June 8, 2010

Ya feelin' lucky punk?

From a piece by Allahpundit over at Hot Air, it seems that Our POSOTUS is feelin' kinda ornery and' lookin' for some ass to kick:

Full POTUS quote: “I was down there a month ago, before most of these talkin’ heads were even paying attention to the gulf. A month ago I was meeting with fishermen down there, standin’ in the rain talking about what a potential crisis this could be. And I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.

As I recover from the out-and-out malevolence of this statement, the sheer brutality of this man's mutterings, I realize that we now have a Dirty Harry on our hands. A tough, man of action, a leader who, through flinty squinty-eyed resolve, is surveying the scene, concocting violent consequences for the offending perps.

Know ye therefore, that he and his crack staff aren't just sittin' back there, linin' up faded rock stars and celebrities to boogey with and shootin' hoops out back of the POSOTUS's crib, they're actually plotting an ass-kicking session. (My guess is that they -- in a real testosterone orgy -- spirited Obama in some back room in the White House, shirtless, pounding down brews, playing beer-pong with his staffers, figuring whose asses to kick.)

One wonders if Steven Chu has produced an analysis of the potential asses available. I mean he is a a Nobel sucking wunderkind. I know Rahm Emanual might have such a list, but I don't think hitting folks posteriors with a dead fish really counts as kicking ass -- although that might explain why Emanuel and other staffers spent a lot of time in steam rooms and bath houses. Probably surveying targets of opportunity.

Maybe the Pentagon will develop a target list for him.

At first, I thought with this post, I could provide him with a sample -- a gallery of derrieres, if you will -- but my internet searches were fruitless. Well, actually, they were fruitful but not fit for a mostly old-guy and family type of blog. I mean, afterward,  had I not clear my cached sites would hav eprovided the newly-returned Mrs War Planner with ample grounds for a previously-described knee-capping.

So that angle was out, although I did run across this site devoted to women with really large posteriors. II'm guessing taht, for a guy who is at as bad at the unguarded jumper as Obama is, he would want a really big target to aim at when it came time to actually do the kicking.

Somehow, however, I do not believe that a broad-beamed ingenue-model-show-girl-of-the-evening can be blamed for the Gulf oil spill, Sestak, the GOP pushback on health care, Crap and Trade, etc.

Finally, frustratred, I guess that what our Dirty Barry really means is that he'll want to bash the bums of people assiciated with asses and who better than Democrats. (Elephants ain't donkeys.) He probablhy means there's some rough trsde to be dealt out on folks like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and that crowd. But that's as close as I can get.

I'll leave it there for the moment: Obama with his Dirty Harry moment, in quest of assailable posteriors, lookin' tough and ready to rumble. Although, I just kinda wish he'd lose that effeminate sibilant lisp, don't you? I mean how serious does one sound saying something like, "..looking to kick sssssssomeone'ssssss asssssss."

"Who's we, ssssssssuckaaah?"

"Why, me an' SSSSSSSSMith and Wessssssssson. Tha'sssssss who!"

Hey, Barack Babes, I can recommend a good dentist who'll fix up those annoying whistlin' teeth for next to nothin'.

June 7, 2010

The Architect

Now that we have (almost) shoved that old crone off the stage, it's fun to get back to the nightmare that is Obama's presidency.

I was watching Hannity tonight -- nothing else to do until Missus War Planner returns tomorrow after a month in the land of the Rising Sun -- and he had Karl Rove on as his first guest to comment on the D. C. Clown Troupe.

Now, I like Karl for the reason I like "W" and most of the people in his administration: they piss off a lot of idiot Democrats and make them froth at the mouth. And one supposes this is why that piece of dog excrement in the White House will be around so long after he gets his ass thrown out onto Pennsylvania Avenue in 2012 (You listening, God?) -- because The Golden Pantload pisses us off. So it's natural that all of the swooning, hyper-libs will insist on invoking his memory and talk about "the good old days" well into the teens of this century.

Anyway, The Architect -- man, I love that sobriquet -- comes up three gems while I am watching.

First, as for Helen Thomas, we ought to just let that old piece of slime slink off to her freezing garret where she can heat up a can of Campbell's chicken with rice soup over her hot plate, watch broadcasts of White House press conferences with some other hack is sitting in her goddam front row seat, slinging brickbats at the hapless press secretary. I can see her now, chugging back that lukewarm porridge and mumbling, "I coulda been a contendah.."

I'm with Rove on this one except I still like the idea of her being stuffed and put in the back row -- banished to ignominy for an eternity.

The other point Rove managed to insert between Hannity's incessant ticking off his talking points was a delicious anecdote about Steven "Nobel Laureate" Chu. It seems that this idiot was so freaking clueless (again, with the freaking) that when BP finally did get a cap on the pipe, he asked why there was still oil coming out. Apparently, the highly regarded, award-winning, paint-all-the-roofs-white, certified genius secretary did not that caps apparently do not completely stop the flow lest the pressure blow them off.

Oh sure, you and I didn't know that, but then again, we're not pulling down a government paycheck from the department of energy, are we?

So color yet another member of the Clown Troupe as clueless in D.C.

Final shocker? Well, it turns out that the BP president has not spoken once -- not one single time -- with the POSOTUS since this crisis began.

Well, I gotta do about a zillion loads of wash and clean up the dishes in the sink before I get knee-capped by the Mrs. W.P. tomorrow so I'll toddle off and leave you to your own devices.

"Boodle-am, boodle-am, boodle-am shake," as Gus Cannon would say.

DIng Dong..

Well, for once -- ONCE! -- someone on the left got the gate because they flapped their lips too much or too offensively.

Helen Thomas, the Hearst correspondent who was caught in an embarrassing You Tube viddy expressing her opinion that all the Jews should take int on the lam and return to their former homes in Europe..

..you know, like Germany and Poland, those countries that had the quaint little Jewish resettlement villages in them like Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Belzec, and Dachau (where all you had to do was work and you'd be free).

Well, the repugnance of these words finally overcame the sensibilities of many involved and she became a hot potato, dropped by her agents earlier this weekend. Sadly, Hearst, her employer, did not have the cajones to fire her obviously, but advising that long-overdue retirement might be in order.

"Helen Thomas announced Monday that she is retiring, effective immediately," read a statement from Hearst Newspapers on Monday. "Her decision came after her controversial comments about Israel and the Palestinians were captured on videotape and widely disseminated on the Internet."

(above we see Helen, distraught over recent White House matters, calling the administration's attention to the fact that there's no toilet paper in the ladies room.)

So, she pulled an Imus and departed the local stage after a typically weak, feeble attempt at an apology.

Thomas said in a statement that, "I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.

..yeah, right Helen, keep f**king that chicken.

On it from day..er..um..can you just hand me that calendar, sweetie?

From Drudge, it seems that last night The Golden Pantload and his Pantload-ette (looking like a Russian weight-lifter) are taking a break from his harrowing Gulf oil-spill vigil to attend what Matt calls his "..Second Music Party of the Week", a gala at Ford's Theater.

Sent: Sun Jun 06 18:06:32 2010
Subject: pool report #1

Reception in the East Room prior to performance at Ford's Theatre [sic]

Print pool only was ushered into the East Room about 5:20 p.m. where many elegant ladies in long dresses and men in tuxedos were standing sipping drinks and eating small finger food. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood came over to say hello to the pool but the president and first lady were announced before there was any real conversation. A few faces spotted in the crowd, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Rep. John Dingell and his wife.

The president and first lady walked in and gave brief remarks to the crowd, but pooler was unable to actually see them because everyone was standing. We're headed over to Ford's Theatre [sic] shortly and should be able to see then what FLOTUS is wearing.

Obama made the following remarks:

"Tonight is about celebrating the great work of Ford's Theatre [sic] and what it has done to preserve the legacy of presidents and highlight the importance of the arts and education in our lives and the life of our nation. In many ways it's impossible to separate the history of America from the history of its music and its spoken word. Soldiers have sung as they've marched to war and raised their voices again while laying the burden to rest."

Lyrics on a page and voices on a stage have helped make us across generations and across cultures, backgrounds, and faiths. Great leaders including Lincoln himself have drawn inspiration and courage from the arts. And on a personal note, they helped each of us express the joys and hardships of life while bringing us closer to each other."

