D.C. to pour sand in the gearbox of this nation's institutions and industry. 

As a passing note, I showed this to the good Lance Corporal and he just laughed. He has told me that he knows a lot of clueless souls like this. There was a great deal of disdain in his tone.

The Trenton Wrecking Ball..

I think I have found a new hero; one hears about Governor Christie's hard-assed treatment of the poor, set-upon liberal wusses in New Jersey. Well, here's proof.

If he doe not run for president in 2016, I wonder if we could move him out to California so he could take over for the nutless wonders we have had the last 8 years -- and will probably have for the next eight years.

..a three-hunnert pound Ronald Reagan? I think so!

Keep it up, Governor.

May 13, 2010

Quelle Suprise!

Drudge reports that Kagan, the SCOTUS selectee, "was ‘Not Sympathetic’ as Law Clerk to Gun-Rights Argument".

Does "cold dead fingers" and "not on my watch" mean anything here?

By the way, my Marine son, the good Lance Corporal, has found me a great deal on an AR-15 lower ($100 for something that would cost me around $250) and I must admit I don't know squat about building these things up. I am an M-1 man myself -- Korean war H&R and a Springfield I am gifting my son. He built up an AR-15 of his own and it is a sweet instrument. So I am itching to put together mine under his tutelage.

..and, yes, that's Sarah up there behind the wheel of one. I think I am in love.

An apology..and a rant

This probably comes under the heading of "biting the hand that feeds you" or "looking a gift horse in the mouth" but I am a little annoyed at the Blogger -- er, well -- blogs. It seems that this template (Blogger TicTac Blue) tends to swallow comments and, in general, does not behave correctly. So, if you all have been commenting on this site and come up empty, then it may have been the machine that I am raging against.

I hereby apologize and want to let you know I will be seeking an alternative

To continue the rant, I am a software developer by trade and have been such for 40 years. Earlier incarnations saw me titled as a "programmer", "programmer analyst", "systems engineer", and other titles unmentionable in polite company. I started out when Grace Hopper released COBOL and it was still in "blister pack".

My programming has had me wade through thousands of lines of COBOL, Assembler for numerous platforms, Fortran (regrettably), RPG, Jovial (in the USAF), Java, and my favorites, C and C++ from which I derive the means for my daily crust. These all took me down fairly close to the metal as we are wont to say in this biz.

Anyway, I stray. I took up blogging because I wanted to vent my frustrations at the current unconcerned and inattentive government that yoke us together in servitude and extract or hard-earned dough for their specious escapades.

I did NOT want to write code.

I hate populating parameters for a language that someone else generates machine code with. Such are the various dialects of XML, HTML, and that bane of our existence, CSS style sheets. spare me from learning how to write something according to the frizzy-headed, non-object-oriented or procedural dictates of some alleged geeks who think their fecal matter bereft of odor because they can "code" HTML and that type of crap.

We hardened "C" types would congregate in the back room and tell smutty jokes about them, making rude remarks about their lineage and member lengths.

But, since this steaming load of alleged convenience proffered to us by the Google weenies through Blogspot tends to gag on such a simple concept of keeping straight more than two or three comments made to a posting of mine, then I'll have to sit down and learn CSS and refresh my knowledge of HTML to straighten out the mess those idiots created.

To paraphrase an earlier post: "It's what I do..I am a maintenance developer".

Please have patience while I try to master this.

..and for those who wrote this pile of waste called the TicTac template: you can suck a shoe.

May 12, 2010

"That's what we do..we're Americans.."

Nothing to add; this says it all..

..God bless them and keep them.

The Sphincter may be out..

According to Left Coast Rebel who quotes a poll by Quinnipiac, Arlen Sphincter (pictured over there on the left courtesy of the glorious Madam S. Weasel) may suck rocks in the (D) primary:
May 12, 2010 - Specter-Sestak Dem Primary Too Close To Call, Quinnipiac University Pennsylvania Poll Finds; Toomey Has Big Lead In Republican Primary

Could not happen to a part.

To see what a sorry sack this guy really is, here's a video found by Talking Points Memo yesterday showing what this tool in action:

The consummate politician and, to quote Left Coast Rebel, "Arlen Specter is simply the personification of so many ills in our political system".

It is regrettable that, should he lose, he will slink off to some freezing garret in Pennsylvania and live the rest of his miserable life off the dole funded by we taxpayers.