[Drudge reporting] This is especially true during moments of trial. The president said there have been a lot of trials over the past year and a half. "Now, there are brothers and sisters in the Gulf Coast who are going through an incredibly difficult time in the face of a disaster unlike any we've seen of late. I want to emphasize again that we're going to do everything we can in the weeks and months and years ahead to make this right, and everyone here feels the same way."

But tonight, we will celebrate not only music, song, and performances, but also the incredible legacy of Ford's Theatre [sic] and some award recipients who have done some much to help others in this country and around the world."

In the mean time, a few more millions of gallons of oil seeped into the Gulf of Mexico and Paul McCartney -- presumably still changing his Depends -- was unavailable for comment.

("..it's so much better than when I got locked in the lavatory of the Liverpool Public Library for eight years, in'it?")

Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up..

Courtesy of The Woodsterman (who'll give you the real hat tip):

In case you can't read it, they're "Skanky", "Sleazy", "Fishy", "Queeney", "Dopey", "Cheaty", "Gaffy"..

June 6, 2010

Get stuffed!

There is a growing move afoot to NOT fire Helen Thomas -- to let her stay just where she is -- even after she vapor-locks. I mean, they could have her stuffed or mummified and put in the first row -- the odor being only marginally more objectionable that it is now. And, most certainly, she would not utter any of the inane, argumentative, garrulous, meandering questions she does now. 

And -- fer sure, dude -- she would be somewhat less offensive. 

..she'd just be a dessicated, linen-wrapped piece of liberal protoplasm, a tribute to Obama's Golden Age -- his thousand year Reich in which he had  members of his ministry of truth -- the MSM -- argue for a re-ignition of the Holocaust.

However, if they were really creative, instead of embalming her or mummifying her, they could eviscerate her, stuff her with Hershey's Kisses and JuJu Bees (get it?), little pull-toy party favors and use her for a piñata on Cinco de Mayo. 

(O.K., that's enough of the cheap stuff. Tomorrow, I invest in a new bottle of Glennlivet. The Jack Daniels and Arnold Palmer mix gets retired.)

Get the Tidy Bowl ready folks..

 Seems Helen Thomas is wending her way to the septic tank as the result of her agents resigning from her account:

“It is with a heavy heart that Nine Speakers Inc. announces its resignation as the agent for Helen Thomas, Dean of the White House Press Corps,” wrote Diane Nine, agency president.

“Ms. Thomas has had an esteemed career as a journalist, and she has been a trailblazer for women, helping others in her profession, and beyond. However, in light of recent events, Nine Speakers is no longer able to represent Ms. Thomas, nor can we condone her comments on the Middle East,” wrote Nine.

I am not sure what this means, but her little sh!t-fit also pissed off former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis, who leveled this well-deserved fusillade at her:

“Helen Thomas, who I used to consider a close friend and who I used to respect, has showed herself to be an anti-Semitic bigot,” wrote Davis in a statement.. “She has a right to criticize Israel…. However, her statement that Jews in Israel should leave Israel and go back to Poland or Germany is an ancient and well-known anti-Semitic stereotype of the alien Jew not belonging in the land of Israel that began 2,600 years with the first tragic and violent Diaspora caused by the Romans.”

I, folks, you might want to flush the bowl again as it's a long way to the treatment plant. Oh, and be sure to jiggle the handle and close the lid when you're done.

And, finally, to Helen, the hag, I have this:



..and, in other news of the day..

Paul McCartney, has-been member of the long-defunct 60s pop group, The Beatles, made no gratuitous digs at former U. S. President George W. Bush.

..and a representative for Sir McCartney said he was unavailable for comment because his butler was helping him change his Depends. When approached for comment on McCartney's absence of remarks, The Golden Pantload was quoted as saying, "Can't you just let me finish my waffles, sweetie?"

(I really must see someone about this obsession of mine; I just cannot stop.)  

UPDATE: Why is this significant? See Left Coast Rebel.

Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword, Gold..


Weirdly weird weirdness stuff..

These set of facts brought to you by the always-enthralling Woodster Man:

  • Did you know that the word "race car" spelled backward still spells "race car"?
  • Did you know that "eat" is the only word that if you take the 1st letter move it to the last, it spells its past tense "ate"?
  • And have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in "illegal immigrants"..

..I am sorry, for this last one you'll have to go to his site to find out the neat palindrome he's formed.

O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand..

There's not much I can add to this. Go here and here to understand why this post appears.

O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

I wonder what the effect of meeting at Tea Parties and other gatherings in the upcoming months -- and years -- and singing both verses of the Star Spangled Banner as both an additional homage to this nation of ours and a re-commitment to the values and principles that have made it and will make it endure?

Of course, my grasp of history fades as I age. There are four verses to Key's beautiful poem:

June 5, 2010

Mars Attacks!

(O.K., O.K., you try to come up with really clever headlines time in and time out. Actually, I wish you would because clearly I cannot.)

Well, that ugly piece of syphilitic elephant afterbirth that has been masquerading as a White House press pool correspondent since, oh, around the Spanish-American War is at it again. Check out the clip below:

..it has the odd effect of actually making me a smidge sympathetic to Robert Gibbs' plight, facing her day in and day out. If I had to do that, I'd either develop a really, really expensive drug habit or eat the business end of a .357 handgun.

No, come to think of it, Obama and his clown troupe deserve every ounce of this menopausal bitch.

Other persons remembered..

Allahpundit over at Hot Air! has this great post about Helen Thomas supposed apology for the "back to the showers" remark she made about the Jews early yesterday. In illustrating his point -- and for comic relief -- he posted the above snippet of the late Tony Snow making mincemeat of the old hag.

It serves two purposes, really. (1) It shows what a doddering fool she was/is and (2) it allows us to compare and contrast Tony to the current imbecile in The Golden Pantload's administration, the Dilbertesque Robert Gibbs.

I am still numbed by the loss of Johnny Wooden and, seeing Tony Snow skillfully and artfully at work, makes me even more sad that he (Snow) had left us at such a tender age.

June 4, 2010

John R. Wooden, 1910-2010

Pausing from the general tenor of this site, I wish to ask that a moment of silence be observed for the legendary UCLA basketball coach -- Johnny Wooden -- who passed on earlier this day and has gone to join his beloved Nell Wooden who left him some years before.

There are 11 NCAA Championship banners hanging in Pauley Pavilion. Ten of them are from John Wooden's teams and he won them over the space of 12 years. This is a feat that will probably never be equaled again -- certainly not by one coach at one institution. But much more than those championships, there are some fine young men who learned valuable lessons in winning these banners.

I had the singular distinction of attending and graduating from UCLA (1964-1968) during his greatest successes and was honored to have met, listened to, and spoken with him on a number of occasions during my time there. In an era (the middle to late sixties) so fraught with college and societal unrest, his talks were of the solid principles that would guide one through the turmoils of life whether athlete or no.

He was everything that you will read about him; he was quiet, soft-spoken, principled, and dignified. Many, many of his players took more away from UCLA than just a diploma and an NCAA championship ring. They learned traits and qualities that many professional athletes -- in deed, many people -- seem to lack in this day and age.

I had the privilege of meeting and befriending Lew Alcindor (now Kareem Abdul Jabbar), Steve Patterson, Mike Warren and a number of his players. They all were consumed by the academics and athletics at UCLA. But, despite their worries of school and the basketball campaigns that attended their scholarships, none -- NONE -- spoke of anything but love and respect for John Wooden and the principles he taught.

Thank you coach and God bless you.

Sh!t-wit McCartney upbraided for his dig at Bush

You know, sometimes it just gets too easy. Paul MacCartney is getting his head handed to him for the remark he made while osculating The Golden Pantload's purple buttocks.

McCartney ended the evening taking a baseless cheap shot at former President George W. Bush.

“After the last eight years, it’s great to have a President who knows what a library is,” McCartney quipped.

..anyway, I think the guy is a steaming load and a refugee from the divorce wars where I hope his formers and future formers siphon off all of his loot so he has to live the rest of his life out, chewing on rancid fish-heads, semi-naked in a freezing garret somewhere in England.

(That enough hate for you on this one, Colleen?)

The real thrill is that I get to run that pic of McCartney yet again.

The repulsive WH press corps(e) Gargoyle..