TANGENTIAL ADJUNCT: Madame Weasel deserves your close scrutiny. I was turned onto her by Jonathan of the moribund Track-a-Crat blog who has since emigrated back to England where he seeks a post in the nascent conservative government. It was Jonathan's co-opting of S. Weasel's magnificent art that caused me to head over there and sniff about. I commend the April 2009 archive to you. It contains this pic and some truly insightful analysis of The Pantload's über-narcissist signature and other delicious dissections.

O.K., that's it for me this morning. I am linked out. Phew! This blogging stuff is tiring.

May 11, 2010

Separated at Birth..

O.K., I am not sayin' nuthin' about qualifications as a justice of the SCOTUS selectee, but I just have this eerie feeling about selecting a woman who looks like Martin Short. To be fair (and a little catty), Martin Short makes a nicer looking broad than Kagan does..

..Maybe I been I been hanging around HillBuzz too much:

The Death Dealer Cometh..

Frank Frazetta passed away yesterday. For those of you who can claw your way through the befogged memories of the 60s and 70s may remember seeing collections of his works on the coffee table of your hippie friends' digs. He did those great comic book art fantasy pieces of the surreal creatures engaged in pitched battles against warriors with knotty, sinewy limbs wielding a blood-covered broad-axe or pike. For an added thrill, there was usually some curvaceous, dark-haired beauty peering from behind a pillar.

My favorite - especially when I am in an intensely belligerent mood - is the malevolent Death Dealer (above). Somehow Frezetta's works always put you in the scene - or at least had you wondering, "what if that were me". In this instance, the picture of that ominous creature astride his mount waiting for the viewer of the picture to approach was enough to raise the hair on the back of neck.

UPDATE: Bastiatarian has lured me out. Just for the sheer joy of his images, here is a potpourri of Frezetta. Ain't gonna do a lot of work trying to make the placement aesthetic as the blogger tools have a mind of their own, so here goes..

Wake up call..

Got the above pictures from a USAF Auxiliary friend via e-mail this morning. He described it best:
Have you seen this yet? That is the biggest lightning caused hole in an aircraft  that I have ever seen. The pilot must have gotten religion immediately after he wet his pants.  I'll bet his ears rang for quite a while afterwards. OK. So. You're the pilot of a plane. It's on auto-pilot and you're catching up on People magazine and having a cup of coffee. Suddenly the loudest sound you will ever hear goes off just behind your left ear. You're blinded by the flash and can't hear. All you can feel is something warm running down your leg. You immediately consider retirement!

..I'm thinking hash marks and a new set of boxers, I am.

May 10, 2010

Pantload Laugh Gaff..

..Iw as going to enter this as an UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: if that post below, but it was getting a little ratty and care-word. So will just let this fusilade of facts in an ad sponsored by Governor Brewer of Arizona stand alone, contrasting the cold, sober effects of illegal immigration and illicit drug trafficking on a state operating without benefit of a federal government led by a POSOTUS unwilling (and incapable) of doing his job.

UPDATE: Woodsterman does the micro-math on illegal immigration in his latest post, Pay Attention. An excerpt:
Jose Illegal...$15.00 per hour x 40 hours $600.00 per week, $31,200.00 per year Jose Illegal pays no taxes... Jose Illegal now has $31,200.00

Joe Legal pays Medical and Dental Insurance with limited coverage $1000.00 per month $12,000.00 per year Joe Legal now has $19,231.00

Jose Illegal has full Medical and Dental coverage through the state and local clinics at a cost of $0.00 per year Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00

Joe Legal makes too much money is not eligible for Food Stamps or welfare
Joe Legal pays for food $1,000.00 per month $12,000.00 per year Joe Legal now has $ 7,231.00

May 9, 2010

NorCal Edu-Speak Tool blathers on; blames right wing blogosphere..

NOTE: Here is a statement being read by some truculent grand high mucky-muck tool in the Morgan Hill school district concerning a recent apology by the principle of the Live Oak High School to the parents of the four kids who were suspended for wearing patriotic U.S. clothing -- including the flag -- during a recent Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Searing editorial comment to follow.

..I don't want to ruin a perfectly good Sunday afternoon dissecting this dildo's blame-the-right-wing-blogosphere diatribe. I'll save that for tonight after a couple of ounces of Glenfiddich.

If you have comments, let me hear them! I don't want to miss any other views on this. Also, channeling Allahpundit over at Hot Air, what does wearing purple-and-white clothes have to do with anything? Are they the colors of Lower Muldavia?

UPDATE: Screw the editorial. Why waste 10,000 words when a picture will do? Here's some illegal immigrants expressing their reverence and gratitude for being in the United States:

                                (Photo courtesy Bill Preston.)