..is a shrieking anti-semite:

..and mentally defective in addition to having a face that looks like the crud on the underside of a mossy rock. Not only does she look hideous, her mind and soul match.

I hope this woman buddies up with Sean Penn so she can live out her life with terminal menstrual cramps, shrieking for a Midol. Here's hoping also that her duodenum hardens to concrete and she ends up terminally constipated. What else I would wish on her is not fit for publishing, but let me get half way through a bottle of Glennfiddich tonight and I'll sure as sh!t try.

..is that enough hatred for you Colleen? Or do you need me to go over to snopes.com and find some more abuse and hate.

Oh, and, Helen, you turd-sucking, liberal piece of dessicated elephant afterbirth, gaze on this:

..God bless the state of Israel and God damn Helen Thomas to purgatory for a million eternities.

(I gotta calm down, where.)


..in honor of the May jobs figures, of course.

Reportedly, the economy gained 430,000 jobs last month according to the BLS. But that is where the good news comes to a screeching halt. Turns out that some 411,000 of these jobs were owed to census hiring. in other words, this month, 95% of the new jobs created (or saved?) were gummint jobs. Of course, the census jobs will be vaporizing shortly; I'm praying for sometime around August or September just in time for the clown troupe in Washington to deal with the newly burgeoning unemployment stats and angry voters. Over at The Hill, Armstrong Williams assesses the effort to pad the jobs numbers with temporary hires:

You guessed it, the Census Bureau put several hundred thousand to work last month — a figure that will certainly skew the final calculus and present a picture that would make Joe Biden proud. Never mind that those jobs are temporary; and already, Census workers are wondering aloud on blog and social media sites if they're eligible for unemployment benefits. You must be kidding me. Could we end up spending more taxpayer dollars to give these workers benefits they're not entitled to? Did the bean counters at OMB forecast for these conditions if some court gets happy and decides the workers should receive yet another handout?

But O-Job's census people (he tried to get them under his control, remember?) can't even get that right. The 411,000 census jobs that they are trying to spin are purportedly repeat hires according to the New York Post yesterday:

Mike says that after each stint with Census he, like everyone else, was given an official "termination" notice. And every time he was rehired Mike had to fill out a new employment application (more paperwork to be processed by paid workers).

A couple weeks ago I found out that Census was repeatedly hiring and firing workers without any apparent reason. I questioned if this was being done to artificially boost the nation's employment figures since the Labor Dept. considers it a new job created whenever someone is hired to work as little as one hour in a month.

Was Census churning jobs to make the economy look healthier than it really is?

Still, in light of this, the chief idiot just keeps flapping his gums, promising his head-up-their-ass followers there's light at the end of the tunnel and it ain't the 3:10 to Yuma:

President Barack Obama says the addition of 431,000 new jobs in May shows "the economy is getting stronger by the day."

Speaking at a trucking company outside Washington, Obama embraced the Labor Department's new employment snapshot, released Friday morning. A burst of census hiring lifted payrolls last month, and the unemployment rate dipped to 9.7 percent.

Obama notes that the economy has seen job gains for five straight months after devastating losses from the recession. He says the recovery is still in its early stages, and that it will be uneven in the months ahead.

The president says that even though the census jobs are only temporary, private sector hiring is growing, too.

By the way, as long as we're talking about padding numbers, let's check in with James O'Keefe -- the Acorn Slayer -- on how the newly hired census workers are encouraged to pad their time sheets:

..your taxes at work. Ain't a government job grand?

CULTURAL NOTE: For those of you who remember Woodstock and the flurry of after-market adulation for some of the more tangential groups appearing there will remember Sha Na Na, the New York City 50s R'n'R and Dew-wop singers. Yes, this song by the Silhouettes is where they got their name.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey, over at Hot Air! has a great post that discusses and depicts the results this kind of padding and short term planning yields. Consider the ill-fated Cash for Clunkers program of last year. The following is a graph of motor vehicle sales during for 2008 through the present.Note how the spike in car sales are immediately followed by a mirror-image dip:

Instant results..here and now..screw the downstream consequences. You know, like that bumper sticker so popular with the baby-boomer and subsequent generations:

I want Instant Gratification..
..and I want it NOW!

June 3, 2010

Trenton Wrecking Ball III..

Oh yeah! Remember how we swooned all over Scott Brown and how he was going to be our hero in Washington? Well, for the most part he has played the role of Northeast Republican with his measured stances and some questionable votes. I ain't complaining mind you, because he ain't Coakley nor is he the bloated alcoholic Ted "Snorkel" Kennedy. Also, Scott Brown doesn't represent me, he represents the people of Massachusetts. Or, is that half of the people of Massachusetts and Kerry represents the half-assed people of Massachusetts or..

..anyway, I am wandering off track.

But when Governor Christie was hired to look after the interests of the good people of New Jersey, everyone wrote him off with the same "Northeast Republican" label and figured that by throwing that stiff Corzine out in the streets we'd be at least somewhat ahead.

But this snippet below tears it. We're talking total man crush here. I'm moving to New Jersey and working for this guys presidential run in 2012! I mean I'd love to see this guy go up against that lisping, metro-sexual clown Pantload who prances around for two months while the Gulf fills up and he blames (1) BP, (2) Bush, and (3) ABO -- Anybody But Obama.

EXTRA ADDED BONUS BULLETIN: Carly must have gotten some good news showing that she's opened up some daylight versus Campbell and DeVore because we are starting to see some Fiorina adverts slamming Box-of-Rocks "Call me Dummy; I believe I've earned that title" Boxer. Hope Carly kicks Boxer's bony ass all over the lot,

..you go girl!

(O.K., off to the rack to harvest some Z's.)

The Pepsi Generation..

..on Coke. Too funny; I'll shut up so you can listen..

..hat tip, Allahpundit over at Hor Air.

Oh yeah, I'm on this from day one..

..like white on rice..

Here is Mr Golden Pantload, the head tool and all of his other tools (and tool-ettes) at a White House conflab, showing their concern over the BP oil gushing out into the Gulf.

Oh yeah, lot of concern being shown there. The, uh, barf bags are in the bottom drawer over there. Don't be messing up my carpet, old son.

How's that smart, hip hypocrisy workin' out for you, Paulie babes?

(Sorry, I just cannot resist.)

So much crap, so little time..

Whoo baby! Seems like our golden boy -- the one the Colleen says I hate because I don't visit snopes.com enough -- is still "on it" as he has been "on it" from Day One:

Although, it would not seem so, according to the WaPo, as he was partying (yet, yet again again) with Paul "Give him a break" McCartney and the other flibberty-jibbets at the Gershwin fest last night. Cool! a chance for me to gratuitously re-run that great picture of McCartney again:

I love it!

As usual, the idiots come out of the woodwork: the First Turd's best bud, Spike Lee, cannot let Katrina go but manages to tell Obama to get mad and weakly insinuate that the prez is not doing as good a job as he should.

Spike Lee is, of course, a monumental hypocrite in doing a documentary about Katrina some five years later that will be a total bag job on the Bush administration while softly damning The Golden Pantload with his ass-kissing faint praise. I am so-o-o-o-o over these tools. Anything (legal and above board) that can be done to get this clown troupe and its posse of Hollywood sycophants off the national stage should be the objective of good, common, ordinary citizens.

Still in all, it looks like the Oil Spill is not going away. Hell, Woodsterman points out that it has even got its own blog now and is gathering a sizable audience expressing sympathy for The Pantload incessantly bagging on it. If this type of things continue to occur, looks like Obama will have to resort to making strawmen out of -- well straw.

Maybe we should see about getting the strawmen of this nation their own blog?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Anyone seen Michael Moore recently? I mean, maybe he inhaled a couple dozen Big Macs and exploded all over his apartment or something. Don't get mad, Colleen, I'll have to check snopes.com on that one.

June 2, 2010


Let's wipe that prancing Nancy fairy, McCartney from our memories shall we? The guy sucks; his hero sucks; he can stick his man-crush where the sun doesn't shine. Here's something from my high school bud Tom somewhere in the Sea Islands of Georgia, a letter written by someone who has a far better way with words than Paul or any of those fruit balls in the Gershwin audience ever. It's from a recon Marine in Afghanistan. If you like it, grand. If you are offended, fine, then pound sand please. It's also dedicated to Mustang and his folks over at Stacking Swivel:

From the Sand Pit it's freezing here.  I'm sitting on hard, cold dirt between rocks and shrubs at the base of the Hindu Kush Mountains , along the Dar 'yoi Pomir River , watching a hole that leads to a tunnel that leads to a cave.  Stake out, my friend, and no pizza delivery for thousands of miles.

I also glance at the area around my ass every ten to fifteen seconds to avoid another scorpion sting.  I've actually given up battling the chiggers and sand fleas, but the scorpions give a jolt like a cattle prod.  Hurts like a bastard..  The antidote tastes like transmission fluid, but God bless the Marine Corps for the five vials of it in my pack.

The one truth the Taliban cannot escape is that, believe it or not, they are human beings, which means they have to eat food and drink water.  That requires couriers and that's where an old bounty hunter like me comes in handy.  I track the couriers, locate the tunnel entrances and storage facilities, type the info into the hand held, shoot the coordinates up to the satellite link that tells the air commanders where to drop the hardware. We bash some heads for a while, then I track and record the new movement.

It's all about intelligence.  We haven't even brought in the snipers yet.  These scurrying rats have no idea what they're in for.  We are but days away from cutting off supply lines and allowing the eradication to begin.

I dream of bin Laden waking up to find me standing over him with my boot on his throat as I spit into his face and plunge my nickel-plated Bowie knife through his frontal lobe.  But you know me, I'm a romantic.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: This country blows, man. It's not even a country.  There are no roads, there's no infrastructure, there's no government. This is an inhospitable, rock pit shit hole ruled by eleventh century warring tribes.  There are no jobs here like we know jobs.

Afghanistan offers two ways for a man to support his family: join the opium trade or join the army. That's it.  Those are your options.  Oh, I forgot, you can also live in a refugee camp and eat plum-sweetened, crushed beetle paste and squirt mud like a goose with stomach flu, if that's your idea of a party.  But the smell alone of those 'tent cities of the walking dead' is enough to hurl you into the poppy fields to cheerfully scrape bulbs for eighteen hours a day.

I've been living with these Tajiks and Uzbeks, and Turkmen and even a couple of Pushtuns, for over a month-and-a-half now, and this much I can say for sure:  These guys, all of 'em, are Huns...  actual, living Huns..  They LIVE to fight.  It's what they do.  It's ALL they do. They have no respect for anything, not for their families, nor for each other, nor for themselves.  They claw at one another as a way of life. They play polo with dead calves and force their five-year-old sons into human cockfights to defend the family honor.  Huns, roaming packs of savage, heartless beasts who feed on each other's barbarism.  Cavemen with AK-47's.  Then again, maybe I'm just cranky.

I'm freezing my ass off on this stupid hill because my lap warmer is running out of juice, and I can't recharge it until the sun comes up in a few hours.  Oh yeah!  You like to write letters, right?  Do me a favor, Bizarre.  Write a letter to CNN and tell Wolf and Anderson and that awful, sneering, pompous Aaron Brown to stop calling the Taliban 'smart.' They are not smart.  I suggest CNN invest in a dictionary because the word they are looking for is 'cunning.' The Taliban are cunning, like jackals and hyenas and wolverines. They are sneaky and ruthless, and when confronted, cowardly.  They are hateful, malevolent parasites who create nothing and destroy everything else. Smart.  Pfft.  Yeah, they're real smart.

They've spent their entire lives reading only one book (and not a very good one, as books go) and consider hygiene and indoor plumbing to be products of the devil.  They're still figuring out how to work a Bic lighter.  Talking to a Taliban warrior about improving his quality of life is like trying to teach an ape how to hold a pen; eventually he just gets frustrated and sticks you in the eye with it.

OK, enough. Snuffle will be up soon, so I have to get back to my hole. Covering my tracks in the snow takes a lot of practice, but I'm good at it.

Please, I tell you and my fellow Americans to turn off the TV sets and move on with your lives. The story line you are getting from CNN and other news agencies is utter bullshit and designed not to deliver truth but rather to keep you glued to the screen through the commercials. We've got this one under control The worst thing you guys can do right now is sit around analyzing what we're doing over here, because you have no idea what we're doing, and really, you don't want to know. We are your military, and we are doing what you sent us here to do.

Saucy Jack
Recon Marine in Afghanistan
Semper Fi

A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America ' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.' That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.

Sometimes you just want to take an old sock out of your drawer..

..and put it to a good use.

Paul McCartney -- like so many of the glitterati -- asks us to go easy on The Pantload:

“I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy. So lay off him, he’s doing great,” the British songsmith said on Tuesday, ABC News reported.

Easy for him to say, of course, living across the pond in a socialist paradise with his millions and millions of dollars. But things aren't quite the same if you're an indentured wage-slave, watching your savings evaporate, jobs vaporize, and having every vestige of your worth and beuing nibbled at by the unions, lying politicians, and corrupt, uncaring government.

He was over here to receives an award from fellow musicians:

This year’s recipient of the Library of Congress’s Gershwin Prize for Popular song, McCartney is set to perform at the White House Wednesday evening and be feted by fellow musicians Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, the Jonas Brothers, Elvis Costello and Herbie Hancock, among others.

Speaking at a press conference in Washington ahead of the event, McCartney, 67, said he planned to “try to have fun” but predicted a case of the nerves when performing “like, three feet away” from Obama.

Oh, man! I am sure that was a very critical audience. You know, a lot of head nodding...especially Stevie Wonder. The Gershwin Prize concert is set to be broadcast on July 28. Well, I know what I'll be doing that day.

So, go ahead, Paul, old son, try to have fun there. I am sure it's a real sweat for you.

At least John Lennon lived here and paid taxes.

June 1, 2010

Don't cry for me, Argentia..

(It's a busy day, so work with me here.)

As I said, not a lot of time as I have to catch up on some work after a three-day weekend. But I just want to say this to anyone coming to this site expecting to read one microgram of sympathy for the towel-head camel drivers who thought they'd beat up a contingent of IDF who stopped their flotilla of so-called peace workers.

Go elsewhere!

All you'll get from me is this offensive post, a whole lot of abusive, unsynmmpathetic language, and the advisory, "if you're gonna pull that deck chair, pilgrim, you'd better be prepared to use it!".

Happy June First..

Celebrated throughout the Free (and Christian) World (except those countries still using the Mayan calendar) as the first day of the sixth month..except in Germany where it is called "Die ersten Tag des Sechsten Monat..", in these reassuring times, it's uncertain to know this:

(..hey, you wake up in the morning and try to come up with a post to bury the Cage Fighter story below. Also, I defy you to resurrect any high school German you remember.)

May 31, 2010

Somehow, one hopes this weren't true..

One of the subordinate posts over at Drudge today screamed this awful headline that just begged clicking:

American cage fighter 'rips out still-beating heart of training partner after fearing he was possessed by the devil'

An excerpt:
A U.S. cage fighter ripped out the heart of his training partner while he was still alive after becoming convinced he was possessed by the devil, it was alleged today.

Jarrod Wyatt also cut out Taylor Powell's tongue and ripped off most of his face in a brutal assault that police said looked like a scene from a horror film, officers said.

They claim they found the 26-year-old standing naked over his friend's body with parts, including an eyeball, strewn around the blood splattered room in Klamath, California.

Read more
..o.k., that's it. I am out of the National Enquirer checkout lines headline business for good.

Quiet truth..

This blogging thing for me started last August when I hung out at a couple of sites: Track-a-Crat and The Illustrated Conservative and making inane, puerile witticisms that these gentlemen graciously published.

Somewhere down the road, I grew restive, and the author of The Illustrated Conservative was kind enough to send a private e-mail advising that I should test the waters for myself. I did so nervously and will always be grateful to him for that advice.

TIC labors infrequently owing to family and job responsibility, but when he does produce a post, it is insightful and worth reading. Of late, he comments on the failures of Obama citing Peggy Noonan's recent piece attempting to recant for the grievous sin she, George Will, and all of those other pasty, constipated East Coast RINOs committed in swooning over The Pantload:

Peggy Noonan, a RINO who supported Obama over McCain/Palin simply because he appealed to her more urbane, east coast instincts has also had enough of the man, “This is his third political disaster in his first 18 months in office. And they were all, as they say, unforced errors, meaning they were shaped by the president’s political judgment and instincts.” Really? Now you get what real conservatives were warning the nation about two years ago.