Also, check back here to view the original clip and note how the Hispanic students -- the one's this edu-tool says were so cool about everything -- demanded an apology because of the transgressions of the Live Oak Five . What's up with that? Maybe you ought to spend a little more time in the Latino Studies programs eductating folks on the significance of Cinco de Mayo:

"While Cinco de Mayo sees limited significance and celebration nationwide in Mexico, the date is observed nationwide in the United States.."

UPDATE II: Regarding the searing editorial comment to follow later, here it is: Take your purple-and-white clothes, roll them up, and stick 'em where Los Suns don't shine!

May 8, 2010

Too good not to share..

..file under the "Extremely Late to the Dance" category, but this is too good not to pass on. Think about this when you pull the lever next November and in 2012.

HillBuzz Boys strike again..

I love these guys! (Figuratively, of course.)

The HillBuzz blog is a creation of some gay guys in the Boys Town section of Chicago who were turned off by Obama's savage treatment of Hillary Clinton during the primaries in 2008. Indeed, despite my being a devout hater of Hillary (I guess to that point), even I was repulsed by The Pantload's heavy-handed tactics. I mean, one just does not treat a lady that way -- no matter what the circumstances. This also turned them into adoring followers of ladies despite their causes and politics. They are also the most profound sources of bipartisan reason to be found in this current cacophony of left-wing hatred on the internet. Their idols include Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and any other female whom the left despises. Also, as you might expect, they swooned over Scott Brown, citing "the Hunk Factor". It could be argued that their money bomb effort lit a fire under his campaign and was one of the lightening rods that got folks behind Scott.

As I said, I am a huge fan of HillBuzz.

But I digress. In any event, The Boys, as you may imagine, have a discriminating eye for ladies' fashion and keep it trained on the FLOTUS. She obliges, of course, parading around in the multi-colored tents, off-the-shoulder tops at formal affairs, and kaleidoscopic ensembles during solemn occasions. Their latest target is the FLOTUS' ample backside.

..the idiom "broad side of a barn" comes to mind.

From time to time, they run these polls comparing the FLOTUS to, oh, the transgendered, female impersonators, and various other folks who we say bold fashion statements. The latest such is above and on the HillBuzz site. These are always fun and merit a visit and a vote from you when you have a chance.

UPDATE: Just when I am feeling good about my hit rate increasing of late, the HillBuzz boys went over the 9 million mark today. Couldn't happen to a nicer set of young men. Who'da thunk we would be writing stuff like that about gay Democrat supporters of Hillary Clinton?

Keep up the magnificent work, HillBuzz!

May 7, 2010

It's official: L.A. Times infers Babs Boxer dumb as a box of rocks..

The Los Angeles Times has chosen to take a pass on naming their favorite in the upcoming Democrat Senatorial Primary by not endorsing either Barbara ("Call me Senator, I think I've earned that title") Boxer and left-wing blogger Mickey ("Maus") Kaus. Significantly, the Times said of their disinterest in tapping Boxer as their favorite: 
"On the Democratic side, we find that we're no fans of incumbent Barbara Boxer," the newspaper said in an editorial Friday. "She displays less intellectual firepower or leadership than she could."

Thus, the paper of record and used in most birdcages in Southern California has stated, in essence, that Babs is truly as dumb as -- or dumber than -- a box of rocks.

By the way, Boxer is the one on the right, above.

Definitive list of Obama Sobriquets

(Slow Friday afternoon. Missing any? Let me know.)