I would only correct Noonan's math in saying that virtually everything this POSOTUS has touched has been a disaster, so we are well over her tally of three.

But I digress. Head on over to The Illustrated Conservative from time to time and leave a few comments -- especially ones saying, "we want more...."

..he's good at what he does.

In Memorium..

Whenever this day rolls around, I think back some forty plus years ago to my dear friend, fraternity brother, and room mate at UCLA, Terry Ogami. The tragic details of Terry's service and sacrifice to our country are:

Terry Y. Ogami
CPL - E4 - Army - Selective Service
1st Cav Division (AMBL)
Length of service 1 years
His tour began on Apr 2, 1967
Casualty was on Feb 20, 1968
Body was recovered
Panel 40E - Line 45

Rest in peace, Ogie, and keep the beer cold for me when I come to join you. We will have a lot to talk about.

That could have been gone better..

This probably comes under the heading of "Late to the Dance" -- er, me not Ginger McGuire, the lady snoozing away back in 67D there. Fox ran this story wa-a-a-a-y back on Friday or so. But you gotta listen to the conversation with the FNC infobabe, who just nails McGuire's feet to the floorboards by harping on the unspoken subject of personal responsibility. At several points in the interview, McGuire is so flummoxed she does not even reply to the questions.

What would you do if you were in that predicament? Me, I'd jimmy the liquor cabinet and do the John Candy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles thing. After a few of those, I'd sleep it off until and not give a rat's behind.

..so many Myers's, so little time!

May 30, 2010

Yes, I believe this can be very easily done..

...just take everything down to highway 61

(Sign posted outside of Hutchinson, Kansas on Highway 61)

Now the roving gambler he was very bored
Trying to create a next world war
He found a promoter who nearly fell off the floor
He said 'I never engaged in this kind of thing before
But yes, I think it can be very easily done
We'll just put some bleachers out in the sun
And have it on highway 61'

Only decent cover of the Dylan song on You Tube:

Just sayin'

..no, I have not gone off the deep end of Birtherism nor anything..but wouldn't it be funny if some ten years later we found out that..

Just plug the damn pie hole, Obama..

Becoming bored and blown out by the day-to-day events of the Ministry of Clowns or out Grand High Exalted Wizard of Wonderfulness and Anointed Savior of the Free World? May I recommend a visit to Madame S. Weasel's sit where, after wandering around the halls admiring her wonderful art work -- including the world-famous Arlen Sphincter portrait and Teddy "Snorkel" Kennedy picture (below) -- you can check out the double-barrel blasts she levels at Obama, such as revealing his hyper narcissistic signature or his inability to work without a net -- in this case, his beloved teleprompter.

But, for the real action, sidle over there and make a pick on her famous Dead Pool for which you may win a can of Spotted Dick which she faithfully posts to the winner world wide.

This week, however, entries have been coming so fast and furious that she has declared a moratorium until next Friday when the contest re-opens.

I have not chosen my horse, as it were, but I know one person is going to back Hugh Hefner to which Madame Weasel replies he would win the Spotted Dick for backing someone who arguably has a spotted dick.

..I'll just leave it at that.

(By the way, I contend that the idea for the deal pool arose from a comment I made on one of her posts back in April or May or June or July 2009 as my former incarnation, Войска ПВО. My life being as pathetic as it is, I am researching that now and will bring that to Madame's attention when found.)

May 29, 2010

Hard Core..

..and all I got on my rear window is a Gadsden flag, a SAC patch, a USAF Auxiliary seal, and a "Proud Parent of a U. S. Marine" decal. Man, I wish I had the stones to sport that expression of my anger over The Pantload's Reign of Error but I'd probably get my vehicle keyed so much, I'd have to spend every weekend at Earl Scheib's.

The guy's probably riding around with an arsenal and a briefcase full of CCW permits..and I sure as hell would be afraid to jostle with a guy like that who has his contemptuousness for the Butt-Wipe-in-Chief floor boarded.

What do the illegals say to one another down in Tucson?

..hey, hermano!

(Courtesy of Tom Alexander, my Sea Island, Georgia high school bud.)

We're headliners, baby..

A little bit of that last vestige of the 60s left me this afternoon upon learning of the passing of Easy Rider's "Billy" -- Dennis Hopper -- today at the age of 74 of prostrate cancer he was first diagnosed with in 2009.

I was a young 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force at Strategic Air Command Headquarters in 1969 and was dragged to a movie one night by my friend, Charlie Funderburke (much more later about Charlie). He tells me, "you're gonna like this film. It's an absolute rage!"

The film was Easy Rider and while everyone went nuts for Captain America -- Peter Fonda -- I thought the guy who stole the show was his sidekick, Billy. It was then that I discovered Dennis Hopper and, although subsequent viewings have proven to me that the profound things we said to each other in the midst of those 1960's and 1970's mind-altered hazes were a lot less profound than we thought they were when we uttered them. (Easy Rider's dialogue, so rich and earth-moving at first viewing is demonstrably vapid now but Billy's antics -- particularly with Jack Nicholson -- were classic.)

As I started watching other movies from the fifties, sixties, seventies, I suddenly noticed that Hopper appeared in a shocking number of them and alongside some notable stars of the industry James Dean (Rebel Without a Clause, Giant), John Wayne (True Grit), and Marlon Brando (Apocalypse Now) to name a few.

And it came as an uneasy realization that Dennis represented the liberal counter culture - hey, he was a dope-smoking hippie, right? But, like my discovery of him, my discovery of politics was equally surprising. This comment in his Wikipedia biography caricatures his enigmatic and independent life style:

Hopper supported Barack Obama in the 2008 US Presidential election.[20] Hopper confirmed this in an election day appearance on the ABC daytime show The View. He said his reason for not voting Republican was the selection of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

You owe it to yourself to read that and to read Roger Simon's obit over at Pajamas Media. He says of Dennis:

And he stayed hip — right up to his, these days, premature death at age 74 of prostate cancer. By staying hip, I mean he moved with the times, because some years ago Dennis Hopper came out as a Republican.

Say what, you might ask? Yes, you read me correctly. Unlike other Hollywood hot shots like Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, etc, who never once changed a single thought they ever had, whether on LSD or a glass of milk, Dennis Hopper was able to see that the very thing that allowed him to live the wild and crazy life he did was deeply obvious. Forget all the self-serving narcissistic left-wing baloney. It was good old fashioned American Freedom! Nowhere else could Dennis have been Dennis — and he knew it. He wanted that for everybody.

There is nothing I can write that would do justice to this man's passing; I miss him not being able to pop up in another movie or TV show and portraying -- what? -- that impish villain or a noble colonel in the Pentagon fighting terrorists?

Below is a rather lengthy viddy of Hopper's life -- arguably almost as long -- but there are some enjoyable moments.

Have a great ride, Billy!

May 28, 2010

Make it viral: The lastest NRSC ad on the Gulf oil spill and Obama's diffidence..

..thanks to Ed over at Hot Air (and, of course, the NRSC).

UPDATE: O.K., mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be bloggers. I can't even get an evening off before LCR and Sheeples hit me up with some juicy tidbits.

..truth be told, though, it's fun and I especially love this video to pieces -- particularly the looping of The Pantload's "nobody's minding the store" and the Carville meltdown. I think the latter is destined to be a classic and inserted in a lot of [R] campaign ads this Fall.

hanks, LCR and Sheeples for thinking of me.

As the man said, priceless..

Feeling a little hazy this morning -- see my previous post/rant -- and I am just working up the courage to go to work. Woodsterman has gone a long way towards helping me back onto the road to recovery with the picture above.

..thanks, man.

May 27, 2010

Tired of fooling around..

..o.k., I got back from a celebration after a meeting I regularly attend for a military organization I belong to this evening and I am in a rage..

..I dunno why; I guess I am fed up to here with the crap we have had to absorb over the last -- what -- 482 days (Quick! Someone check my math!) that with these idiots in this regime and the MSM covering up for a truly incapable clod of a chief executive.

So, anyway, me and some friends in this quasi-military organization -- No, it's NOT a militia -- were having a few beers and talking and one of them asked me what I think will happen in November. Well, I got all squinty-eyed belligerent and stuff and and said to him, "So, who's campaign you gonna work for in the Fall?"

He did not bat an eye and said, "Fiorino!" expecting me to recoil, aghast at his choice. he had me pegged as a DeVore or Poisoner person. (Sorry, Steve,if the name's that close, I gotta go with the common spelling.)

Well, I said that was real good because what we need to do is work for someone and not sit back on our hands and expect others do our work for us while we bitch and complain.

The point is, it doesn't matter so long as we roll up our sleeves and get it done.

So, I am getting all squinty-eyed and belligerent with you (as I have done in the past) and asking who you are working for in the Fall. Don't just sit there like some dog turd, ossifying in the cold Spring sunshine. let me know; leave a comment, check in and follow this blog, tell me what blogs I should be following! Do something!

Or you could just paste a picture of Boxer and/or Pelosi on the wall, pull down your pants, bend over and grab your ankles, and plead, "Thank you, ma'am! May I have another?"

Me? I'm working for Fiorino if she wins the primary because, let's face it, she'd look pretty severe in a leather bustier and high-heeled boots. And I got this fantasy of her with a riding crop in the basement of Barney Frank's house in Massachusetts..


..then again, maybe I'd better sleep this one off. [Yeah, how'd that work out for ya?]


I received this in my in box from another former high school chum this afternon.(Thanks, Tom!) Somewhat interesting given that The Pantload spent an hour expelling hot gaseous substances about oil spills at the White House today..

..besides, it is ostensibly authored my a U. S. Marine.

Okay, here's the bombshell. The current volcanic eruption going on in Iceland, since it first started spewing volcanic ash a few weeks ago has, to this point, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet. Not only that, this single act of God has added emissions to the earth estimated to be 42 times more than can be corrected by the extreme human regulations proposed for annual reductions.

I know, I know...have a group hug...it's very disheartening to realize that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kid's "The Green Revolution" science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, going on vacation to a city park instead of Yosemite, nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your $1 light bulbs with $10 light bulbs ...well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just the past week.

The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth's atmosphere in the past week has totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And, those hundreds of thousands of American jobs you helped move to Asia with expensive emissions demands on businesses... You know, the ones that are creating even more emissions than when they were creating American jobs, well that must seem really worthwhile now.

I'm so sorry. And I do wish that there was some kind of a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud but the fact of the matter is that the brush fire season across the western U.S.A. will start in about two months and those fires will negate your efforts to reduce carbon emissions in our world for the next two years.

To good not to share..

Lets compare:

George Bush Disaster response : “I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you. And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

Obama Disaster response: “Just plug the damned hole. I’m going on vacation.”

portlandon on May 27, 2010 at 7:12 PM

Yes, "W", we do miss you!

#10 G.I., #10..

As one commenter phrased it over on Hot Air, "On top of this since day 28.." Duke shoulda given him the number 10.

The picture at the left is what Obama did in the morning before the press conference. (I refuse to use the word "presser".) Here is how the Politico 44 site had his activities this day:

May 27 – Timeline not available. Oil spill still persists.

0932 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential daily briefing.
1038 EDT - Obama welcomes the Duke University NCAA man's basketball champions.
1103 EDT - Obama and Biden take a picture with former POTUS Clinton and U. S. World Cup soccer team.
1128 EDT - Obama has lunch with former POTUS Clinton
1248 EDT - Obama delivers remarks and takes questions from press.
1408 EDT - obama receives briefing on 2010 hurricane forecast.
1513 EDT - Obama hold bilateral meeting with President Sirleaf of Liberia.
1613 EDT - Obama, VPOTUS Biden, and FLOTUS host reception in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month.
1818 EDT - Obama and family depart for Andrews AFB.
1903 EDT - Obama and family depart Andrews AFB for Chicago.
2018 EDT - Obama and family arrive in Chicago.

In his oil spill of a press conference, among other things, he (1) took full responsibility and then turned around and bashed the entire oil industry, (2) admitted he did not know until today that one of his high-ranking staff members resigned (or was fired), and (3) told us this oil spill is on his mind when he wakes up and when he goes to sleep. Well, according to the schedule above, it would seem that except for the press conference when he had to answer those nagging questions about it from the fourth estate, that was about the only time it was on his mind.

Can it be imagined that there was a more tone-deaf, incompetent boob than this guy? Not only does he skip out of town and go to Chicago during this monumental crisis, but he doesn't seem to be returning to Arlington for the Memorial day services. Now, I could be wrong on this, but is he does skip it, it's a pretty serious gaffe.

..oh yeah, Sestak? Well, he'll get back to us on that one.

UPDATE: The thrill tingle has gone:

It persists..

As outlined in detail below, our Nero continues to fiddle while Rome burns. ABC news has a piece on today's specious schedule for Obama -- only we can see that the Gulf is getting a little more attention than it has in the previous 35 days.

In the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks on the BP oil spill and the conclusions of his ordered 30-day safety review and hold a press conference in the East Room.

The president will announce standards to strengthen oversight of the industry and enhance safety, a first step in a process that the independent Presidential Commission will continue, a White House official says.

In the meantime, the moratorium on permits to drill new deepwater wells will continue for a period of six months. In addition, the planned exploration off the coast of Alaska in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas will be delayed pending the Co missions review and the August lease sale in the Western Gulf will be cancelled. The lease sale off the coast of Virginia will also be cancelled due to environmental concerns and concerns raised by the Defense Department.

After taking questions from press, the President will then receive a briefing in the Situation Room on the 2010 hurricane season forecast and an overview of the federal government’s national hurricane preparedness. The briefing will be led by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco, as well as five FEMA Regional Administrators.

Still in all, he will be hobnobbing with the Duke basketball team and Bill Clinton -- who has somehow insinuated himself into the World Cup soccer scene.

Here's where I am going with this: if this butt hole had gotten off his biscuits and seen to this, marshaling the full weight of FEMA and the other federal entities about 25 days earlier, we would have this thing mopped up and probably not have to worry about canceling oil drill permits and suspending other offshore operations.

Man, when this finally does get squared away, wouldn't this be a great time for a Middle East oil shortage to hit?

But, then he is hardly a strategic thinker, no matter what the conspiracy theorists will say. I submit that his arrogance and desperate need for love and adulation in concert with our pathetic politically correct, affirmative action state of affairs, and happenstance of a perfect storm of dissatisfaction with status quo government propelled him into the office of POTUS.

For the 492 days of his presidency, he has been ad hoc, living day-to-day, and being manipulated by the likes of Emanuel, Axelrod, and possibly mysterious others who pull the strings of this terminally vapid individual. Check out the daily schedules in the post below. It is amazing how his daily schedule evinces a clueless, carefree individual with no thought of strategy nor one iota of managerial or leadership skills aside from just screeching at an aide to “just plug the damn hole”.

He just plays on, content to enjoy the trappings of the office: Air force One, hosting receptions, giving speeches that require applause, and always, always the limelight.

..a series of knee-jerk reactions, with emphasis on "jerk".

May 26, 2010

What has the POSOTUS been doing over the last month?

It has come tho this: the BP oil spill still gushes out of control in the Gulf and The Pantload still gushes out of control as POTUS. Just for grins, I went to the internet and located a couple of sites that chronicled a time-line of the events transpiring since the drilling rig blew on 20 April. Then I located a similar site that had a chronology of Obama's activities over thee same period of time. This will be a long -- but instructive -- post. It sure does not look like the guy is too involved over such a catastrophe like this. One sort of wonders how he would have handled a couple of fast-moving hurricanes. 

Picture above courtesy of the America is and Obamanation blog, by the way.
April 20-A Transocean rig called the Deepwater Horizon explodes and catches fire, approximately 42 miles Southeast of Venice, Louisiana, while finishing a well for British Petroleum. U.S. Coast Guard District Eight command center receives report at approximately 10 p.m. Of the 126 people on board at the time of the explosion, 115 crew members were accounted for. Of these 115, 17 were med-evaced from the scene. Search begins for missing 11.

1547 EDT - Obama arrives at Andrews AFB.
1602 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.

April 21-Officials state environmental damage will be minimal. BP mobilizes an armada of ships and aircraft to contain the oil slick.