B. Hussein Obama
Bacrack Obama
Barack Ilyich Lenin
Barack O'Change Obama
Barack, the Magic Negro
Barack, The Wealth Spreader
Barry Soetoro,
BoBo the Clown
Bowing Barry Sotero
Boy Emperor
Boy King
Brokeback Insane O'Bummer
Captain Telepromter
Captain of the US Titanic Spending
Chairman Mau-Mau
Chicago Thug-in-Chief
Chief Walking Eagle (name native Americans give to a bird too full of shit to fly)
Chimpy, The Kenyan (From TexEd over at Pajamas Media)
Comrade Obama
Dear Leader
Dear Reader
Dr. Utopia (from the HillBuzz Boys)
Duh One
General Zed (Kneel and kiss the hand of..)
God, Jr.
His O'liness
His Phoniness
Hussein HopenChangen
Jug Ears
King Zero
My Main Marxist
Obama Osama
Obama bin Laden
Obama bin Lyin'
Obama-one Yaphony
Obie bum kabrokie
Obumbles (from anonymous)
OediPOTUS Wrecks
Oh B One Narobi
Ol' Jug Ears
Ole Jug Ears
One Big Ass Mistake, America
One Big Awful Mistake, America
Osama Obama
POSOTUS (from my former incarnation as Войска ПВО)
PresiDEBT Obama.
President Christ Superstar
President Doubtfire
President HopeNGrovel
President Nancypants
President Pantywaist
President Poppins
President Punk
President Ron Burgundy
President Training Pants (..pirated from a poster on Pajamas Media by Войска ПВО)
Solomon Obama
Teh Won (also "TEH ONE" from the tendency to mis-type "The")
Teleprompter of the U.S. (TOTUS)
The Bamster
The Boy President
The Chicago Charlatan
The Chosen One
The Depression President
The Ear Leader
The Empty Suit
The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers
The Great Fraud
The Gerbil President
The Grinning Obama caricatureAnointed One
The Hopey-Dopey-Change Goof
The Hopiate of the Masses
The Lightbringer
The Lightworker
The Joker
The Kenyan Kid
The Lyin’ King
The Man-Child
The Messiah
The Obamessiah
The Obammunist
The OmniPresident
The One
The Pantload (from my former incarnation as Войска ПВО)
The Precedent
The Promptee
The Punk
The Silver-Tongued Emir of Eloquence
The Spineless Wonder
The Wizard of Uhhs
Waffles, the Clown
Zero batch from Left Coast Rebel:
The Obamanation
Fearless Leader
Fearless Reader....
O-Blah Blah
He Who Must Be Obeyed (homage to Faulty Towers?)

From Bastariatarian:

Chairman Bao all keep sending them and I'll post them.


Found in my e-mail in box is this profound narrative -- one of the best explanations of why the AZ legislature passed the law. Read it and reconsider the folks who slam the good citizens of that state as racists and Nazis, the people who get four kids suspended from a Northern California high school for wearing American flags and red, white, and blue on the "Mexican national holiday" of Cinco de Mayo, and those non-citizens who assemble every May 1st and scream that they are being deprived of their rights:
I'm Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen. I want to explain SB 1070 which I voted for and was just signed by Governor Jan Brewer.

Rancher Rob Krantz was murdered by the drug cartel on his ranch a month ago. I participated in a senate hearing two weeks ago on the border violence, here is just some of the highlights from those who testified.

The people who live within 60 to 80 miles of the Arizona/Mexico Border have for years been terrorized and have pleaded for help to stop the daily invasion of humans who cross their property . One Rancher testified that 300 to 1200 people a DAY come across his ranch vandalizing his property, stealing his vehicles and property, cutting down his fences, and leaving trash. In the last two years he has found 17 dead bodies and two Koran bibles.

Another rancher testified that daily drugs are brought across his ranch in a military operation. A point man with a machine gun goes in front, 1/2 mile behind are the guards fully armed, 1/2 mile behind them are the drugs, behind the drugs 1/2 mile are more guards. These people are violent and they will kill anyone who gets in the way. This was not the only rancher we heard that day that talked about the drug trains.

One man told of two illegals who came upon his property one shot in the back and the other in the arm by the drug runners who had forced them to carry the drugs and then shot them. Daily they listen to gun fire during the night it is not safe to leave his family alone on the ranch and they can't leave the ranch for fear of nothing being left when they come back.

The border patrol is not on the border. They have set up 60 miles away with check points that do nothing to stop the invasion. They are not allowed to use force in stopping anyone who is entering. They run around chasing them, if they get their hands on them then they can take them back across the border.

Federal prisons have over 35% illegals and 20% of Arizona prisons are filled with illegals. In the last few years 80% of our law enforcement that have been killed or wounded have been by an illegal.

The majority of people coming now are people we need to be worried about. The ranchers told us that they have seen a change in the people coming they are not just those who are looking for work and a better life. The Federal Government has refused for years to do anything to help the border states . We have been over run and once they are here we have the burden of funding state services that they use. Education cost have been over a billion dollars. The healthcare cost billions of dollars. Our State is broke, $3.5 billion deficit and we have many serious decisions to make. One is that we do not have the money to care for any who are not here legally. It has to stop. The border can be secured. We have the technology we have the ability to stop this invasion. We must know who is coming and they must come in an organized manner legally so that we can assimilate them into our population and protect the sovereignty of our country. We are a nation of laws. We have a responsibility to protect our citizens and to protect the integrity of our country and the government which we live under.

I would give amnesty today to many, but here is the problem, we dare not do this until the Border is secure. It will do no good to forgive them because thousands will come behind them and we will be over run to the point that there will no longer be the United States of America but a North American Union of open borders. I ask you what form of government will we live under? How long will it be before we will be just like Mexico , Canada or any of the other Central American or South American countries? We have already lost our language, everything must be printed in Spanish also. We have already lost our history it is no longer taught in our schools. And we have lost our borders.