0932 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential daily briefing.
1002 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential economic briefing.
1032 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with bipartisan leaders of the Senate and Senate Judiciary Committee.
1232 EDT - Obama and Biden have lunch.
1417 EDT - Obama attends reception for G-20 labor ministers.
1452 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1552 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS welcome members of U. S. Olympic Team and Paralympic Team to White House.
1632 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with Sec. Def. Robert Gates.
1748 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with Treas. Sec. Geithner and HHS Sec. Sebelius.

April 22-The fire rages. Mid-morning Thursday a second explosion occurs causing the rig to sink. 700,000 gallons of diesel are enclosed tanks inside the pontoons at the time of the initial explosion. Unclear if diesel remains contained.

1003 EDT - Obama departs White House for Andrews AFB.
1018 EDT - Obama departs Andrews AFB for NYC.
1113 EDT - Obama arrives in NYC.
1158 EDT - Obama makes remarks on Wall Street reform.
1308 EDT - Obama departs NYC to Andrews AFB.
1403 EDT - Obama arrives Andrews AFB.
1418 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.
1533 EDT - Obama meets with Treas. Sec. Geithner.
1703 EDT - Obama meets with crew of space shuttle Endeavor.
1733 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at Earth Day reception.

April 23-Coast Guard state no oil appears to be escaping from the well head on the ocean floor. The U.S. Coast Guard suspends its search for the 11 missing crew members at approximately 5 p.m. ending a three day search that included 28 air and ocean craft and covered ~5,375 square miles.

1003 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at naturalization ceremony for active duty service members.
1148 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS depart White House en route to Andrews AFB.
1203 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS depart Andrews AFB to Asheville, NC.
1323 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS arrive in Asheville, NC.

April 24-With remotely operated vehicles, officials discover the oil is escaping from two leaks in a drilling pipe about 5,000 feet below the surface.  Leaks appear to be releasing 1,000 barrels a day.

No Scheduled Events.

April 25-The oil slick covering 600 square miles and spreading north, is about 70 miles south of the Mississippi and Alabama coastline.

1353 EDT - Obama departs Asheville, NC for Beckley, WVa.
1423 EDT - Obama arrives in Beckley, WV.
1503 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with family members of Upper Big Branch mine disaster.
1533 EDT - Obama and Biden attend mine disaster memorial service; Obama delivers eulogy.
1723 EDT - Obama departs Beckley, WV for Andrews AFB.

April 26-The oil slick stretches 80 miles across the Gulf and is 36 miles southeast of Louisiana. Cleanup crews set up booms to block as much oil as possible from coming ashore.  Remote operative vehicles are full day into operations to sea oil well on ocean floor. Reuters- “The leaking well, 5,000 feet under the ocean surface off Louisiana’s coast, has created an oil sheen and emulsified crude slick with a circumference of about 600 miles, covering about 28,600 square miles (74,070 sq. km), the Coast Guard said on Tuesday. That’s slightly bigger than the U.S. state of West Virginia….The spill, however, is not comparable with the infamous Exxon Valdez disaster, which spilled about 11 million gallons (50 million liters) of oil into the Prince William Sound in Alaska when it ran aground in 1989. BP’s well is spewing about 42,000 gallons (190,900 liters) of oil a day into the ocean, the Coast Guard estimates.”

0933 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential daily briefing.
1003 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential economic briefing.
1043 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1503 EDT - Obama welcomes World Champion New York Yankees to White House.
1633 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with Sec. Def. Gates.
1803 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship.

April 27-Officials consider setting fire to the slick, which has grown to 100 miles across. The fast-moving spill is about 20 miles off the Louisiana coast. A controlled burn of the surface oil is now considered. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar say they are expanding the government’s investigation of the explosion that caused the disaster. Obama administration officials meet with top executives of BP. Governor Bobby Jindal requests Coast Guard set up protective booms around several wildlife refuges.

0933 EDT - Obama greets members of National Commission on Fiscal responsibility and Reform.
0948 EDT - Obama delivers remarks on nation's fiscal health.
1008 EDT - Obama departs White House for Andrews AFB.
1023 EDT - Obama departs Andrews AFB for Iowa.
1233 EDT - Obama arrives in Iowa.
1333 EDT - Obama tours Siemens Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing plant.
1413 EDT - Obama delivers remarks on economy.
1503 EDT - Obama tours a local business.
1738 EDT - Obama holds a town hall meeting.

April 28-The slick nears to 20 miles east of the mouth of the Mississippi River. British Petroleum states a controlled test to burn the leaking oil was successful late Wednesday afternoon. NOAA-”Workers finish a containment chamber portion of a collection doom that will collect oil escaping from the well at the seafloor. The first rig to drill a relief well arrives on site and will commence drilling on Friday but will not be ready for several months. Good weather allows for both skimming operations and aggressive aerial application of dispersants – over 50,000 gallons of dispersant have been applied to the surface oil in the last two days.”  The U.S. Coast Guard move ahead with a plan to burn off some of the crude from the slick. Mineral Management Service calls off luncheon “to present its annual award for exemplary safety and environmental management.”  BP among list of finalists.

1033 EDT - Obama departs Des Moines, IA for Quincy, Il.
1181 EDT - Obaama arrives in Quincy, Il.
1323 EDT - Obama tours POET Bio-refining.
1403 EDT - Obama delivers remarks on rebuilding economy.
1523 EDT - Obama tours local farm and visits  with family that operate that farm.
1703 EDT - Obama delivers remarks on need to pass Wall Street reform.
1818 EDT - Obama departs Quincy, Il for Andrews AFB.
2008 EDT - Obama arrives at Andrews AFB.
2023 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.

April 29-Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declares a state of emergency and the federal government sends in skimmers and booms to prevent environmental damage. At morning, the spill is roughly 16 miles off the Louisiana coast and stretches across a 600-mile area. Updated models indicate the the slick may reach parts of the coast by later today or early Friday.  President Obama designates the spill of national significance allowing personnel and equipment from other regions to be more easily mobilized and transferred to the scene.  BBC-President Barack Obama said BP was “ultimately responsible for funding… clean-up operations”. he US homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, is to visit the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow.  BP stocks plummet by 7% when admission that oil is leaking faster than original speculations.  At current rate of oil leakage in 58 days it will surpass the Exxon Valdez disaster as the largest oil spill in U.S. history. BP official on the Today Show welcomes help from all parties including U.S. military. Concerns grow on impact to Louisiana seafood and tourism industry. As of 8:42pm, “Faint fingers of oily sheen have reached the mouth of Mississippi River…By sunset Thursday, the oil had crept into South Pass of the river and was lapping at the shoreline in long, thin lines.” Jean-Michel Cousteau releases statement of dismay and asks all ot expect more of their governments, “Write your Congressional and State representatives demanding their support for alternative energy technologies and policies at all levels of government, including subsidies.” Senator Bill Nelson FL-D drafts legislation to suspend the Obama administration’s plan of offshore exploration and drilling until a full investigation of diaster and the development of new protocols are developed.

0904 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1004 EDT - Obama, FLOTUS, VPOTUS attend Dorothy Height's funeral; Obama delivers remarks.
1234 EDT - Obama and Biden have lunch.
1344 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at event honoring National Teacher of the Year.
1634 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with SOS Hillary Clinton.
1939 EDT - Obama attends DNC fund raising dinner.

April 30-Satellite photos from NASA are released showing a finger of the slick reaching the delta. Obama kills plans for new offshore drilling pending BP oil spill investigation results. Stench from oil spill blankets New Orleans and large parts of Louisiana coast.

1039 EDT - Obama makes statement on first quarter 2010 GDP numbers.
1234 EDT - Obama departs White House to Beltsville, MD.
1249 EDT - Obama arrives Beltsville, MD to visit James J. Rowley Training center.
1604 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.

May 1–Estimates of oil spill ratcheted up to 1,050,000 gallons (25,000 barrels). U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service indicates that the spill will affect 20 National Wildlife Refuges.

No Scheduled events.

May 2–President Obama announces that BP is responsible for all costs associated with oil spill.

No Scheduled events.

May 3–NOAA states oil slick is moving toward Alabama and Florida coasts and Louisiana’s Chandeleur Islands.

1200 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1600 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at CINC Trophy Presentation with Naval Academy.
1845 EDT - Obama hosts dinner for Business Council.

May 4–Senior BP officials admit to Congress oil leak could be as high as 2,520,000 gallons (60,000 barrels) a day. Reports surface that BP twice decided against additional safety precautions because of cost.

0930 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential daily briefing.
1000 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential economic briefing.
1030 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1105 EDT - Obama delivers remarks to the Business Council.
1205 EDT - Obama has lunch with Ellie Wiesel.
1630 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with Sec. Def. Robert Gates.

May 5
–BP ROV plugs one of three leaks.

1000 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1030 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1115 EDT - Obama meets with Sen. Jon Kyle.
1145 EDT - Obama meets with Sen. Orin Hatch.
1330 EDT - Obama delivers remarks and signs Veterans' Omnibus Health Services Act.
1800 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at Cinco de Mayo reception; FLOTUS attends.

May 6–Oil spill reaches Gulf Wildlife Refuges as BP attempts to lower containment dome.

0915 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1000 EDT - Obama receives presidential economic briefing.
1000 EDT - Obama meets with national security team on Afghanistan and Pakistan.
1530 EDT - Obama meets with SOS Hillary Clinton.

May 7–No new oil spill news.

1100 EDT - Obama makes a statement on job numbers.

May 8–No new oil spill news.

No Scheduled Events.

May 9–BP’s attempt fails to contain oil leak under 100-ton concrete/steel containment dome.

0750 EDT - Obama leaves White House for Hampton, VA.
0855 EDT - Obama arrives in Hampton, VA.
1000 EDT - Obama delivers commencement address at Hampton University.
1306 EDT - Obama arrives back at White House.

May 10–Crews continue to use chemical dispersants, booms, limited burns to deal with oil on the surface and heading to shores. Leaks continue.

1001 EDT - Obama nominates Elena Kagan to Supreme Court.
1046 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1206 EDT - Obama meets with President's Intelligence Advisory Board.
1301 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1431 EDT - Obama holds meeting to review BP efforts to stop oil leak.
1601 EDT - Obama meets with Treas. Sec. Geithner and HHS Sec. Sebelius.
1631 EDT - Obama meets with energy Sec. Stephen Chu.

May 11–Reports suggest the BP oil leak disaster correlates to the Ixtoc oil spill in 1979 which took 9 months to stop.

0931 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1001 EDT - Obama receives presidential economic briefing.
1121 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1231 EDT - Obama and Biden have lunch.
1301 EDT - Interior secretary Ken Salazar makes an announcement on offshore drilling.
1326 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with SOS Hillary Clinton.
1346 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with SOS Hillary Clinton and Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry.
1416 EDT - Obama meets with Sen. Patrick Leahy.
1631 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with General McChrystal and Sec. Def. Robert Gates.

May 12–Oil still moving towards shorelines. Many sea animals reported dead.

0931 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1016 EDT - Obama holds bilateral meeting with Hamid Karzai.
1116 EDT - Obama holds joint press conference with Hamid Karzai.
1226 EDT - Obama has lunch with Hamid Karzai.
1401 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.

May 13–Companies argue over oil leak fault as oil continues to suffocate gulf; Obama plans tax hike on BP to pay for oil spill.

1001 EDT - Obama receives presidential economic briefing.
1051 EDT - Obama departs White House for Andrews AFB.
1121 EDT - Obama departs Andrews AFB for Buffalo, NY.
1226 EDT - Obama arrives in Buffalo, NY.
1336 EDT - Obama tours facilities of Industrial Support, Inc. (Sheet metal firm.)
1351 EDT - Obama delivers remarks on economy.
1521 EDT - Obama departs Buffalo, NY.
1626 EDT - Obama arrives in New York City.
1906 EDT - Obama delivers remarks DCCC fund raising dinner.
2036 EDT - Obama departs New York City.
2131 EDT - Obama arrives at Andrews AFB.
2156 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.
May 14-Accuracy of oil spill flow challenged. Believed to be more than 5000 barrels per day.

1011 EDT - Obama awards TOP COPS award recipients in a ceremony.
1116 EDT - Obama meets with members of cabinet about BP oil spill.
1151 EDT - Obama makes statement to press about cabinet meeting.

May 15–No new oil spill news.

1056 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at National Peace Officers Memorial.

May 16–No new oil spill news.

No Scheduled Events.

May 17–Latest BP attempt at stopping oil leak somewhat working. Attempt involves a remotely operated submersible vehicle (ROV) to which a mile-long tube is attached. The tube is snaking into the broken well pipe and diverting the oil to a tanker floating on the water’s surface.=

1001 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1031 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1136 EDT - Obama signs freedon of the Press Act; takes no questions.
1306 EDT - Obama welcomes NCAA champions U of Conn. Women's basketball team.

May 18–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

1001 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1031 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily economic briefing.
1121 EDT - Obama departs White House for Andrews AFB.
1151 EDT - Obama departs Andrews AFB for Youngstown, OH.
1251 EDT - Obama arrives in Youngstown, OH.
1321 EDT - Obama torurs facilities at V&M Star. (Oil tubing and coupling company.)
1346 EDT - Obama delivers remarks on jobs and economy to workers.
1521 EDT - Obama departs Youngstown, OH for Andrews AFB.
1646 EDT - Obama arrives Andrews AFB.
1656 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.
1717 EDT - Obama meets with members of the Democratic caucuses.

May 19–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

0932 EDT - Obama, FLOTUS, Biden, SLOTUS welcome Pres. Calderon of Mexico to White House.
1032 EDT - Obama holds bilateral meetign with Calderon.
1057 EDT - Obama and Calderon hold expanded bilateral meeting with U. S. and Mexican delegations.
1152 EDT - Obama and Calderonhold joint press conference.
1302 EDT - SOS CLinton and Biden hold lunch for Calderon.
1532 EDT - Obama meets with Lou susman, ambassador to U.K. and Northern Ireland.
1617 EDT - Obama and Biden meet with SOS Clinton.
1802 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS greet Calderon.
1832 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS take official photo with Calderon.
1912 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS host Calderon at State Dinner.
2032 EDT - Obama and FLOTUS attend State Dinner Reception.
May 20–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

1002 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1032 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily economic briefing.
1102 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1502 EDT - Obaama and Biden meet with with Treas. Sec. Geithner.
1622 EDT - Obama makes a statement on Wall Stteet in Rose Garden.

May 21–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

0932 EDT - Obama and Biden receive presidential daily briefing.
1002 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1047 EDT - Obama delivers remarks and signs Presidential Memorandum.
1132 EDT - Obama meets with Sen.Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank on Wall Street reform.
1232 EDT - Obama and Biden have lunch.

May 22–Timeline not available. Oil spill still persists.

0812 EDT - Obama departs Andrews AFB.
0927 EDT - Obama arrives in Newburgh,NY.
1002 EDT - Obama delivers commencement address at USMA, West Point.
1222 EDT - Obama leaves Newburgh,NY.
1317 EDT - Obama arrives Andrews AFB.
1347 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.

May 23–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

No Schedulee Events.

May 24–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

0932 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1022 EDT - Obama attends reception for Federal Judge Association.
1107 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1202 EDT - Obama participates in daily briefing call with Gulf Coast governers on BP oil spill.
1432 EDT - Obama welcomes Prime Minister Saad Hariri of Lebanon to White House.
1602 EDT - Obama hosts reception celebrting Asian American and Pacific Islander Month.
1632 EDT - Obama Meets with Sec. Def. Robert Gates.

May 25–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

1002 EDT - Obama receives presidential daily briefing.
1032 EDT - Obama meets with senior advisers.
1117 EDT - Obama hosts small business owners and delivers remarks about jobs.
1207 EDT - Obama addresses Senate Republican Caucus.
1402 EDT - Obama meets with President Napolitano of Italy.
1457 EDT - Obama departs White House for Andrews AFB.
1517 EDT - Obama departs Andrews AFB for San francisco, CA.
2037 EDT - Obama arrives in San francisco, CA.
2102 EDT - Obama delivers remarks at fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer and DSCC.
2252 EDT - Obama attends reception for Sen. Barbara Boxer and DSCC.

May 26–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.

1238 EDT - Obama tours Solyndra,Inc. (Solar power firm in Fremont, CA.)
1323 EDT - Obama delivers remarks on economy.
1418 EDT - Obama departs Sanfrancisco for Andrews AFB.
1858 EDT - Obama arrives Andrews AFB.
1913 EDT - Obama arrives at White House.

May 27–Time-line not available. Oil spill still persists.