The leftist media has distorted what SB 1070 will do. It is not going to set up a Nazi Germany. Are you kidding. The ACLU and the leftist courts will do everything to protect those who are here illegally, but it was an effort to try and stop illegal's from setting up businesses, and employment, and receiving state services and give the ability to local law enforcement when there is probable cause like a traffic stop to determine if they are here legally. Federal law is very clear if you are here on a visa you must have your papers on you at all times. That is the law. In Arizona all you need to show you are a legal citizen is a driver license, MVD identification card, Native American Card, or a Military ID. This is what you need to vote, get a hunting license, etc. So nothing new has been added to this law. No one is going to be stopped walking down the street etc. The Socialist who are in power in DC are angry because we dare try and do something and that something the Socialist wants us to do is just let them come. They want the "Transformation" to continue.

Maybe it is too late to save America . Maybe we are not worthy of freedom anymore. But as an elected official I must try to do what I can to protect our Constitutional Republic . Living in America is not a right just because you can walk across the border. Being an American is a responsibility and it comes by respecting and upholding the Constitution the law of our land which says what you must do to be a citizen of this country. Freedom is not free.

Like I said, "Los Suns, my ass."

Hillbuzz Guys going straight?

What is this obsession I have with beautiful women? The posts below and now Ann Coulter?

By the way, I was joking about Helen Thomas..of course!

But now the gay guys over at Hill Buzz are threatening to meet or exceed my crush on Ann in their Great Merciful Zeus: Ann Coulter might just turn us straight post on her latest column.

Well, fear not, the gentlemen over there are preserving their sanity and their orientation by merely confining their romantic passion to wondering if she has a younger brother. But their enthusiasm for her political views burgeons and both their post and Ann's column "OBAMA NATIONAL SECURITY POLICY: HOPE THEIR BOMBS DON'T WORK" are worthy reading, Ann proffering gems like this:
Second, it would be a little easier for the rest of us not to live in fear if the president's entire national security strategy didn't depend on average citizens happening to notice a smoldering SUV in Times Square or smoke coming from a fellow airline passenger's crotch. 
She makes some wonderful points about the gang that couldn't shoot straight -- Obama's administration, not the error-prone terrorists -- and how their haphazard policies have not only encouraged attacks but would have us all rolling in the aisles at the Keystone Cops-like comportment..

..if  it weren't so tragic.

January 2013,,

This one is courtesy from my dear friend, Major Joe  D. of the USAF Auxiliary..
One sunny day in January, 2013 an old man approached the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, where he'd been sitting on a park bench. He spoke to the U.S. Marine standing guard and said, "I would like to go in and meet with President Obama."

The Marine looked at the man and said, "Sir, Mr. Obama is no longer president and no longer resides here."

The old man said, "Okay", and walked away.

The following day, the same man approached the White House and said to the same Marine, "I would like to go in and meet with President Obama."

The Marine again told the man, "Sir, as I said yesterday, Mr. Obama is no longer president and no longer resides here."

The man thanked him and, again, just walked away.

The third day, the same man approached the White House and spoke to the very same U.S. Marine, saying "I would like to go in and meet with President Obama."

The Marine, understandably agitated at this point, looked at the man and said, "Sir, this is the third day in a row you have been here asking to speak to Mr. Obama. I've told you already that Mr. Obama is no longer the president and no longer resides here. Don't you understand?"

The old man looked at the Marine and said, "Oh, I understand. I just love hearing it."

The Marine snapped to attention, saluted, and said, "See you tomorrow, Sir."


May 6, 2010

Just too good to pass up..

I blatantly ripped thios off of Woodsterman's blog because..well..just because my blog is really my personal aggregator of things I like to see/visit/remember. This collection of Republican women is a standout..

..but the real deal here is..CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW HOT HELEN THOMAS IS?

Los Flag Clothes

These clowns don't want me to embed their trailer, so go here for the video.

Anyway, welcome to the new victimhood: those folks who believe that we here in Los Estados Unidos (that's The United States for those of you who don't habla.) should not proudly display our heritage by wearing the American flag on a day of significance to some other culture. Doing so got four students suspended from a Morgan Hill high school in Northern California.

Watch the clip -- especially the part where the Hispanic students demand an apology -- which the parents of the four students flatly reject.

I have a question for you. If we should all tiptoe around and not wear the American flag on, say, Cinco de Mayo and Columbus Day, what's up with the Hispanic demonstrators waving the Mexican flag during all of those silly May Day demonstrations they have?

..Los Suns, my ass.